Straight Male

Part Time Job

I got pregnant the night of my senior prom, because my asshole husband, then boy friend, forgot to buy condoms and didn't tell me he was fucking me bareback, so we got married right after graduation. I had a boy, my husband had gotten a job as a forklift operator, a job he still has, and we never had enough money, big surprise. My asshole husband fought me tooth and nail about me going to work, the old argument, a woman's place is in the home raising the kid. Well that lasted until my son was eight and wanted a computer for Christmas, then I told my husband to go fuck himself, that I was getting a job for Christmas, so we could buy the computer.

College Coed Hooker

My name is Jessica and this story is about one of my many encounters "hooking" to put myself through college. Being a coed prostitute has become rather exciting work and it pays really well too. I've become accustomed to "dating" lots of different guys and I find that the variety keeps the sex really hot. This story is about the time Rob (a friend of mine from school) set me up with some out of town business friends of his. He arranged a gangbang with 5 guys at his house. They wanted "bareback" service, which I normally won't do, but this time I knew that these men were pretty safe and they knew that I was particular who I'd let do me.

Father Terrence

It was early and I would have liked to have slept longer but the light coming through the drapes put a stop to that thought. Then I remembered; it's Monday, time for my parish member visits. I quickly got out of bed, shaved, brushed my teeth and jumped in the shower. As I stepped from the shower I happened to see my reflection in the mirror. I was fifteen years out of high school but I still was in good shape. I had never had a 'six-pack' kind of physique but there was no flab on my 6' 2" frame. A lot of the other priests I associated with added a few pounds every year but I had kept active and still weighed now what I had during high school.

Nancy's First Massage

I own this small massage boutique in a fairly affluent town. I have two girls that work for me and they were getting ready to leave. It was Friday night and I was waiting for my last appointment. It was almost 7:30 when this cute young lady walked in. She was about five foot seven with dark brown hair and a very attractive figure. I looked down at my appointment book asking, "Are you Nancy?" I explained that the girls usually handle the female customers, but unfortunately they had to leave for the evening. So I asked if she was uncomfortable with me giving the massage. She said, "no that's okay," and gave me a little smile. At least that made me feel bit easier.

Making Eleanor

There was no plan at first, no real strategy or tactic to propel my fantasy. There was just an a heavy desire to own and deep-seated understanding of what it would take ... a set of skills and resources that I must possess to make it all work. That's where I focused, for what seemed like an enternity, working endlessly to further myself and aquire those things that I would need. I swirled the scotch in my glass and watched her, smiling at her tight rubber-like dress, and admiring how her ample curves and heavy breasts were tightly contained. I half laughed to myself as she tossed her red hair over her shoulder, dancing with the group of people I knew she had come with.

Kidnapped Sex Slaves

Sara's face was covered in tears and you could see the pained expression on her face. She lay hog-tied on the floor of her home. She had a ring gag in her mouth, keeping it open. She was still dressed. Her arms were yanked up high behind her. Her wrists had been bound tightly, secured with heavy hemp rope. A spreader bar was attached between her knees; it was over three feet long, keeping her open and spread. A rope was attached to each ankle, the other end attached to her bound wrists. The rope had been pulled tight, forcing Sara's body into a tight bow. A rope had been wrapped around her neck using a slipknot.

Sauce for the Goose

It started slowly at first as things usually do. It was just a normal working relationship; not really a relationship at all in the accepted sense of the word but you know how it is, one thing leads to another and that leads somewhere else and before you know it you're on a rollercoaster and life starts to get exciting. I'm a departmental manager for a medium sized comany based in the Midlands. That's a region in the UK for anybody not native to these shores. What do we do? Well, does it matter? No, it doesn't, so I'll preserve our anonymity and keep that a secret. You never know who might be reading this.

James School, The Beggining

"Fuck...I'm late" - James thought to himself. James was 18 years old and he was late to school, again. He somehow turn is lack of punctuality a characteristic of his. But of all things he never thought it would be this that would make him lose is virginity. He got ready as fast as he could, but he was an hour late. His parents were never home due to business trips, so he practically lived alone. When he arrived at his high school he was caught by the principal. "Mr. James..... Again? You know I can´t tolerate this anymore." - He serviced me"I'm sorry Sir, I'm really sorry""Too late for that, detention.... whole day." - He dragged me thru school.

Carmen and I

I'd never seen a person more beautiful. Both on the inside and out. she was the night. Her hair spun of the deepest chocolate falling long down her back. Her eyes a vivid grey, the color of rain clouds. A slim waist and dimpled cheeks. She was my cousins best friend. I had never been attracted to a girl before but she had a radiating energy that a person couldnt help but grab. I'd spent hours with my cousin and his best friend. I'd come to feel a connection with her deeper than friendship. I had to conceal my feelings.

The Armoire

She kept on making him hit her. It wasn't her fault-he knew that. But sometimes, after a few too many, Amy would show up and remind him of how fucked up everything was, just after he'd been able to drink those voices quiet. Afterward, of course, he always felt bad, I mean, since he was so much bigger than her. He never hit her hard, but it still sometimes left a mark. So to make it up to her this time, he promised to buy her an antique, because her damned little snippy-assed sister Rachel kept going on about all the antiques her wussy little boyfriend Scott was buying her.