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sharing Mendy

It was a hot summer day, my long time girlfriend, Mendy, was over for the weekend. We had just gotten back together. We have broken up many times before, mostly because she likes to fuck other guys now and then. She was pulling weeds from the flower bed and I was mowing the yard. I was watching her ass more than where I was going. She has a sweet little ass and you could see the outline of her pussy through the tight, thin material. I saw her go into the house and I jumped off the mower and followed her in. She was bent over, looking in the fridge. I came up behind her and grabbed her hips and ground my hard on into her ass crack. She stood up and turned around.

Katerina's Visit

I waited outside the gate at the airport, looking for the little beauty that had flown across the country to meet her "pen pal" and spend the weekend. Katerina had written me about some of my stories and how hot they had made her feel, and I had politely responded, but then we took up a serious pen pal exchange, and before long, she had agreed to come for a visit. I saw the tiny brunette coming down the walkway, and recognized her, immediately. She was wearing a light summer dress that stopped just above her knees, and had a huge smile when she saw me. She carried a small overnight bag with her.

Cute Flabby Nurse Aid

As an outside contractor I am used to not being trusted and working in a nursing home was not so much different. I had a job to do and needed to be everywhere...literally. So the administrator gave me a bodyguard. She was just there to see to it that I didn't steal anything too big or expensive and that I didn't molest any of the sexy senior if that would happen. Kimberly was a cute but flabby Certified Nurse Aid. She had a round face, a bit of a belly, and an ass that rolled around in her white nurse uniform pants. Everyone wore the same thin white pants with a variety of colored tops to distinguish importance.

Lisa's Punishment

Then Spring finally arrived and things got busy again with the team, coach Mark Evans found the usual routine of working with his group of high school girls was not quite as routine as it had been only one year earlier. That was before anything had happened with his recently graduated athletes Dee and Bobbi, and before they filled him in on the intimate details about two of his current seniors, Lisa and Kim. His work with the team had always been genuine and above board. Having athletic girls around was a temptation perhaps, but he'd never really let himself think about it.

Mary Moves In

It was a hot Sunday when I first saw Mary, the type of Sunday made for sitting around with a cold drink watching television or reading a book. Although the temperature would often rise well above the ninety-six degrees that dominated my home city of Sacramento today, something about it being the weekend made people especially lazy. Had it been a Monday, or any other weekday for that matter, people would have attempted to ignore the heat just to make their workday that much more bearable. I was washing the family sedan in the front driveway and thinking about the 49er game later that afternoon when I saw a large U-Haul truck out of the corner of my eye.

Initiating Carol: Sorority girl surprise

He stepped into the room, closing the door carefully behind him. The new girl, Carol, lay on her back, stripped down to her panties, arms and legs tied out in an 'X' on the king size bed. Carol had just recently joined the sorority, and had been suddenly and without warning introduced to their initiation process. A little drunk, she had been ill-suited to combat her friends grabbing and carrying her into the bedroom, stripping her nude, tying her up. Now she lay there helpless, blindfolded and gagged with a vibrator in her vagina humming along quite steadily.

The thief's Reward: A Medieval Story

The square was quiet, still with the cool early morning air. Not a guard was in sight along the distant walls, not a single peddler was up setting up his booth. It was early and that was exactly why he was where he was, no one would see him. He crossed the cobblestones quickly and quietly, moving up behind the figure fastened into the heavy wooden stocks that occupied the raised stone platform right beside where they held the beheadings. She was young, a servant girl, and just yesterday she had been caught stealing her masters jewelry and summarily sentenced to a fortnights punishment in the stocks.