He Wears Panties Not Pants

We were lying snugly in bed, lazily stroking fingers over body parts in an easy invitation to lovemaking when my husband said to me"I love the feel of this new satin top as I slide my hands over your body.""Why thank you Love. I love the feel of you feeling me whilst I have it on." I giggled huskily, gasping as his large manly hand cupped my breast; His fingers seeking out my nipple and teasing it into full bloom. I love satin. The soft smooth coolness of it against my skin makes me feel sexy and sensual. Just putting on such a garment gets me wet and excited longing for my husbands touch.

Just Another Day

Kala took a deep breath and let out a huge sigh. It was quiet, FINALLY for the first time since the holiday weekend began on Friday. Kala didn't normally look forward to Tuesday mornings, or any morning for that matter, being a night owl her whole life. But today everyone went back to their daily routines of work and school and Kala was able to go back to her routine. And her peace and quiet. The house reflected the fact that the weekend was spent entertaining family and friends with BBQ's and a birthday party. Knowing that she couldn't put it off, Kala finished her coffee, pulled her long auburn tresses up into a haphazard pony tail, and set to work on the laundry and house cleaning.

Get Sauced at Wings!

Kalasandra slowed her big boat of a car as she approached the sign and neon lights indicating she had reach her destination. Wings Bar and Restaurant was just ahead on her right-hand side. She took a deep breath and put on her turn signal. Ed said to be there at 10:30 P.M., she was about 10 minutes early so she pulled around to the rear of the parking lot. Parking near the lone light pole, but not so close that she sat in the spot light or that there where many other cars near hers. She needed these few minutes to herself before going in. She turned on the interior lights so she could give her hair and makeup one last critical look.

Terri's Infidelity

Terri woke up abruptly and instinctively spread out the right arm towards her husband's side of the bed only to find him missing. She rubbed her eyes and a quick glance at the alarm clock revealed the time: 08:12 am. The thought that her husband would probably be taking his daily shower brought a naughty smile on her face. She imagined him standing naked under the running water, shampooing gracefully his curly black hair, with his hairy balls hanging heavily between the thighs and his fully erected 9-inch fat member lazily swinging left and right, following the movements of the body. Terri licked slowly her upper lip and slid her hands between her closed thighs.

Cindy's Evening out

Cindy and I had been married for a while, friends became more, we had even gone to a few swinger parties and clubs, also nude beaches and resorts. I have had and I suspect that Cindy has had a couple of "adventures" beyond that. Every once in a while an "opportunity" comes along to do something a little more adventurous. And, this is not the story of a little evening of playing and swapping fuckbuddies. When looking for a vacation home, we met up with a sexy vibrant real estate agent named Jennie. She took us around and we told her we wanted a private pool where we and guests could smim nude, perhaps more than just swim.

Unintended Rendezvous

It had been a long morning. Meetings, calls, and dealing with indecisiveness. I was more than ready for a soothing cup of coffee and a few moments of peace and quiet. The familiar coffee shop was a welcome sight. I ordered my usual and found a secluded table in the corner near the window. Taking a notepad out, I decided to try to make some sense from the happenings of the morning so far. While taking a sip of my coffee, I glanced up and saw an older gentleman looking in my direction. Not wanting to seem rude, I smiled, and he returned the gesture. Passing it off as just a gesture of politeness, I went back to my task. All the while, I felt like someone was right behind me.

A Dream Fulfilled

It was a warm night so she opened the window a little and went to bed nude and laid on top of the sheets. She lived out in the country and this was nothing new to her. A few hours later a young migrant worker was walking thru the country when he saw a house in the distance. Hoping to find someone awake and ask for work and food he continued up to the house. There was only a porch light on outside as he approached and no sign of light from inside but he had noticed a barn out back so he figured he could least get some sleep and be gone before anyone noticed. Walking round back he noticed a night coming through a window and carefully walked up to see if he could see anyone.

04 Incest Beach

"And I remembered what Tina had said, "Doesn't your mother suck cock like a slut?"'My mother'....uh oh..."I was stunned, my heart racing as much from my orgasm as from being found out - but how had she found out? How could I explain this away? I didn't have a chance to - Tina moved down in front of the couch, and wrapped my mom in her arms.Mom was still semi-curled up on the couch, her head in my lap, not looking at me. Jerry's hands were caressing and probing her ass, and between her thighs.Tina said, "Brenda, do you want to be fucked?""Yes," mom said, not quiet, but not wantonly, either."Jerry has a nice cock," Tina said, "and you're going to love it. Do you want to make Jerry's cock hard ...

03 Incest Beach

Dinner that night was uneventful. The food was fantastic, the service was exemplary, but it was just a relaxing meal. We met a lot of people. A few made a very nice impression on me, very funny and attractive folks. I met some women from what I found out was the 'singles villa' who offered to take me sailing.We had an after-dinner drink on a veranda, watching the sunset. It was postcard perfect.I looked for Mari but didn't see here, and when mom said she was tired from the long day of travel, I said I was too, and we head back to our villa.The path was lit, but not brightly. It was still very dark. Mom stumbled just a bit and I reached out and offered her my hand, and she took it.

Sally's River Gangbang

My wife Sally and I have been active all of our lives. We both enjoy hiking, skiing, swimming, and other outdoor activities. This did not change once we each hit 50. The one thing we did notice was that many of our friends began to slack off on their activities as they got older, particularly the wives. On our various expeditions we would either be accompanied by younger friends or older male friends who had left their wives behind. This was what happened on a canoe trip last year. After careful research, two friends and I chose a section of the Green River where it runs through a particularly scenic canyon in Utah.