Hotel gangbang

The knock on the hotel door seemed innocuous enough, neither of the occupants of the room had any reason to suspect that it could be anything other than room service. Bill and Anne had travel overnight, catching the red eye from Fort Lauderdale to arrive at London Heathrow early in the morning. They had slept for an hour or two, trying to adjust to the six hour delay from continent to continent. Their two weeks doing Europe started in earnest, tomorrow, with a scheduled bus ride around the 'Old Town' of London, taking in Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral and the new to the programme, Princess Diane's Garden in Hyde Park.


It took Jon nearly a year to arrange it, but now his careful planning and meticulous timing was coming into fruition. Having past the wrought iron gates and driven down the gravel drive with tufts of grass growing through it, the end game was now in full swing, like a run away juggernaut, it was unstoppable. He could picture when it all started, the re-run going through his minds eye as he drove towards destiny. It seemed that it had been one of those days; one of those occasional days, when anything and everything that could go wrong, would go very wrong. The car had stopped for some inexplicable reason, probably electrical.

A Street Party to Remember

My name is Louisa and i am a happily married woman who enjoys having the occasional affair and extra marital sex with my husband's full consent. I have a good figure for my age as i am over forty; i have pert 36B breasts, a lean 5 foot 7"figure, firm legs and bum. I work out regularly at the gym three times a week. My usual type of guy is young and fit, someone that is looking for a good time and no strings. I do limit myself to one or two sessions a month and enjoy relaying them to my husband whilst making love to him. It's been a while since i put pen to paper about my sex life, but i felt what happened the other day was worth writing about.

The lesson

God! But she was beautiful in those days. Not that Jenni is any less beautiful now, but she was unbelievably stunning back then. Since though, time and the bearing and rearing of children have taken their toll. Jenni still is a very good looking woman, a little thicker than she would like, but all in all, very pretty for a fifty something year old woman. Her beauty goes further than the depth of her skin. Jenni is one of those people who is just naturally lovely, without a mean bone in her and very few times has an unkind thought for anyone. Her integrity is beyond question, her faithfulness is unusual in the singular way it rules her life. It makes her popular and sought after as a friend.

The stray

The first time I saw the stray was as I left home for work. He was curled up against the privet hedge, sleeping, just inside my front garden. He looked up as the garden gate squeaked, but showed little interest in me. He passed from mildly interesting to completely forgotten in the time it took to reach my car. The next time I saw the stray, he was laying full stretch in front of the fire in my living room. Jill had obviously met him and, Jill being Jill, had brought him in, probably fed him, mothered him and become his best friend, all in a day. The dog looked up, mildly curious at who was entering the room, but returned his nose to his paws and contented sleep.

You never know a woman

How much do you know your partner? Even in later years, contrary to popular belief, new things can and do happen. We have been married now for many years, enjoyed each others company, grown together, produced our children and basked in the love of our grandchildren. Without giving too much away, our eldest daughter is thirty five and mother of four boys. In those years together, we have played, tried many things, with varying degrees of success. Several of those experiences have formed the basis of stories published to the net on many sites, some of them here.

fobidden lust

Her name was alice and she was nervously approaching the hotel door.. inside she knew he was waiting for her luscious body.. she looked herself over once more taken every glance that she could through the fogged up window. he was in the living room of the hotel waiting for her to open the door. she slowly opened the door and there he stood all 5'7 of him and no hair his body was covered in tattoos and she knew she wanted him bad.. her eyes looked him over and over taking in every single inch within her memory. his body was built like a brickhouse and he was very attractive and very tempting. she went over to him and gave him a quick brush hug to not let him know what she was hiding.

The Store Brought Cuckold

For a very long time I have had fantasies of being cuckolded by my wife. The whole idea of her deriving sexual pleasure from someone else's cock was driving me wild. I toyed with the idea of convincing her to take some new lovers so that she would experience the joy of having a bigger and better cock stuffed inside her. I believed however that this would be a futile endeavour because she was not the type of woman who would agree to this sort of thing. She needed the soft loving relationship that we had developed over the years and would probably not be able to relax and feel comfortable enough to enjoy the experience.

Believing Her Bullshit

Guys, you think you have had more sexual partners than your lady, certainly no fewer. If you have a seven inch cock or bigger, you are sure she has had none bigger. If you have six inches or less, you truly believe that size doen't matter. You've heard the stories that start with: "I've never done that before." or: "I've only done that once before." Or, "No, we never did, we were just good friends." Come on, be honest, you know it's bullshit You believe this because this is exactly what she has told you. That's what Cindy told me.

Watching my wife impregnated by another man

It had always been my fantasy to see my wife fucked by another man, but I never thought it would ever happen, as until now I thought my wife was a one man woman, how wrong can a person be.It was a Friday night, Friday being the night my wife and I go our separate ways, she goes out with her friends and me with mine. I always go out with three ex work colleagues we have a laugh, chat up a few women, it never goes any further than this and always the worse for wear at the end of the evening, we go our separate ways, but this evening was different.One of my mates Jim, who usually takes a taxi home, was having trouble getting one. My other mates live some distance away and in the opposite direct...