Straight Male

Nick and Jayne

I rolled over and slammed my hand down onto the alarm, ending the annoying ringing that had woke me up. It was the first day of summer, and I had forgotten to turn my alarm off so now I was awake way earlier than I had wanted. I decided to get up instead of trying to regain sleep. I went down to the kitchen and fixed myself a decent breakfast of cereal. After I proceeded to the shower and preparing for the rest of the day. I finally looked at the clock again and saw that it was 8:30. I suppose I should take time to say who I am. My name is Nick Hunter, I am 16 years old, and live in California. I'm about 6'1", 155 pounds, short dark blonde hair.

Pregnant lady

During my 10 years in the decorating business I had often flirted with and been flirted by clients but nothing had ever really come of any of it. We all dream of the lonely housewife but in reality it doesn't happen. I was asked to do a job at one ladies house that would change all that, even though no actual flirting happened. I arrived at the job, having been recommended by a friend of the client. I hadn't priced anything and so it was a "As the job runs" structure. The lady in question was Mrs. Lyn Holmes. Now Lyn was, by my estimation, about five months pregnant, no husband in sight. Apparently he had done a runner as soon as she had conceived.

Alien Seduction

Tom was sitting on his porch, drinking a beer, when he saw the strange lights in the sky. They seemed to be in a circle and they blinked blue, yellow and red. They didn't look like any plane he'd ever seen before. He headed off into his cornfield to get a better look. Walking between the long, straight rows of prime Iowa corn he kept one eye on the sky. It was still there and, if anything, the circle seemed to be getting bigger. Whatever it was seemed to be coming closer to the ground. A white light began glowing in the center. Darned, if it didn't look some kind of flying saucer, Tom thought. He saw a thick beam of white light and then his world went black.

I'm Hooked

If you don't like the genre or the themes, then you don't need to read this. All my stories are fictional and mostly just fantasies. Some of these fantasies may some day become true stories but others, especially where young ones are mentioned will never happen unless the law permits it. Marcos owns a 2 year old dog named Dragon that his parents got him for his birthday when he turned 28. Dragon was a 3 week old puppy when he got him. Marcos trained Dragon well and took him everywhere with him. Mostly he liked taking him down to the lake and swimming with him and just playing around. One habit Marcos never controlled of Dragon's was him humping people's leg.

Sara Saves The Earth

The rain beat against the windows as Sara stretched luxuriously in bed. It was cold and wet outside, but inside, it was warm and dark, the bed was nice and soft, and Sara was in a horny mood. Her long curly red hair cascaded over the down pillows. She wriggled herself down into the feather bed, feeling the sheets sliding over her 38-DD breasts and enjoying the feeling of her nipples inadvertently hardening. This was almost a perfect evening at home, she thought. Only one thing missing... She began to think about that one thing missing, and as she did she let her hands roam over her body.

Disobedient Wife

My name, for the purposes of this story, is Debbie and at the time this took place I was 23 and Bill and I had been married for just on two years. We had always enjoyed a passionate but exclusive sex life and really enjoyed each other's company. One thing that set us apart from other married couples we know is that Bill is old fashioned in his beliefs about marriage. He insists that a wife should obey her husband in all things and I am happy to go along with that because, well, frankly, I quite enjoy having someone else make all the decisions so that I don't have to take responsibility for what happens.

Servicing the Client - Again

ervicing the Client - AgainMy name is Jake, and I'm 58, twice divorced and a very successful stockbroker in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have dated and bedded my share of lovely ladies over the years and at 5'10" and 175 pounds, I am not too bad to look at, so I am told. I try to make it a point to never get involved with anyone from work or with married women or with clients, and I try to not date anyone younger than 35. They are just too...incompatible. I discovered long ago that I am a Dom, and I like to control my partner, but I'm not into inflicting pain or using force...only control.

Home from College

Introduction: I found there to be a lack of 'normal' stories on this site. I wanted to create a really sexy story that was just a guy and a girl enjoying each other, with no incest or anything dark and macabre. As this is my first attempt at writing stories, any compliments or constructive criticism are very welcome. Thanks! I grew up in a smaller suburb outside of San Diego in a nice neighborhood. The houses were a pretty good size, but not mansions. It was a safe neighborhood where nobody would really worry about crime or anything like that.

My Boyfriend, My Neighbor and Me

My boyfriend is a college student and is often busy working on assignments so, he is unable to stay over. This was one of those nights. Despite my pleas for him to stay so we could fool around, he just kissed me and out the door he went. I wanted him and he knew it. Damn! He does this to me on purpose. Now what am I going to do? I guess I will just have to wait until tomorrow night. I sat down on the couch and started to flip through the channels on the TV when I heard my neighbor start the shower. My thoughts were quickly diverted to thinking of her. We don't really know each other very well but are friendly with each other whenever we run into one another.

A Slut's Confession

Now there are some husbands that fly off the handle at the merest threat of his wife being admired by another man. Then there are those that remain silent and bottle up the rage but take it out on her later in private, usually accompanied by violence. And then there are those, disparagingly pigeonholed as wimps or cucks, that actually enjoy seeing their beloved eyed up by strangers, and possibly more. Who is right? Well here's my story, you decide.