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Watching Little Casey Next Door

Dan Dixon, mid thirties and six years divorced, lives alone and works from home but is frequently on the road. His is the kind of lifestyle that doesn't lend itself to a stable relationship, and aside from the occasional part time girlfriend, he's comfortable being single. He's lived in his suburban house about ten years now, since he first got married, and then after his wife left him for a man who could pay more attention to her. He's been friends with his neighbors, the Sheridans, from the time they moved in, and has watched their four kids grow up and one by one move away.

Shelter From the Cold

The icy chill of the cold, November evening that marked the first snowfall of the year could not even compare to the chill in John Burke's heart. As he walked the four blocks from the corner store to his apartment with a gallon of milk in his hand, he stared down at the ground, lest he catch the eye of one of the few people who ventured out on a night like this in the otherwise silent and deserted streets. He didn't want to talk to them. He didn't even want to acknowledge their existence. Fortunately, most people had shut themselves up inside their warm homes, cut off and protected from the elements. Nobody wanted to be out in this weather. Nobody but John Burke. He preferred it like this.

A Late Night at the Office

Claire sat at her desk, recalculating the spreadsheet she was working on for the umpteenth time. 'God I hate annual budgets' she muttered to herself and scrolled to the bottom to see the effect her latest changes had made. 'That's better', she said as she compared the new figures to her targets with a mixture of pride and relief in her voice, stretching to relieve the cramp in her arms and shoulders. The glass fronted office she was sitting in was a pool of light in the midst of the rest of the dark building, broken only by the dim glow of the night lighting in the corridor beyond. Claire got up and went across to the window, high above the city streets. The traffic was lighter at this time...

Two For One

My names Cindy , I'm 24 and I'm a dancer living in Brighton on the South Coast of the UK. For those of you that don't know, Brighton is a very liberal party town which is why I love living here - I guess becuase I'm a very liberal party girl! I'm lucky because my job keeps me pretty trim and in good shape, I have a athletic body with a tight ass and good sized boobs - all this keeps me employed and pretty popular. I have several jobs, I dance for a company doing big corperate events and I also teach dance at a local comunity college, but when this happened I was still at dance school as a student and I worked part time at a 'Gentlemens Club' as a lap dancer.

Katies Horror

Katie walked down the dark streets of the rows and rows of townhouses, smiling to herself as she did. The wind blew gently in the night, lightly playing with her long blond hair. The music and noise from the party she just left died away in the dark and cold night as she made her way back to her car a few streets away in the Car Lot. There's no sound except for the gentle whispers of the wind in the night air. Katie stopped at her car, putting her purse on the hood to fumble for her keys buried in the depth of it. Soft footsteps behind her begin. She stops cold in her movements, turning around to see if one of her friends were trying to scare her.

Southern bell

The first time he saw her he was in love. She was the perfect woman for him, a true southern bell. She had long blonde hair, dark blue eyes and stood five eight without shoes. Her body had nice curves, her thirty-five inch breasts looked fine against her twenty-four inch waist, her hips measured thirty-four inch each only made her breast look bigger then the size they were. She looked so perfect to him. Her father was filthy rich so she was spoiled rotten, a debutante and bell of the ball so to speak. She knew every man wanted her and she play them like scarlet in gone with the wind. He knew he wanted her more then the rest and planned to get her.

How I Got My Job Part 2

I stayed on my knees, the three guys who were interviewing me stood around me in a circle. Looking down at me with dirty, satisfied looks on their faces, their cocks still semi erect. I spoke up in a pitiful voice, "Alan is my interview done?" They all chuckled for a bit before Alan replied. "We have to talk about that Katie." He glanced at the other guys, "Well I have to take a serious piss, you guys want to talk about Katie and her interview; follow me. And Katie, you stay right there! Don't move and don't get dressed." The three went off to the men's room in office, by this time everyone else, I assumed, was gone since they went left the office naked.

How I Got My Job Part 1

My name is Katie, I am 25, a very attractive brunette; I would give myself a nine on a scale of 1 -10. I know my 34D boobs get me a lot of attention from men. I'm 5'8", very nice figure as I love to work out, mostly jogging to tease the guys who watch me; watch my boobs bouncing as I jog by them. I had to tell someone about how I got my job. I guess I feel more comfortable just sharing it with strangers since I know I could never tell any of my friends, except for one. They wouldn't believe me or mainly not believe what I actually did to get my good job. A friend of mine told me about this site. He said people would love to read this story and would be jerking off to it, to me.

Movie Theater in the Summer VII

Sunday morning was a beautiful site. The sun was rising and I had a naked goddess lying next to me. The sight of Rochelle lying next to me, half her body covered with the sheet. Her breast hanging out, nipples hard thanks to the cool air as the sun kissed her. My heart is starting to beat fast as I lean in and softly kiss her cheek. She sighs as her eyes slowly open and she smiles at me. I lean in and kiss her soft lips as I roll her on her back. Our tongues merge together as I kiss her, my hands massaging her round breast and pinching her nipples. I feel her heart begin to beat faster as my hand slowly moves down and begins to rub her inner thigh.

My wife Tina

My wife Tina and I had just had the wildest sexual experience ever. I'm Fred, I figured it was time to introduce myself. Tina let me watch and take part as she sucked off and fucked a foot long, coal black cock. Tina was worn out as I returned to our bedroom after seeing our guest, James, out. She opened her eyes and smiled as I entered the room. "We really did it didn't we, babe? Are you relly OK with what went on?"I assured her it was great and told her it was the hottest thing I could've ever imagined. "No regrets?" I told her that the thing I regretted was that I didn't have a video camera to record it all. "Oh, god, that would've been hot - being able to see myself.