Straight Male

Interactions With The Neighbours: Part 3

Zack and I wake at the same time, his morning hard on pushing firmly against my stomach. My hand goes to it and I slowly jerk him off, he responds by trying to pleasure me. I stop him and make it clear that would have to wait until tomorrow, today my body belongs to Stacy. He leans back and enjoys the sensation between his legs; he orgasms hard and the cum trickles down my stomach and over my pussy. We meet Stacy in the shower and I notice that she was appraising the bite marks on Zack's body. I smile at her and bare my teeth. We take a light breakfast then make our way to the garage. It houses my pride and joy, a double sybian.

Going solo but not alone.

Woody Allen quote: "Don't knock masturbation; it's sex with someone I love" has a deep resonance with me. I am Katie LaSalle and I am studying Social Anthropology at Uni. It is fair to say that I am addicted to sex and have been so for a long time. I enjoy fucking boys and girls or if the opportunity arises both at the same time. However nothing beats making love to myself. Anything from a quick wank in the toilet to a long ride on my Sybian. Saturday is a special day for me. I make quick visit to the hairdresser and the local shops to buy any supplies I need, then the rest of the day is for myself. Twelve long hours of me time.

Interactions with the neighbours: Part 2

I have already mentioned, I inherited my house from my Uncle, along with his extensive library of erotic literature and his 'Cabinet of Curiosities' a true sadists delight. Zack and Stacy, who live one house along have already savoured what I have to offer. Once is never enough and they have pestering me to allow them to try out my hobby room. I must admit I am excited as they are by the prospect. The opportunity has finally arisen. Their mother is going away on five-day conference. Being sixteen and Seventeen respectively she considers Zack and Stacy to be old enough to be left on their own. In fact they will be staying with me for seventy-two hours. We have been planning for a week now.

Summer's Dawn

These days it is not uncommon for women in their late thirties to have children that are in early twenties. Malachi had met such a woman, Summer. They had met online, on one of the popular 'networking' sites. They hit off pretty quickly, conversing online via messenger and email for about a week before they had exchanged phone numbers. They got along very well and despite coming from different backgrounds, they had tons in common; from the music they both enjoyed, to the places they had both lived, and a shared sense of core values. Summer had come from a wealthy background, her father was Fortune 500 CEO at a telecommunication corporation, and her mother was a feared and respected corporate...

Interaction With The Neighbours: Part1

I consider myself to be a very fortunate person; at the age of nineteen I own my own house. I inherited from my Uncle, along with an extensive library of erotic literature (most of it is simply porn) and what is probably one of the largest private collections of implements designed to cause pain. It is a nice house too, detached with three bedrooms, a living room, a dinning room and a kitchen to die for. It also has a good size study, which I have converted into a hobby room, you will find at more about my hobbies later. The garden is a dream and I spend hours in it. Mainly indulging in nude sunbathing. By the way my name is Suzie.

Holidaying with a school friend: Part 1

It was the last day of the summer term and I was full of the holiday spirit. In less than a weeks time parents and I were off to the Caribbean for a two-week break. For the last few days I have been talking about nothing else. Friend in my form must of getting fed up with me; I am sure Cora was and told me as much.

Part of a Cindy evening

One of my earlier stories is about Cindy's first visit to a party house, and mine. In the thrill of writing it and getting close to the end of the evening, I rushed to finish it, leaving out a very interesting part of the story. Without rehashing too much of the story but setting the stage, Cindy and I had gone to a party house in spite of my objections and a long list of rules basically designed to stop Cindy from doing all the things she did anyway. Surprisingly, instead of being upset, I ended up having the best time of my sexual life. Fast forward to the part where I find Cindy lying in the center play area of the party room, and I lay beside her naked body.

Training Sasha

Her name was Sasha. She had joined the firm recently and I soon had the hots on her. She was short, hardly coming to my shoulder. Her face was good looking rather than beautiful. It had too much personality for it to be really feminine. She had small straight hair that was mostly pulled back in a ponytail. Her usual dress was tight jeans that showed off her firm muscled thighs, loose open neck t-shirt that gave enticing glimpses of her smooth shoulders and golden hoops on her ears. She had small firm boobs but big wide buttocks. Whenever she bend down I could see a black spot in the cleavage between her breasts and I badly wanted to touch the spot.

Holiday Romance

My name is Nicole and I live on a houseboat with my parents and my Brother Alex. Our family is naturist in inclination and we spend as much time naked as we can. Alex has one of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen, blond with jade green eyes and a sharp angular face. His torso is sun bronzed and toned to perfection, he has such a cute pert bum. He has a cock to die for, long, cut and of considerable length, it dribbles pre cum when ever he is sexually excited, which happens to be most of the time.

One summer week Part 2

I had taken a rented apartment in the flat. Bang opposite was a newly divorced lady Mia. She was petite and effervescent. Although for the time being her cheeriness was in abeyance because she was going through a bitter divorce. She was not beautiful in the classical sense, but was cute and it was her character that made her look prettier than she was. She had flesh in the right places and with her big boobs, wide hips, rounded ass, soft plump thighs she was very desirable to a bachelor like me.