Straight Male

Taming the Succubus

The Succubus is not a new threat of course; they've been around for as long as men have been susceptible to feminine wiles. But recently their population has grown and frequency of their "visits" has increased. In case you don't know, a Succubus is a creature that knows only two things: fucking and killing; and they are very good at both. Some, particularly women, call them demons or monsters; others, particularly men, are not so sure. In my experience I think I've learned a great deal about them. For starters, they are certainly not demons; they are as flesh and blood as any other creature. However, though they do appear in most respects to be human, they're not quite that either.

Family Fun Begins

Harry moved his hips faster, slamming his cock into Aunt Patty's hot wet fuck box. Her big tits swing back and forth as Harry fuck her from behind. She wasn't Harry's real Aunt, she was in the housekeeper but ever since Harry learned to talk he has called her Aunty. This all began about year or so ago, when Aunt Patty discovered a magazine that had pictures of older women, naked and getting fucked in it. As she flipped though the magazine in walked Harry fresh from the shower naked except for a towel around his waist.

Teaching Nancy

Nancy sighed as she closed the car door behind her. She had been delivering dry cleaning for nearly four months now, a fairly easy job, but still dreaded her last delivery. Most of her customers were fairly wealthy, snobbish, and made a point of being quick and polite with her, if not a little brash. No customer had ever really made her feel uncomfortable; not like Gregory Burgess. Nancy tucked her dark hair behind her ear before starting the car and glancing in the rear-view mirror. She didn't exactly try to make herself look ugly when she made the delivery to Mr. Burgess, but she avoided makeup. It wouldn't have really been possible anyway.

My Initation into the World of Nasty Sex

Before I tell my story I think its best that you know my story. I'm 21 years old and I have had my share of girlfriends. My looks are good but not exceptionally but what is most important is that I am really shy around women. I can't talk to a beautiful girl or woman even I my friends dare me after a lot of alcohol. That's why it has been almost a year since I had some sort of sexual experience, I know its not that long but it's starting to make me very horny. I have always had a thing for older women. I just love the way they look like and the thought that they really know what to do with a guy just turns me more on than any girl of my age could.

Fantasies Fulfilled

Just before I opened the door I put on the rubber gloves so that I wouldn't leave fingerprints and then I pulled down my ski mask. I opened the door and walked into the office. It was always the last office to close up and go home on a Friday. Linda the woman that worked there was awfully dedicated, as was her secretary Amanda. They were both very attractive ladies. I had been stalking them both for quite a while. I closed the door behind me and locked it from the inside. The secretary asked me if she could help me. As I turned around Amanda became startled and then she picked up the phone. I showed her my handgun and she put it back down gently.

But You Have To Fuck My Mother Too

Holly was the prettiest check out girl that worked for me in my grocery store. She had also just turned sixteen years old and she could only work until nine o'clock on school nights, but that was okay since I closed at nine during the week anyway. After a week of working for me Holly asked me if she could work until nine and if I would take her home afterwards because it was hard on her mother to get there and pick her up. Sure I could, so I reworked the schedule to accommodate her needs. The very next night Holly stalled until the others had all left and we were alone. Then she said, "I'll let you fuck me but you have to fuck my mother too." All I could manage to say was "What?"

The Pregnant Coworker

Being a software consultant requires much traveling. Every six months to a year you are placed a new assignment with new coworkers. This new assignment was no different. I had landed a development role on a large software roll out project in Jacksonville Florida. Since I had just bought a house in Atlanta I requested that I work Monday through Thursday and flew home every weekend. The company I was working for had contracted to 5 other developers as well, 3 men and 2 women, all of which traveled back and forth between home and Jacksonville as I did. The guys were laid back and I enjoyed hanging out with them each evening.

Jo and her girls.

Jo is my neighbour, I moved in two years ago, she is forty with two daughters, Tori who is twenty and Zoe who is sixteen; all three are very good looking. Fortunately for me Jo's husband walked out six months ago. Late one afternoon Jo called me to help her move some heavy furniture in her bedroom. After lugging wardrobes around the room she asked me if I wanted a drink. Sat in the lounge she offered me a beer and sat next to me on the couch. "Thanks Rich you really are such a help, I couldn't have done that on my own". After a few minutes she kicked her shoes off and curled her legs under her, I couldn't help noticing her pretty little toes; her legs were quite nice too.

Step-sister Surprise

Henry fumbled for the key. Why had he told his father and stepmother that he'd keep an eye on their house while they were away? After a long day at work, the last thing he wanted to do was drive half an hour out of his way to check in on plants and a spoiled cat. Besides, there was no reason his stepsister couldn't take care of things. Five years younger than Henry, Kirstin was eighteen, more than old enough to take care of the house she still lived in. "She isn't home much," Henry's father had explained when he'd made the house-sitting request. "Between her college classes and her job, she's almost never around. Some nights she doesn't even come home."Surely his father wasn't na?

Watching Little Casey Next Door, Continued

"Oh my gosh, what time is it?" Casey suddenly jumped up, looking for the clock in Dan's room while pulling her t-shirt back down over her breasts. "My parents are gonna call around nine. Darn it!." The clock read 8:50. She jumped up, pulling her skirt down as she ran out of the room, leaving Dan naked on his bed to contemplate what had just happened. About two weeks ago, Casey, the cute little red-headed teddy-bear of a girl, his neighbors' youngest at sixteen, turned inexplicably into a lusty exhibitionist, giving him nightly shows of her masturbating from her bedroom next door.