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Well, this is it! I finally convinced Sue that a threesome would be fun & exciting! We decided to go out of town and find a good night spot, close to a hotel, with a young crowd. We found a hotel with a great sounding night club about 100 miles from home and checked in. After we got into our room, Sue started getting ready for the evening. She put on her black garter and panties set, a knee length skirt with a slit up one side, a tight fitting sweater, no bra and a pair of spiked heels. She looked great! We headed down to the club, and I couldn't help feel a sense of pride and excitement at the looks she was getting from guys we passed on the way.

Three On Julie

Before I start, I think I should give a brief description of my wife, Julie. She's 26, stands a slim 5'3" 105lbs with flaming long red hair (a true redhead I might add!), blue eyes, and a set of pouting red lips made for cock sucking. She also has a nice firm pair of 38B's that are just asking to be sucked and squeezed. Her bottom half is even better, measuring at a lovely 36 inches with a pussy that is meticulously trimmed to expose her soft and tender cunt lips. Julie also enjoys giving head and getting fucked doggy style. My wife can be quite submissive at times too. One of my fantasies is to watch my wife serve more than one man at once.

Jeff and his Daughter part 2

Jeff looked a little surprised but it only slowed his fucking by a little bit. "Expecting some one?" He asked? "Oh yea dad, Caitlyn said her dad had that thing you need done, and was going to bring it by today." Jessica breathed in between Jeff's thrusts into her love slot. "Should we move some where more private?" Jeff asked. "No, Caitlyn's cool. If your lucky maybe she'll join you." I said putting the camera down and walking to the kitchen to answer the door. Caitlyn had what we had been waiting for. Her dad, Mark, had been editing the photos and video for maximum effect and sent his 22 year old daughter to deliver it.

My First Sexual Experiences

I grew up in a small village. When I was [redacted] and entering puberty, a male friend told me and my brother [redacted] all about sex. He was [redacted] and much more experienced than us. One day he took us into the woods and showed us how to masturbate. I had been waking up lately with erections and wet dreams. I was confused as to what was happening to me and what to do about it, so I found myself eagerly following my friend's lead. Soon I was stroking with him and before long felt my first self induced cum load rising to the surface. I didn't quite realize what was happening but it felt so good, I couldn't stop.

Jeff and his daughter Part one

"Mmm, that's it baby" Jeff moaned as I took a seat next to him on the couch. He looked over at me a little bewildered. This was the second weekend my daughter Jessica had greeted him with a blow job in my living room. Even my wife had blown him a couple of weeks back, but both times I had left the room and given them a little privacy, but here I was one cushion away from him. His golf pants around his ankles while my naked 18 year old daughter sucked his middle age dick. "There's something I want to show you Jeff" I explained. "She doesn't have to stop does she?" Jeff asked. "No, your fine, enjoy" I said with a smile.

Making Mom my Sex Slave,and intrducing her to gangbanging,part 2 introducing mom to female bisexuality

As you read and know mom is my sex slave,I fuck when I want and where,given a gangbang with a few friends,gave her others but will write about that later,now that I had guys fuck her I wanted to try something different,she is anti gay bi tv tg and cd,which bothers me I am not gay or bi but friends that are a little of everything I mentioned, sooo, I figured it was time to introduce her to bi life and I just the female for it.

Company Picnic

My name is Jessica, just to give you a little idea of who I am, I love sex, I love to flirt and tease but most of all love a good fucking. I guess I've always been a bit of a slut but last summer I really embraced the idea of just enjoying it as much as I could. I'm 5'5 116lbs sandy brown hair, my breasts are a perky 34b, I have a flat abs and keep my pussy neatly trimmed and every one says I have a great ass and I tan really nice. Last summer I had just turned 18 and my birthday was about the same time as my dad's company picnic at a local park. He employs about 75 people so it's usually a pretty good party with every one and their family's playing games and drinking.

Piss Sisters vs Delivery Boy

We played a game last Saturday night that I like to call "Piss Sisters vs. Delivery Boy." There was a bit of pre-season action, but I started keeping formal score when my doorbell rang. This is how the game started:When the doorbell rang I had three fingers up my twin sister Mandy's cunt and my tongue pressed hard against her clit. So you can guess how we'd been warming up. We were both wearing big floppy T-shirts and loose jogging shorts with plenty of access. I left Mandy's shorts rucked up and pulled to one side so that her pussy was lewdly displayed. She started to toy with her clit lazily as I got up.

Cindy learns to perform a blow job

Cindy and I were each other's first fucks. And for years, I was under the illusion that she had given me her first blow job. An illusion that had disappeared in one of those "Oh by the way" chit chats, initially lubricated by wine. The initial story was of one of those mid teen experiments, with few details even though I had suspected a much more interesting story. I was right. I remember when I started dating her, I had found a drawing of a male nude she had made and folded into a book. She was not an artist. The man was laying down, on his back, he didn't even have a head, but he did have a penis. The curve was right, and raised only slightly above the belly.

Wife on the way

On the way to work there was this particular house that I had always noticed. Firstly, because of the fact that although it was beautiful it looked a forlorn, lonely house. It was off the road, quite a bit away from nearby houses. Secondly, because the beautiful lady of the house kept staring at me whenever I went that way. The lovely lady also looked quite lonely. At that point I was looking for a place to stay, as a paying guest. But did not think of that house since I assumed that a single lady would not let out a portion for anybody. Then one of my colleagues mentioned to me that she had a husband and he did take in paying guests. So I decided to go and meet him.