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Tails of Horror Return Of The Dark Kingdom

The dark witch and The Huntsmen. An old witch was waking up and slow made her way down to see the sun set when she sat on her front porch. She saw a vile full of a green liquid  and a note on a red piece of paper. She smiled and drank a third of the vile she look at her old self in the mirror and watch her self turn back into a 38 year old women. Caster her daughter spoke. Caster: wow this stuff is amazing. She said after taking the rest of the bottle turn back into a 19 year old girl. Her mother look at her with shock then she read the note. Miss Everdeen: we have work to do. Across the ocean in the us was a run down witch and sorcery academy. The old head master Mr.

The Neighbor Boy and the Widow

I had watched the young man down the street for quit a few years. Seeing him grow from a skinny pre-teen to where he was now, at eighteen, on the brink of manhood. His semi long, reddish blonde hair and now muscular torso along with his handsome facial features, made me wonder just what he was like, and what his interests were. Each weekday he walked to and from the high school bus and on weekends he would often jog by on his weekend run. On the weekends, I would find a reason to make myself seen by him. At first, he barely noticed me. He never spoke nor even acknowledged my existence.

Sex in the movie

They were watching a porno movie in the cinema. As the movie was not bad, but not that good, they decided -well, in fact, she decided it all- to mimic the behavior of those who fucked in the scenes of the movie. Michael was so horny that his dick did not answer to the sex call. It was so strange. Two ladies waiting to get porno excited by a man who could take them home safely. But with their breasts touched and her panties wet with desire. So Claudia and Michelle were watching the beginning of the movie as Michael gasped thinking the rest, the orgasmic pleasure it would be to have Claudia's little sister enjoying a big cock in her mouth. Claudia was perpetrating this date for too long.

The Demon Seed

It was a cold rainy day, myself Sasha and Jane had the Friday off school so we did what anyone our age would do, we wen't and hung around the shops.Afterwards we were having a sleep over at my place. Mum and Dad were going out so it was going to be fun times. I must admit it was pretty boring so we decided to check out some of the more unusual shops in the back streets "Oh thats have a look in here." Said Jane pointing to a shop that sold whichcraft items. We entered the small musty smelling store and looked around. In the store there was a woman behind the counter talking to another potential customer.

My family is full of freaks

My cousin and i had the typical relationship. We never really hugged each other or said i love you to one another. One day we were at my grandmothers house. Her grandmother and my grandmother are sisters. We would always go to the basement and watch tv because it was a old house and there was nothing much to do. At that age we were both sexually curious. I had tried masturbation as every teen boy has. My cousin and i were rough housing and wrestling on the ground and i accidentally grabbed a hold of her breast. She was shocked and so was i. I didnt know what to say but i released it quickly. At that time i was ridiculously horny. So i tried grabbing it again.

Girl gets put in her place

When I first stared high school, a girl named Denise was always going out of her way to completely ruin my day, she would just always find a way to humiliate me or hurt me, even going so far as to locking me inside a small closet for the entire weekend.a few years later I decided to get even with her, me and her always had to do inventory at the School Store on Saturdays (for getting in trouble), in a back room that the teacher left us for hours to just count pencils.

Foreplay (Part 2)

I reappeared once more to which shocked her as I could tell by the expression on her face but she seemed on edge to what would be happening next, what could I possibly do to outdo what I had done to seduce her in the first place. Her eyes pierced me and attempted to try and entice me but I refrained and stopped in my tracks.I was wearing very little, just a buttoned up shirt and some boxer shorts but as I slowly undid them and allowed her to admire my carved bronze muscular body in the moonlight, I could notice her breathing quickening as her chest rose and fell more and more frequently. I smiled and thought about what to do next but then I shut out them thoughts and worked purely on impulse.

You want it really

As I walked out my house, I lifted my hood and headed into the night, anyone who would have seen me from behind the curtains or in a car would think of me as being sinister and suspicious and they would be correct as I headed towards the town. It was a Friday night and I was looking for a drunk girl to have sex with, I wasn't in the mood for foreplay or pulling. I just wanted sex. As I got to the fringe of the town and headed through the park, I saw a girl stumbling towards the taxi office on the other side of the park. She was wearing an incredibly short dress and I licked my lips as I approached her.

Sex Story: Chapter 5

The hangover I woke up with was worse than I had ever had before. I had numerous 'binge drinking' sessions but this seemed to be worse and I was unsure why. I checked my phone like I always did when I woke up in the morning. I had a new message from an unknown number, it was from my lover last night: Stephanie.Last night was one of the most amazing nights of my life, I am still trying to get my head around it. Just so you know, I don't normally you know.. erm.. 'squirt'. By the way, thank you for clearing up the bar for me. You saved me from one hell of a bollocking, anyway hopefully we'll meet up again sometime.Stephanie xI smiled at the text and acknowledged it before I had a long hot show...

Sex Story: Chapter 4

I slowly began to remain consciousness and my head was pounding as moments of last night flooded back to me. I reached my arm out as my vision was still blurred but there was no petite body there for me to nestle against. I wasn't surprised as I looked at my clock and saw it was midday, I knew that she would have set off for work and the note she left reinforced that, however she did leave her number on the bottom of the note which I transferred into my small address book, it was made of leather and was long and slim. I walked over to the phone and checked if there had been any messages left before I rustled up some breakfast, a nice croissant and slipped on some lax attire.