Our First Swing

Before I start you have to understand that neither my husband nor I had any intention or even conversation about swinging before this vacation. We've been married now for 10 years and have two kids. As most couples with kids and jobs after a family vacation there wasn't much time or money left over for just a couples retreat this year so we hadn't planned on any good, one on one time for us. Our neighbors of 5 years Peter and Tina were in the same situation as we were with two kids and a somewhat limited budget. Peter, Tina, Manny and I has gotten pretty close over the years, with kids same age and living next door we had enjoyed each other's company for barbeques, dinners out, movies etc.

Her First Gang Bang

A new wife makes a bet, and everyone expects her to honor it, including her husband."Touchdown!! East Tech scores again! The extra point makes it 35-3 over North Ivy U as the first half comes to a close"The crowd in Sheila and Tom's living room started looking for bright spots, but things looked miserable for the home team."They can do it, Wilson can put points on the board in a hurry.... The calls just haven't been going our way, that'll even out.... A couple of those scores were just plain lucky!"Melissa, Sheila's younger sister, was visiting for the weekend. Melissa had her new husband with her, and since they had both recently graduated from ET, they were eating this up.

Her First Gang Bang

A married woman parties with her new co-workers. Is she hearing things, or is her husband directing the action? "Are you sure you don't mind?" Billy could tell Cindy was anxious for his approval, but really wanted to go out and celebrate with her new coworkers. She had just started back to work three weeks ago, and was enjoying the opportunity to have 'grown up' conversations that didn't consist of 'guess what the kids did lately'. "Sweetheart. Go." Billy replied, "Just be sure to get a pretty new outfit with the bonus." Cindy was diligently building a 'go to work' wardrobe, and Billy was willing to give her just about any excuse to add to it.

Her First Gang Bang

A married woman visits her young lover during lunch, and she is introduced to the old gang. You'd be amazed at what her husband was up to. Dave had followed his wife across town, and now he was beginning to regret it. He was hidden, peering into a window, as her younger lover embraced Liz. Liz was a beautiful 32-year-old woman, mother and wife, who apparently had a very secret life. Ed roughly pulled Liz to him, mashing his lips to hers. Wrapping her arms around him, Liz tried to pull his whole body into her. Feeling his strong hands on her ass, pulling her against his crotch, she rubbed herself against his erection.

My First Black Experience

Wife is incensed by her husband's constant urging that she sleep with a black man to satisfy his perverted fantasy. Eventually she is tempted.

dragon boy lovers lane

It was morning he was fucking his wife in the huge hot tub ahaha her cries of joy was fill the air AHAHAHA FUUUCKK JOHN she said as she climax's john kiss her softly I love you she said john was feeling her huge tits when pumpkins walk in hi john I wow ur tit's a huge so this is pumpkins u were tell me about she motion her over hey I can't stay long I have got to get back soon his wife bends over the edge of the hot tub and kiss her pumpkins is surprise.

the sea king

The girls are in a boat head to an small inland cove Emma and June are sailing to meet the sea king Emma now a new mom of twin is thinking of her deal with the dark princessIf she bring him back to the lake it will be a 4 rank promotion June speaks.

Dragon Boy Love Sick

He make breakfast all all alone his mom is now gone moved in with her new man his sisters move out to be with her girlfriend he getting ready when the Nabors girls come in mine if I take a dip no Emma's is right behind her hey why are u getting ready their no school today I have paper work to do but we have sometime to play he says walk down to the basement the are on the bar.

Dee's Transformation

It had been another long day at work and Dee still had to go home and cook dinner for the family. Dee had now been married for 10 years to her second husband and though she was happy the predictable routine was making her feel restless with wonderment of what she may be missing. Her first husband had been controlling and abusive which left her with 2 children and a self loathing. After 5 years of struggle as a single divorced mother when she met Paul and fell in love. Paul helped her see how good of a woman she was and that she had nothing to do with the disrespect she got from her ex. Soon she felt love for herself too and after a year they were married in a small ceremony.

the evil kingdom the golden king

AHAHAA AHAHA FUCKKKKK a beautiful curly hair blonde cries out she the new queen off the golden kingdom her cries of joy fill the room the golden king is laying their grabbing her huge tits two elf guards are standing guard at the foot of the bed the golden queen is again trying to get pregnant and success she glows a golden light erupts from her as she cry out myyy loooooorrrrdddd aahaAHAHAHA she roll to his left side and kisses the golden king their my lord are new child.