Straight Male

Daytime Friends, Nightime Lovers

PrologueShe wanted to remember. The hookah was a beautiful piece. It stood at 4.5 feet. Dark red... it always was her favorite color. This hookah was her personal prize. It only had one hose, one smoker. She pulled the airtight box from its hiding place and opened the lid. Once released, the heady aroma drifted, tickling her nose. The new batch of bud was a dark green, but the crystals were so thick it turned everything pastel. Breaking it apart just enough to smoke easy, she arranged the weed in the hookah's bowl. Covering everything and arranging the freshly lit charcoals, she lifted the velvet covered hose and took her first drag.

No Name

She smelled him before she saw him. That mix of cologne, stale cigarettes, beer and man-scent. She gasped as his arms went around her waist and she could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck. She had known he would follow her. They made eye contact in the bar; this tall, dark Irishman with the burning eyes. "It's dangerous for a woman to be standing out here alone, at night," he growled in her ear. When she entered Buskers Bar & Boomerang Night Club, after a day at the Dublin Writers Festival, it was filled with boisterous men screaming their support for their favorite team. Large-screen televisions glowed with athletic action.

First Date

"First dates are always an adventure", Terra muttered as she put the finishing touches on her outfit. At 5'6, she wasn't tall or short, and she sure wasn't a skinny girl either. She had packed her double D's into a lacy black bra, which happened to match her panties. A denim, knee length skirt and what she referred to as her black hooker boots, were topped off by a daringly low cut black and white striped blouse. Definately a shirt made for the top heavy. "Well damn, whore!" Leah, her roomate, walked in, lighting up a well rolled joint. "Xavier know what he got himself into?"Terra eyed her roomate.

Little Katie

Katie was sitting in room 298 waiting for someone to come in and do the standard stuff first. The door opens, and in walks a man in his early 20's to take her height, weight, and blood pressure... while he should probably be checking his own as he walks in and sees Katie laying on the hospital bed, legs splayed open displaying her tiny, bald pussy for him to see. "Uh... Hello, I am Mr. Roberts; here to do your normal, uh, check up routine. So if you would please remove your shoes... or, uh, step on the scale so we can take your weight." Katie followed his instructions, standing up and moving over to stand on the scale. He recorded her weight.


"It's strange being on your own," Derby thought. "I could hardly wait to get away from home, away from my asshole parents, my stupid cunt sisters, and my fat shithead brother. Now I'm here. Now what?" Derby was surrounded by a mess of boxes and suitcases in the stark dorm room. Anxious to see what the next four years would bring, he had managed to get his family to bring him to campus as soon as the dorms opened up. He had had several motivations. First, he wanted dibs on what he would decide was the better side of the room. He had exchanged correspondence with his new roommate and had already decided that the kid was a dweeb.

CEO Makes a Business Deal

Jack was the owner of a weapons manufacturer based in the Midwestern United States. He inherited the company from his father at age 28 when his father passed away. Now 34, Jack was firmly entrenched as the CEO and was, for all practical purposes, set for life. At six feet tall and 170 pounds, Jack was not an imposing figure. However, his three piece suits and clean shaven face told the world he was all business. To relieve his stress, Jack flew to Vegas three or four times per year for a couple days.

My Mom the Little Skank

I'm 19 years old and my name is Mike. My mom is 44 and her name is Yelena. She's 5'4 and about 125 pounds, 34C breasts, in pretty good shape and very nice thick ass. She is also an exhibitionist. She is also very easy going and a very sexual person. Mom and I lived alone in a very nice house with a swimming pool. Dad was gone and had left mom a ton of money in the divorce and I had no siblings so me and mom were like two best friends. Mom and I had a great relationship, we talked about anything and since she was so sexual I guess I never found it weird to talk to her about sex or girls or anything at all. It was more like having a female friend around then a mom.

Robert and his wife.

There was something wrong, he could feel it whoever it was who said only women have intuition and gut instincts well they were very wrong, Tilly was never late, never mind two bloody hours late although I mean well she did text to say she was running a little bit late but not two hours and she didn't say why she would be late! He glances around the hotel bar sipping his beer when he notices heads turning towards the entrance he looks around to see what the commotion is, Ahh there she is my princess, She struts over to the bar in her tight black pencil skirt that moulds her perfectly toned bum, she wore a green silk blouse today that showed she was blessed with a large firm 36G chest.

Mom's Masturbation

I was 18, my mother was somewhere in her early 40's. She would never tell me her exact age and to be honest, I was baffled that she was past her 30's. We lived in a house, just the two of us. My father had left when I was younger, but it never phased me or my mom any. My relationship with my mother was an average mother-son relationship. Nothing out of the ordinary really. I would come home from school and play sports or video games, she would come home several hours later from work and would head straight to her room for the night. If I was hungry I would have to make myself something simple to eat and head to bed on my own. Mom always went out with friends on Fridays and Saturdays.

My Wife Took Up Yoga

After our second child my thirty-five-year-old wife complained that it was much harder for her to loose the weight and get her figure back. I just liked her large milk filled breasts. So anyway she joined a yoga class that met twice a week. That meant that I got stuck babysitting. Even though she expressed her mother's milk and put it in bottles for me, it was still a pain in the ass to warm it up and get our new daughter to drink it. The bright spot in all that was watching her get ready to go. It required her to take a bath while I watched and handed her our two-month old daughter to bathe. Then she carefully shaved her pussy.