Straight Male

Gracey and Her Professor

The first day of college started out like any other. Grace sat through class after class, receiving syllabis from her teachers as she introduced herself to her classmates. She was excited though. This was her chance to make a new start, throw aways the past and become someone she wanted to be. The only thing her new fellow classmates would know about her was that she was from Texas and her age was 19. In high school, Grace had been the wild child. In was a front that she had put on, and her fake reputation had made her life hell. She had made good grades, graduated the top of her class, but no one would ever see her as anything other than the class slut, the party girl.

Our Sexual Experience

On getting back to our cabin, we had now somewhat cooled off from the fantastic oral, pissing, anal stimulation and cum swallowing fun. We were a bit tired, but not tired enough to have a shower and change into night clothes and do some relaxation before retiring to bed. My wife (Sandy) excused herself as she wanted to use the bathroom. I switched on the TV and set back awhile to watch some soapy on channel. When about 15 minutes passed I called out to Sandy and asked if she's ok. She replied yes and why don't I get ready so I can join her in the shower.

Woman's College Soccer Star

Lenny hated being such an outcast at school. Fallow State College was nothing like he imagined it would be like. It felt like high school all over again and he once again was the total geek who no one else wanted to talk to. Well except when they needed help with their studies. Lenny was a teacher's aid there while he went to Syracuse University full time. He had a couple of classes he helped with at Fallow during the week to help with his graduate degree. The hardest thing for Lenny was not having the experience of being with a woman. Here he is, 22 years old, on his way to graduate with honors and already being scouted by several Fortune 500 firms and he still's a virgin!

Parting Gesture

In the June when Melanie Johnson was twenty, she moved from the little mining town in western Pennsylvania where she was born to Washington, D.C. The jobs up her way were few and poor, and she hoped that she would be better off there. She was wrong, at least in the short run. The work wasn't all that steady then, with a lot of federal cutbacks throwing everything off. Even so Melanie thought she would have made it, if it weren't for a couple of robberies and her own bad judgement in picking boyfriends. She had not in any sense had much experience with men before she moved to D.C., but she learned a lot in the year she was there. Some of it too late.

The Prud's Slutty Mom

I met one girl, her name was Kristy. She was a virgin and wanted to keep it until she gets married. Of course we had some intimate contacts but all the time she stopped me begging me not to do it. It started to make me stiff, it was so irritating! One day she invited me over to her home to meet her MOM. So I came, having bought some flowers for the mom and candies for my Kristy. When I appeared the door was opened by some fresh hot woman, of 40 - 41, with big, really big boobs and a nice sweet body. She said that Kristy was having a shower at this moment, led me to the hall, asked me to sit down and offered some ice Martini.

Offering a Helping Hand

It was a quiet afternoon in the little town of Concord, Ohio located southeast of Cleveland. Before I get to far let me introduce my self. My name is Mike Getts. I am a 15 year old male who is into sports. I am a very passionate Indians, Browns and Cavaliers fan. I have learned to live with the disappointment of a losing season typical of Cleveland sports. Anyway I am about 6' even blonde hair blue eyes, Italian tan, I weigh 175 lbs, and have an athletic build, pecs, abs, the whole nine yards. I also have a rather large cock to go with my attractive features. It measures at 7 inches when hard and most girls tell me that they enjoy the way it feels in the warm, tight pussies.

Wife Gets A Lesson

I had just transferred in and didn't know a sole at my new high school. I was just starting my English class and was introduced to the class by my teacher, Donna was a blonde, nice tits and with a nice ass. As I asked around, I was told that Donna married some Hispanic guy a year before. Okay class Donna announced, this Keith a new student, please welcome her I am sure I will have fun teaching him and you will help him if you don't mind. Anyways, we got into the last ten minutes of class, Mrs. Gutierrez announced that we had a project due in three days, the assignment was to write about your favorite thing and we could include pictures or drawings to help illustrations.

Night Games

Thud Thud Thud, that was the only sound that hit her ears as she walked through the endless rows of houses in her neighborhood. For some reason, she had so much energy tonight. At 15, she had the body of someone almost ten years older than her age. She stood 5'4" and was dark skinned with black hair, and, coming straight from her house, she was wearing only tight sweat shorts and a tight tank top that showed off her large DDD chest and nice big round ass. It was 11 o'clock at night and it was getting eerie and quiet. She jumped at the tiniest of sounds. Suddenly, she squealed as a hand caught her around the arm and pulled her against a dark old house.

A Special Threesome for Cindy

While we normally confined our sexual activities with Bobby and Ellen Thompson, we occasionally had the opportunity to "free-lance" a bit. One of these occasions occurred when I got a phone call from Dave Gordon, an old army buddy of mine. After I finished my tour in Vietnam, I had the opportunity to be assigned to Germany where I was worked in the S-3 shop in a supply and services battalion... an "S & S" battalion. Shortly after I got there, Dave came into the battalion and took over as the commander of the GS maintenance company and we began our friendship. We met again a few years later when we sat next to each other at the officers' advanced course at Fort Lee.

James Taylor, The beginning

Little did he know that today he would lose his virginity. As soon as he arrived to school he heard a deep voice: his principal. "Mr. Taylor..... Late again? This can't go on anymore Taylor""I'm sorry Sir, I'm really sorry.""It's too late for that. You're going to Detention....the whole day." - He sentenced. He opened the door - "Detention zone" - "Why the hell does this exist..." he though. "Get inside James. This isn't a first so you know the drill, right?" - He said locking the door. He was well familiar with this detention zone.