Straight Male

A Weekend With My Punk Rock Cousin

"Jeanne!!!" I woke from my usual Thursday-afternoon daze. Groggily, I got up from my desk to see what my mother wanted. "Yes?" I called back. "Come down here a minute." Her tone sounded somewhat excited, which woke me up rather quickly. I made my way downstairs and into the living room where my mother and father were sitting on the couch. "We have some good news," said my father. "Let me guess; you just saved a bunch of money on your car insurance by switching to Geico," I snickered. My parents nearly fell off the couch laughing. "Like mother, like daughter," said my mother. "We have that sense of humor."

The Construction Crew

I was surprised to find a 'Road Construction Crew' way out there in the boondocks repairing a small bridge. The flagman held the 'stop sign' facing me so I slowed to a full stop. I must have waited there for two full minutes before he turned the sign and motioned me to the far side of the road and to keep my speed down. As I waited there not one car came toward me. When I started out I could feel every eye on me. It was a warm summer day and my windows were down because my air conditioner was broken. I had on a short light summer dress that was strapless too.

Tale of a Virgin Babysitter

"A freakin' baby sitter?! I'm sixteen!! What the hell?!""Your father and I recognize that, but we'll be gone for almost a week and you wouldn't be able to take care of yourself that long""Well maybe if I had a goddamn license I could.""Well you don't which is why we're getting an able bodied baby sitter to take care of you those five days we'll be gone. This wouldn't have been a problem if you had decided to come along, but you said no. So this is the alternative.""Please don't tell me it's a guy.""We would never be so mean. It's a girl. A young woman. She's a daughter of one of Cindy's friends. She needs the college money.""Fine.

Transferring Movies To DVD

I was enjoying my new VRC to DVD copying machine. I transferred my favorite movies, our home movies, and especially all the sex videos that I had taken of my wife over the years. A month later at a party Marilyn got me away from the crowd to talk. She said that my wife had told her that I was putting my movies of her onto DVDs. I smiled because my wife had told me that Marilyn had expressed quite an interest in it. When she asked me if I had to watch the movie as I recorded it, I told her that I did not. When she asked me if I would watch a video that she gave me to copy I told her that I probably would. She smiled and walked back to the crowd.

First Meeting

It is their first meeting, though they have been chatting online for a while. They are drawn to each other; he is struck by her auburn hair and full figure; she is drawn by his smiling eyes and strong hands. They have dinner and find themselves talking as if they have known each other for their whole lives, their hands touching occasionally, sending thrills of desire through them both. After dinner is finished, he asks if she would like a walk in the gardens behind the restaurant, and holds the door for her as she steps out.

Mark and his Cousin

Mark was angry, he had to spend his saturday at his little cousins birthday party. He knew it was going to be a total drag. the would be nobody his age, just little kids and older women and men. There was one person he was really looking forward to seeing, and that was his cousin Ally. Now Mark was about 6,1' and was in decent shape, and had brown hair and brown eyes. Ally was 22, blonde, short, about 5,3' and had blue eyes. Her tits had to be about a C-cup, and were always stretching against Ally's shirt. Mark arrived at his aunts house, said hello to everybody and then found Ally. She was wearing blue short shorts and a tight white shirt. She looked gorgeous.

Safe Word

In my line of work, I don't get to choose where in the country I want to work. Recently, I was set up to work in a fairly remote area. There were no big cities around, so I had to live in a town of just 500 people. After checking out the two bars, and hanging out at all of the public areas, I did not have any luck picking up a date. So I decided to try a new route. I had not looked into online personal ads before, but after hearing about it from a friend back home I figured I would check it out. I went to Craigslist, and found the nearest "big" city listed. I hoped I didn't have to drive an hour just to get laid, but I had to try something.

The Story of My Relationship with My Stepmom

This story begins in 1984, when I was 6 years old and had just begun second grade. Like so many people of my generation, my parents divorced, and in this case my dad immediately moved in with another woman, Elizabeth (Beth), who he married several years later. As I grew up I learned that he had been cheating on my mother with her, ergo, the divorce. Beth was a trophy wife for my father, 14 years younger than him, when they moved in together after the divorce she was 22 and my dad was 36. My father was/is an architect and Beth worked in the office for the firm he was with. On learning of their relationship, the firm fired them both, and they moved to another city a couple hours away.

My Beautiful Step Mom's Birthday Story

It was my 16th birthday. I wasn't planning on doing much. Just have cake and ice cream. With a few family and friends. My dad had gone to the coast on a fishing trip. It was six o'clock and a few guest were arriving . To my surprise one of my step mom's coworker's and her son showed up he was just a few months older that me and we had been around each other on other outings. He attended a school that we played against in sports. But away from the guys from our schools we got along good. Now let me tell you about his mom Iris. She was a older mature woman not knowing her age I would guess her at around 40 at the time.


I rented the old farmhouse for the summer so that I could become a hermit for three months and write my book. It was perfect. It was out in the middle of nowhere and miles from anyone. The nearest neighbor was at least three miles away. There was electricity, running water, and even a flush toilet. Other than that the place was pretty sparse. There was a fireplace and plenty of wood stacked out back. The best part was no television, no telephone, and no Internet to distract me. I plugged in my computer and started my latest romance novel. My hero was a cowboy set in the late eighteen hundreds, working his farm, and taking care of the ladies on the next farm.