Straight Male

First meeting

Judy Tsang was in no doubt that she was taking chances by not telling anyone about where she was going. Over the previous two months she had built up a friendship over the internet witha supposedly nice guy. She had felt at ease with John Thompson right from the very start. Even so all trust was just on his word. At the very start it had been an innocent chat as she already had a boyfriend and John knew this. He had in no way tried to undermine her relationship. The fact that the chat had turned to sex early on had only reinforced her view that John was an ok! Guy. It was his laid back approach that had instilled some trust in her.

Barstool Bitch

"Don't you talk to me that way you little sassy bitch", I told her. She was pissed because I saw one of my ex-girlfriends at the grocery store and did a double take when I saw her. She looked hot, what can I say. She wasn't as hot as my current girlfriend, Michele, though. As pissed off as Michele was, I wasn't ready to release the tension in our little spat. I could ease the jealous thoughts raging through her mind by telling her how gorgeous she is and how much I was in love with her. But I wouldn't. At least... not yet. I had other things in mind.

My Wife Rose's Birthday Surprise

Today was My Wife's birthday, and I had to go out and pick Rose's present up this morning. Rose was awake chatting on the Internet all night when I left. While I was out getting her present she stayed home and was online all day. Rose was sitting down naked at the computer and surfing the web. She then went to a search engine and typed in k9 for dogs, as she had been talking about getting another pet. She thought she could do some research. She clicked on a couple of links until she came upon a subject from her passed. On this site, there was a picture of a Great Dane fucking this woman doggie style.

From the club to the bedroom

It started off at my summer house along the beach. I go there every summer without my parents around to kind of just get away from the big city. I had a few friends there. Almost every night we would go out to various clubs to go dancing. I was feeling kind of down because my boyfriend & I had broken up so they decided to take me to a "special place". We ended up at a club about 15 minutes away. It looked normal from the outside. When we had walked in, it seemed more hoppin' than any club I had ever gone to. I walked over to the bar & told my friends that I would be out on the floor in a bit that I wanted to get a drink.

My neighbour

Like most boys of my age (about 18), I had just started to learn about sex. I often woke up with a hard dick, but after a couple of minutes, it would soften up. I was friendly with July, a 18 year old who lived down the road from me. During the school holidays, and occasionally weekends, we'd often go out like youngsters did. We never did anything, though July once asked if she could see my dick, which I let her and she showed me her tits. One day, we noticed one of the neighbours struggling with her shopping. We ran over and offered our help. As she bent down to put one of the bags on the pavement, I couldn't help but notice her cleavage. I felt a twitch in my trousers.

My First

My name is David; I grew up in a pretty stable home with my sister Mary. My parents weren't rich but they tried to give my sister and me many of the things the other kids had. When I was thirteen my parents went out of town for the night, to work on their marriage it turns out. They got a babysitter who was a senior in high school and a family friend to watch my sister and keep me from destroying the house. Her name was Heather and she was very beautiful; five foot eight, 120 pounds, dark brown shoulder length hair, 36C breasts and lightly tanned skin. She looked kind of like Ally Sheedy when she was in "The Breakfast Club". It was close to the end of the school year, the last weeks of May.

The Interview

The door was opened on the 2nd knock. 'Yes?" inquired the man who answered. She felt a sudden shyness creeping in, but sensing he wouldn't be one to tolerate weakness in any form, cleared her throat, and said "I'm here about the position, sir."He casually looked her up and down, knowing all the while that the longer he took to let her in, the more she would squirm. But if this was going to happen, he needed to let her know up front that he was calling the shots. "Come in," he said finally. She entered the villa and found herself immediately in the dining area. A small table and 2 chairs were set up in the small space that served as a kitchen.

I answered a Craig's List ad

I realized when I was about twenty-one years of age that females turned me on. I never was really attracted to my best friends in a sexual way but I remember going to a strip club once with a bunch of guys. I was the only girl and was having a great time watching all the guys get turned out by the beautiful, all naked girls. I was wearing a dress with pantyhose (it was the middle of the winter and freezing out) and I suddenly felt like I wet myself. Needless to say, my pussy was soaking wet from all the titties and pussy lips being rubbed in my face all night. I also took a liking to lesbian porn before I would masturbate.

Good Man Bad Time

Natalie dropped her car down to second gear as the mountain road became steeper. It was snowing hard by now, and with night quickly approaching it was almost impossible to see the small signs put up at every crossroads. And, she admitted to herself, the tears weren't helping her visibility either. It was too painful to think about why she was crying, but the past two days kept replaying themselves in her head like a broken record she couldn't switch off no matter how hard she tried. As the snow started settling on the road her mind flashed back yet again to the events of that morning and the day before it.

Lost Hikers

"And as I started coming down and stopped screaming, he pulled out, climbed up the bed on me and shoved it in my mouth. Oh, it was incredible! Within two pumps he started..."Joshua clenched his fists, tried to block his hearing, and concentrated, yet again, on solely walking forward. It had been her idea, of course. He'd gotten the phone call first thing in the morning. He could remember it vividly. The ringing had woken him up just after six in the morning. On a Saturday. He had planned on sleeping until noon and doing nothing the whole day. And then he had picked up the phone.