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Breeding at Hogwarts The first night It was Monday a Hogwarts when the dark art teacher walks in to the head master office. Yes Professor Mark what can I do said the head master. Mark spoke my wife was hurt in a car crash need to take a week off. Mean while Hermione was at summer school taking a few class to make up for a lost school year. When she sat in the dark arts class a substitute teacher walk in with a large hand bag. Only a few girls were in class she notices.

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Sarah and Liz were two 18 year old schoolgirls all decked out in their green blazers, green skirts, green leotards, white collared shirts, green socks, and black shoes. Liz was medium skin toned, medium tits with sharp pointing nipples, brown hair, brown eyes and a slender build. Sarah was a redhead with big tits, fair freckled skin, athletic body from gymnastics and blue eyes.They were both rich one a daughter of a lawyer and the other a daughter of a prison warden. They were coming home one September day late from school due to working on a project. The Catholic School was strict and the two young ladies were well disciplined. They were walking on a nature trail to go home when Liz had an ...

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Hello every one iam Roshan,from India. While i was studying in school i used to sit near a guy named prem.i used to have interest in older ladies. I used to watch the cleavage of our class teacher krishna veni and head mistress jeyalakshmi. Krishna was 52 years old and jeya was 55 years old.. They both were very fat. Krishna had a smooth white body with a very big belly and giant boobs.. She didnt have wrinkles in her body.. I wud rate her 40-38-40. Jeya had lots of wrinkles.she was also white. But i loved her belly which was full of fat and which used to form in different shapes while she teaches.but she didnt have as big boobs like krishna..but had very big ass. I would rate her 38-36-42.

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HiThis is Raaj(name changed due to some security purposes)Age:25(right now) in my 22(I have started my sex journey)Height : 6.1 Color : Fair Hair : Curling BlackBody type : Fit atheleticBefore Going to the story please excuse me if I made anySpell mistakes because iam not an distintion student. Now I will start the storyIn my 22(age) iam in ending stage of my graduation in my small town by the name nellore in andhra pradesh. That day morning I have got a call from banglore .That Call brought me a bad news one of my relative uncle in banglore Has died due to heart attack.I never expected iam going to Have some special in my life.

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I saw her come in, despite 29 other souls come in, she was the one I noticed. She sat down and I admired her for a moment or two. She had tied a knot in her shirt as the weather was extremely hot and I noticed her bronzed slim but curvy physique and her long smooth legs which were dying to be touched. She looked and saw me looking at her, she giggled and I began to blush. I stood up, double checking not to have an erection and began to talk to the class. Most of them were ignoring me but I occasionally glanced at her and noticed she was giving me her full attention. I walked around the classroom and I noticed her eating some chewing gum and smiled as I had an excuse to give her a detention.

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I knew she was getting orgasms after orgasms and was feeling at the top of the world, but I never wanted to give it up. I wanted Meenal Mam to have the maximum and indeed, all that she had starved for. My mind soon recollected memories from the movies I had seen and shot this idea of having a pillow under Meenal Mam's ass, I grabbed a pillow and as she helped me, I pushed it under her ass. Now her pussy was more attractive as the light on the opposite wall shone on it, her tight, bud like anal looked delicious, I wanted it and I fell for it and quickly got to it. I played the tip of my tongue up and down her perineum the skin between pussy and anal which I've known is very, very sensitive.

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Well this is something I have been waiting for. I have waited enough but never made a move for I wanted her to want me take on her breasts. Her firm breasts felt soft against my lips, they were like delicate balloons filled with jelly, and I licked her cleavage and inserted my tongue in between her two beautiful mounts. Meenal Mam moaned as she shivered feeling my mouth over her cleavage. She moaned and soon requested me to take away her bras. I pulled my hands out of her panties and quickly reached up her back and undid the hooks and pulled her bras off her hands and boy! What a sight it was......how could I explain it?

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At around 6.30pm, I reached Meenal Mam's house while I watched the first batch students, "little kids" leave. I thanked God for I dint want those students to see me give a gift. The maid opened the door for me and as I sat waiting for Meenal Mam, the maid came up to me and said it was getting late and she needed to leave as she dint want to miss the buss. She requested me to inform Meenal Mam about her leaving and soon left. After about 5 minutes Meenal Mam came climbing down the stairs, she looked exceptionally beautiful this day dressed in a beautiful garden sari and a perfectly matching blouse.

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My name is Jay. I am a good looking guy with a cock of size 6.5 inch... (Not like fake 8 or 9 inches). I am doing BCA from college in Delhi. I like to read incest sex stories. I always tried to impress the teachers of school as well as the college but never succeeded. However, my luck came to action when I started going for maths tuition. Maths have always been a weak subject to me and often scored just above pass marks. Exams are approaching and my parents were tensed thinking about my weak point "Maths. A lot of concerns followed and this is when we had one of our neighbors visiting us.

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It was a dark and humid day at school when I first glimpsed her pussy. It was during class, and she was my music teacher. I sat in the front row, and she jumped up to sit on her desk. I caught a glimpse of something black and wet beneath her skirt. Every day I came early and sat in front of her, and I would see the gaping wet hole in her. I think she saw me watching, because she would look into my eyes as she sat on her desk and played her guitar. The strangest thing seemed to happen then, the dark slit would get wetter, sopping wet, dripping. It was a heavy raining day today, and she stared at me for the longest time while she played her guitar for the class.