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Sally's River Gangbang

My wife Sally and I have been active all of our lives. We both enjoy hiking, skiing, swimming, and other outdoor activities. This did not change once we each hit 50. The one thing we did notice was that many of our friends began to slack off on their activities as they got older, particularly the wives. On our various expeditions we would either be accompanied by younger friends or older male friends who had left their wives behind. This was what happened on a canoe trip last year. After careful research, two friends and I chose a section of the Green River where it runs through a particularly scenic canyon in Utah.

Lisa, Jackie & The Headmaster

Lisa and Jackie are in school but have skipped their lesson. Their school uniform is short skirt with knee socks and white blouse shirts, both girls have their long hair in pigtails. The girls are behind a shed smoking when the teacher catches them. "Lisa & Jackie report to the Headmasters Office NOW". The giggling schoolgirls are frogmarched to the Headmasters office, they are laughing and pissing around thinking it is all a joke but the Headmaster is stern and strict and will take no nonsense from naughty schoolgirls. The door knocks and the naughty girls walk in. Sir is sitting behind a big wooden desk dressed in a sharp suit.

What a good time

"I want to suck your cock all sloppy and get it all wet to slip it in my tight pussy," is a text i recieved from my girlfriend one day. Me being a very sexual person i respond to this text with a long description of what i wanted to do to her. "I want you to come here and take off all your clothes. I wanna bend you over and eat your pussy from behind. Licking your pussy up to your sweaty asshole. Fingering your pussy and ass at the same time. Then i want to put my cock in your mouth and fuck your mouth. After that i want to bend you over again and fuck your pussy hard and fast just how you like it as i put my finger in your ass.

My Drought is Over

From the time I started dating, I almost always had a boyfriend until recently. While I did start going out with guys when I was young, I did not lose my virginity until I was almost 18 years old. From the first time I did have sex, I was hooked on it. I loved everything about it. I enjoyed the foreplay leading up to it, but it was the sex that I always craved. I loved going down on my boyfriends and sucking their cocks all the way into my mouth. Through much practice, on my vibrators and the real thing, I even learned how to deep throat so I could get as much dick into me as possible.

Threesome Experience

Kate and I had only been married about a year and a half, but we had always fit together perfectly. We always had an open mind when it came to sex, and we each enjoyed fulfilling each other's fantasies. One such fantasy was the idea of her being with two guys at the same time. We discussed it for more than two months before we decided to try to make it happen. The opportunity finally presented itself after we had hired a local man to do some landscaping around our house. The guy that came to work was about 24 years old and very handsome. As he worked, Kate made small talk with him and even caught him staring at her a time or two.

Strap-on Empowerment

Jill and I were always very open to one another about what turned us on, but there was one thing that I hid from her. I had let one of my previous girlfriends to use a vibrator on me while giving me a blowjob. I guess I was just still unsure if this was ok or if it was something I should keep to myself. I knew one thing, and that was that I did enjoy it. Early on in our relationship we spent a good deal of time talking online and on the phone. It was in one of the conversations that the topic of vibrators and dildos got brought up. I can't remember now who brought it up, but it was most likely me. I was always interested in sex and thought about it a lot.

Housewife Dreams Ch. 2

She quickly removed her shirt, pants and thong. He pulled her down next to him on the couch. "This is mine," he said, pulling on her nipple. "And this and this," as he spread her legs, touching her clit, pushing a finger into her cunt. "And this," he poked a finger at her asshole. "All mine." He turned the T.V. off. "Spread yourself to me. Play with everything that is mine. Show me how to play with my toy."She spread her legs and brought her hand down between them. She spread her lips, exposing her clit and cunt. Fingering her clit, flicking and rubbing, she slid her fingers into herself. With her other hand she pulled and squeezed her tits. Her moans increased as her excitement grew.

Housewife Dreams Ch. 1

"Viagra," she snorted. "What a load of shit. Men have no problem getting horny and wanting it. They should make something for women. Something that will put me in the mood all the time like you want." She tossed the paper on the table. He glanced at her and smiled. "You're always saying that. I'm sorry I love you so much. That I want you so much. If they did come up with something, would you take it?""Just once in a while. If I gave it back to you like you seem to want it, you couldn't take it."He smiled again. "Well tonight's our night, as agreed, right? Every Friday? So wear what I've asked, and pretend you're interested, okay?

Strangers in the Night

Its late evening and slut has gone to bed early, she is feeling wet and frustrated, the house is empty for a few hours. You are lying in bed with just a nightie on and a small pair of sexy knickers. The the covers are off as it is hot and you are lying on your back with legs slightly apart in a very seductive way. You have fallen asleep as you are dreaming dirty things when you are awoken by a noise, you just have time to open your eyes before you feel a hand on your mouth. Unable to scream you are pinned to the bed by a masked man who is on top of you dressed in a black suit and wearing very strong but sexy aftershave. He pins you down putting his weight right on top on you.

boss and slut go to the swingers club

The door of the swingers club opens and we walk downstairs into a dimly lit room where a olive skinned woman with long black hair in her mid 40s dressed in stocking, suspenders, heels and a basque greets us. She is about a size 16 and has large breasts spilling out of her basque top. She looks us up and down very suggestively and she is flirting with us both. You are dressed in killer black heels a short shirt with stockings and suspenders underneath.