Woman at the sex shop

I dont usually stop at Mc Donald's, my doctors, among many, tell me not to. But, I cant help myself. I park in an area facing a strip center that contains "Plezhurz".. a sex shop of sorts. There is a lot of fuckwear and things with feathers attached in the window, and I'm sure, inside are things that cant be displayed in the window. It was fun to watch the people that went there, looking around before darting in. Then a woman walked down the sidewalk towards the store. I was sure she would walk by it, discreetly looking away as she headed to a hair salon or back to her work. She wore a nice black dress, down to her knees. She was slim, a darker blond, streaked a bit, nice, short hair.

First fuck at the new home

We had just moved across town to a fairly new and nice subdivision. Soon we were invited to a meet and greet at the home of one of the neighbors. Basically, a human form of what dogs call butt sniffing. Neighbors complimented us on our lovely house and what not. Cindy let it be known that the privacy of the swimming pool, backing up to a "nature preserve" clinched it for her, saying that anyone who wanted to "peek in" would have to subject themselves to standing in a mosquito infested swamp. I think she had just told everyone that we ran around nude in the pool area. No big deal, who doesn't. She then said that our friends loved that about the place too.

Ron gets to fuck Cindy

We had met Ron and Kat at a neighborhood meet and greet. We had quickly established that the four of us were swingers and they had invited Cindy and I to their home that evening along with a few other friends. Kat and Cindy had agreed that the first party fuck of the evening would be the four of us. I had fulfilled my mission, spurting my first load of the evening into Kat. Kat had sucked on my cock for a while and both Ron and I were hoping for me to cum in her mouth as he watched and as Kat's cunt was being pounded by another "guest". But her pussy had greater need so I followed her request and stuck my cock into the pool of cum already inside her. Ron was more of a watcher than I was.

In Car Teaser, gets set up! (true story) "part 2 of 3"

John turned round as he walked away, Looking forward to meeting you again "he said" louise replied, It will be in your wet dreams tonight!. He laughed and said "Yes Probably" & thanks again. Louise waved bye bye! we drove away. "OH MY GOD, Where the fuck! did you find him?", she said"I laughed" A dogging site! "I replied". DOGGING? "she said" (with a confused look on her face). I explained what i was told about dogging from a friend at work. She said, So you joined a dogging site? "laughing""I said" YEAH, When you told me the other night you didn't know how you would react if one of those lads had grabbed your top to get your tits out i wanted to make it reality for you.

In Car Teaser, gets set up! (true sex story) "part 1"

I came home from work about 6.30pm, I unlocked the door and walked in to find Louise had just got out of the shower and was walking up the stairs with a towel round her.She asked me how my day was then went on to ask if we were going out for a meal as she didn't fancy cooking.I agreed and told her i would get a quick shower first!. I went into the bedroom after my shower to get dressed.she was already dressed ready to go out but had a very sexy black mini v neck dress with stockings and knee boots on the bed. I asked her why they were out and she said shes going to put them on after our meal so we can go asking for directions and get a couple of pics while were out too.

Our New Toy

I've tried many new toys in the past with my wife because of my size.., or lack there of. I love her very much and it frustrate's me, and her I'm sure.., so I constantly try to figure out how to make myself bigger with and without toys. I've failed for years until one day, early this year I saw something that gave me a great idea. But would it work for both of us? Would it be easy to use for me and feel fantastic to her? This is the story of our new toy. The kids were asleep and we were watching tv. I had told her earlier in the day that I had something for her. She knew I had something sexual for her but had no idea what it was or when I'd show it to her.

Lady with a twist

I remember when Cindy, my wife, long time wife with a huge appetite for cock, had wanted to go to a hotel bar, pick up a guy, a complete stranger, and fuck him. Boy is that ever a short synopsis. I wrote a story about one of those adventures, something about wives who fuck other men. But not all sex stories in my world are about Cindy. Hey, I'm not a bad looking guy, I dress nice, talk nice, I get my share of attention. She just gets a lot more cock than I get pussy. But, that's the way it works. I even think she got more pussy than I did. Anyway, I was out of town on business, nice hotel-convention center actually, and depending on the convention, a certain kind of "girl" showed up.

The Sex Is So Much Better When He's Mad At Me

I love rough, angry make up sex. The kind of sex that leaves you dirty, sweaty, sore, and breathless. And if I'm being completely honest with you, I admit that sometimes I'll initiate an argument on purpose, just so we can make up afterwards, but last night I didn't have to do that. No, last night I felt the tension as soon as he walked through the door. I was sitting in my office at my computer, paying some bills and sipping on a cup of hot tea. I had my Facebook open and my chat was on. I had been talking to a guy that my husband doesn't particularly care for (and, in his defense, for good reason). This guy that I was talking to (we'll call him Army Guy), he wants to fuck me.

The woman down the street

There was an older man who lived across the street and a few doors away. I dont think I ever spoke to him, but we nodded and gave each other small smiles. He walked without a cane, but slowly. Still he was tall, thin had a full head of hair and showed all the signs of once having been a good looking man. I was pretty sure he lived alone. After a while I saw him less and less frequently, and I suspected he might be ill, or worse. Then one day I saw a newer sportier car in his driveway parked next to his aging Lincoln. It seemed logical that this was one of his children, having come to look after things, or worse.

Wives Who Fuck Other Men

Cindy and I were swingers, so it's obvious that she was a wife who fucked other men. But that's not what this is aboutI had fucked their wives too. I know, that makes no sense. And if they didn't have wives or girlfriends, she had fucked those other men in a party atmosphere that was impersonal. Names might not even be exchanged. Often her first contact with the guy was when his cock started entering her mouth, her pussy or even her ass. If words were exchanged, it might only be after cum had spewed into or onto her and usually both. Each might say: "Thanks" at best. She did tell me it wasn't necessary to thank the guy if you had a mouthful of his cum. Makes sense.