Honoring an Adult Auction

I just heard of an adult auction on a private social network, I've always wondered what it would be like being a third person with another open minded couple. Its been 6 years since the passing of my wife and I have had no luck with a new relationship, so I thought what to hell, I'm game and curious. My email address showed a response that needed my acceptance right away, as not to lose out on the opportunity. Opening the email I felt like a teen again, excited but nervous at the same time.

The Hot WIfe

A few years ago we moved to a small Illinois town just outside of Scott Air Force Base. Everyone in town was friendly and the wife seemed to enjoy it. My wife and I were in our late 40's at the time. She had met the mail man a few times as he put the mail in the box outside our front door. She told me he was a good looking younger guy and he always made it at point to hand her the mail if she opened the door to get it. He'd make small talk and check out what she was wearing that day. She loves to wear shear tops and tight skirts just to show off and get reactions from some of local guys.

My First Time

I just liked to make sure my partner was satisfied. Since I wasn't that well-endowed I would add a little extra to our love making. Yet here they were teasing me to suck John's cock. Well that evening ended and my wife and I talked. She told me it was turning her on and keeping her wet thinking of me with a dick in my mouth making it hard for her pussy. She understood that at the present time John was out of the picture. But she asked me to think about it. I told her I would. Well we had increased our toy collection since but hadn't had another human in bed with us again. John and I were still friends but he understood I was not comfortable going that far with him. My wife would only watch B...

Photographic Memories

A couple of years ago, it became time to get rid of all of Cindy's sexy pics. I guess I should call them sexually explicit pictures, or fuck pix. Sexy pictures are of a girl in a bikini. Cindy was not wearing a bikini or anything else in most of these photos. If anything was worn, it didn't cover the view of either her tits, nor her pussy. Those pictures, at times, also involved a cock or two buried in her . I know that Cindy started to enjoy putting cocks in her ass too, but given that was not my thing I didn't take any pictures of that. I'm sure other people did though especially when there was one cock in her ass and another in her pussy. Cindy's pictures were definitely sexually explicit...

Another visit to "Wild Cherry"

Sometimes things happen... It's worth telling.Anyway.... "Wild Cherry"After moving to one of the Southern capitals, we concluded that people here did not have sex and that the swinging, nudie pool parties, fuckathon party houses of the place we left were a thing of the past. Then we found this club.I wrote a story about our first visit there and the couple we met. And as most always with Cindy, the story also includes at least one other stiff cock that lurks in the shadows and manages to ejaculate into one or more of her willing orifices at some point in the evening. If my memory serves me, that orifice had a tongue in it. The other orifice, surrounded by the labia was already occupied.

Warm Summer Nights and even Hotter days

Well what was I going to do tonight? I wanted the weekend to be exciting. Yet being single and wanting to do something, what some would consider kinky was going to be a challenge. It was hard sometimes nearly impossible getting a couple; give a horny single male the chance. I had my computer so I started to surf the net. I found this web site where I was able to IM them long enough for me to convince them to call and talk to me. I explained even though I had never tried Bi sex before. I had for some time been turned on by the thought of the pleasures of sex with a male and female at the same time. After sending them some pics attached to E-Mails both nude and face shots. They did the same.

Bi-friends and lovers

It started out like it did every year at vacation time. Were to go and what to do. Penny and Blake had been married 7 years. They were great friends but something was missing from their sex lives. Getting married at a young age she was 18 he was only 19. Blake had told his older friends at work and asked them if they could give him some suggestions on what he could do to spice it up a little. Rod suggested Blake join a swinger's website.They laughed when Blake said they had never watched porn especially together. They recommended a few of the better ones on the internet. Rod said you be surprised at what you might see there. This seemed to give Blake plenty of ideas on how to make their sex ...

Cindy Bill and Bob

We had just moved, one of many moves. Left behind were our first swinger friends, Phil and Linda and I may have mentioned Cindy's fondness for Phil's cock. Left behind was our first party house and a host of friends with sexual tendencies that seemed to involve Cindy's cunt, or their cum flowing onto or down Cindy's tongue at some point.

Cindy and Phil go to a party

The path to Cindy's sexual excapades after we married from teasing touches and flashes of tits and or pussy to full nakedness and complete sexual abandon is more than adequately covered in many other stories and blogs. The final frontier was Cindy and I headed off to a party house where I watch her fuck and suck quite a few guys. That story too is covered in other stories and blogs, blow by blow, fuck by fuck, each ejaculation of cum into her cunt or into her mouth detailed, well most of them anyway, and if not most at least many. Her ass was not yet a destination for a stiff cock and a hot load of jizz. Not that I know of anyway. She didn't tell me everything.

Girls Play Tent at Nude Camp

The girls around the block put their request with my stepdaughter to attend the "nudist colony" for the weekend. We joined about 7 years ago and it has been the best investment any incestuous family could make...We have a few BDSM friends at the camp site who occupy the basement in the main clubhouse. Usually they have a few sex slaves but when they have unsuspecting first timers who need constant attention, our friends put on quite a show for the camp site. This is my 3rd marriage in 10 years.