How massage turned into wild sex?

I was working in a small firm in Hyderabad. This incident happened when I was posted to a different city on an assignment. I found vacancy in an apartment close to one of my colleagues (Ajay) and I settled there. Ajay is married 4 years back and has a kid less than a year old. Ajay is about 5'5" and has put on some weight from the time I saw him earlier and also has tummy. On the other hand, his wife Shilpa is a beautiful lady though not milky white but fair, with right amounts of flesh in right areas. Though Shilpa is sexy, I never had any bad intentions about her. She used to dress very traditional and never wore any revealing dress even at home.

Sandwiched between two hot babes

Sandwiched between two heavenly bodies when I was in college my height was 5'7? and weight 55 kgs. I was good looking. In our colony other than my family 3 more families were very close friend of us. Almost every Sunday every member of all the four families used to assemble at one place and enjoy the Sunday lunch. On one particular Sunday my parents went to attend one other social function and I was alone at home. As it was going to be very late I went to one of family to pass the time. The aunty was alone at home. She informed me that uncle is on tour and so she is alone, so she asked me to sleep at her home only. It started raining and soon the climate was very cool.

Honoring an Adult Auction

I just heard of an adult auction on a private social network, I've always wondered what it would be like being a third person with another open minded couple. Its been 6 years since the passing of my wife and I have had no luck with a new relationship, so I thought what to hell, I'm game and curious. My email address showed a response that needed my acceptance right away, as not to lose out on the opportunity. Opening the email I felt like a teen again, excited but nervous at the same time.

Sex With Her is What I Do for Fun

I know that girls mature faster than boys but when it came to sex I started way to early as early as [redacted] grade and for those of you that don't know your normally [redacted] in the [redacted] grade but I was [redacted] . I don't quite remember how it all started but at some point my bestfriend and I started experimenting with sex. By the time we were [redacted] she and I had alot of fun. Now my friend is older than me by two years because she stayed back but we were BFF's none the less. I was always a short girl and I often wore my hair in two pig tails, I had a small pie face and a ass that just stood out on me even at young age, and I loved it.

Foreplay (Part 2)

I reappeared once more to which shocked her as I could tell by the expression on her face but she seemed on edge to what would be happening next, what could I possibly do to outdo what I had done to seduce her in the first place. Her eyes pierced me and attempted to try and entice me but I refrained and stopped in my tracks.I was wearing very little, just a buttoned up shirt and some boxer shorts but as I slowly undid them and allowed her to admire my carved bronze muscular body in the moonlight, I could notice her breathing quickening as her chest rose and fell more and more frequently. I smiled and thought about what to do next but then I shut out them thoughts and worked purely on impulse.

Sex Story: Chapter 5

The hangover I woke up with was worse than I had ever had before. I had numerous 'binge drinking' sessions but this seemed to be worse and I was unsure why. I checked my phone like I always did when I woke up in the morning. I had a new message from an unknown number, it was from my lover last night: Stephanie.Last night was one of the most amazing nights of my life, I am still trying to get my head around it. Just so you know, I don't normally you know.. erm.. 'squirt'. By the way, thank you for clearing up the bar for me. You saved me from one hell of a bollocking, anyway hopefully we'll meet up again sometime.Stephanie xI smiled at the text and acknowledged it before I had a long hot show...

Sex Story: Chapter 4

I slowly began to remain consciousness and my head was pounding as moments of last night flooded back to me. I reached my arm out as my vision was still blurred but there was no petite body there for me to nestle against. I wasn't surprised as I looked at my clock and saw it was midday, I knew that she would have set off for work and the note she left reinforced that, however she did leave her number on the bottom of the note which I transferred into my small address book, it was made of leather and was long and slim. I walked over to the phone and checked if there had been any messages left before I rustled up some breakfast, a nice croissant and slipped on some lax attire.

Sex Story: Chapter 2

The boss slowly shut the door, I was frozen to the spot. I quickly scuttled across the room and put my clothes back on. There was a look on his face that I'd never forget, he was disgusted but also he looked hurt. "Cynthia.." He said, his voice was croaking, "Why?" He continued. "I-well.." She stuttered as she put her dress back on and sat down at the desk. "James, I don't think this will be coming as a surprise to you, but you're fired, effective immediately, you've just shagged my wife, in my office. I don't really think there is any way to wriggle out of this one" He said calmly.

Alissa: Part 2

Even though I was enjoying the service my tool was receiving, I did not want for it to continue. But, I didn't know how to get my daughter to stop. I looked straight at her, but she wouldn't look up at me. She just casually ate her spaghetti like nothing else was going on. I looked to my left and to my right, and both my wife and son also continued eating, unaware of what was happening under our dinner table. I decided to try pushing her foot away, so I carefully slid my left hand under the table and used my right hand to continue eating.

Fantasy time, me!

Following Mine and Kevins exploits with the fantasy world, and a stud named Gary, i felt it was about time i tried abd lived one of my fantasy's that knowone but me ever knew about, i wasn't sure which one, i just knew, it was time, Kevin didn't need to know everything, besides this one was for me, that'll make it 1-1! Right!? The following days after my husbands bi-sexual threesome, with myself and the internet stud, Gary, i had been given an opportunity to go to scotland for a learning weekend from work. Hurrying at the chance, a little get away is always good, i jumped the first train, after say bye to my hubby. Upon the train, a 15 hour slow train journey had begun.