Straight Male

So wrong but so right!

It had been a long hard day and finally I was able to put my feet up and was resting when I heard the door slam and the car wheels screech, I was completely clueless about what had happened but when I got up, I had notice my parents and their car had gone. I was worried and quickly shut and locked the door before heading upstairs to check on my sister. She was slightly older than me and was laying on her front in the bedroom, I slowly approached her with a gentle smile and sat down next to her on the best. It was an awkward silence but I explained how bored she was and she suggested something.

A new gear

I had been planning this for months, I had routes sorted out and specific areas circled on the map, I had been looking to experiment sexually and this was on my sexual bucket list, not that the girl I was about to surprise did. I pulled up outside her house and beeped the horn a few times, she was excited and skipped out and saw in the passenger seat.

First time for everything!

I walked up and down the pavement outside the house, my palms were sweaty and my heart was thumping. I didn't know if I was ready but I needed this! I was fixated it with it, I'm completely sexually frustrated. I plucked up the courage and strolled up the drive, the car wasn't there meaning that her parents were out and I knocked on the door, looking around precariously to make sure the neighbours didn't see me. She opened the and I saw her, she was leant against a wall as I approached her, she was wearing a long overcoat, she closed the door and smiled at me and enticed me deep into the heart of the house.

Who thought detention could be so fun!

I saw her come in, despite 29 other souls come in, she was the one I noticed. She sat down and I admired her for a moment or two. She had tied a knot in her shirt as the weather was extremely hot and I noticed her bronzed slim but curvy physique and her long smooth legs which were dying to be touched. She looked and saw me looking at her, she giggled and I began to blush. I stood up, double checking not to have an erection and began to talk to the class. Most of them were ignoring me but I occasionally glanced at her and noticed she was giving me her full attention. I walked around the classroom and I noticed her eating some chewing gum and smiled as I had an excuse to give her a detention.

You never know what happens in the woods...

I approached you from behind; we were in the woods by your house, the sky was red as the sun was setting, it was warm and I pressed up against you; you felt my muscular hands begin to squeeze your bum. You turned around and clung onto my biceps, I moved closer, my tongue slowly licking your lips and I tightly wrapped my arms around you. The weather began to quickly change, it was still warm but the clouds began to gather and it appeared it was going to rain. You pulled off my shirt, revealing my rippling muscles. Your fingernails ran down them as the heavens opened and you watched droplets of rain slowly run down my body.

sissy summer

One summer me and my girlfriend Cara were going to go her lake house for a week I was siked I packed up and was ready to go so we drive to her lake house I rush inside to use the restroom because I had to go bad after ward I saw the to needed to be f checked under the sink only to find some silk panties and a box of tampons suddenly the urge hit me to put on the panties they felt amazing then the idea hit me to put a tampon in my buthole i wrapped one and slowly push it in to my ass it was almost enough to make me cum my erect penis pushing on the silk pannel of the panties and the string hanging out of my bum then suddenly my girlfriend...

Another Rough Encounter

I pushed you against the wall, panting out of breath, I pinned you roughly against your bedroom wall. I noticed the cute innocent pictures of the younger you but now look at the vicious wild sexual girl in front of me. I ripped off your shirt and boob tube and you did the following with my shirt. Sinking your fingernails into the flesh of my back before running your fingers along my chest.

Some Bondage

I began to lead you back to my house, as we approached, I blindfolded you and ushered you inside. I sat you down and removed your blindfold, you soon realised that you were in a bright room with only a chair and some toys on the table. Your eyes widened as you realised you had been gagged and tied up. I began to slowly pull off your clothes; you couldn't stop me even if you wanted me too. You could tell, I wasn't going to; I began pulling off your bikini top, revealing your perky round large breasts. I through it across the room aggressively before i began to slide down your body and pulling your thong off with my teeth. .

Stranger From The Net Fucking My Wife Hard

Having tried several MFM threesomes and a touch of fem on fem we decided to find some horny hung rampant male to claim all my wife's holes as his own. We trawled the net looking for mr right and finally found one, a soldier called Mark from Yorkshire. We chatted on line for a few weeks and exchanged photos of various body parts before we decided to meet, one Saturday night. We decided to defuzz and remove all pubic hair before he came over at nine pm that same evening. We had plans of dp, spit roast and lots of other stuff all involving two cocks and various objects then disaster struck. I had an allergic reaction to the veet and burnt my cock.

Awesome threesome

Kristina and I had been living together for almost two years now. She was fairly tall, had close cropped hair, an athletic body, boobs to die for and buns that just called out to be squeezed. But what with my odd timings and huge amount of work our sex life could have been better. And Kris was one person who took to sex like a duck to water.