Straight Male

Hot Tub Kara

Wow, there stood Kara in a black mini skirt, white blouse and flats. I don't think she heard me enter the room. I slowly walk up behind her and ever so gently put my hands on the side of both her shoulders. At first she flinches because I startled her...but quickly realizes that it was me that came up from behind. Now a huge smile comes over her face as she continues to stand there with her back to me. She tilts her head slowly forward and reaches behind her head to pull her long brown hair to one side. Kara knows what is about to come as now she tilts her head to the right and I lean forward to lightly kiss her neck. A jolt of electricity fires into my lips and through my body when I touch her skin.

The Learning Curve

The summer was ending and once again Rob had to get ready to get back to work. This year would be different, Rob had become the Headmaster of a local prep school and he was looking forward to that atmosphere after 10 long years in the public school system. All administrators had to report a week before the students. Rob got to the office early, wanting to make it his own and meet and greet his staff. He had a morning meeting and headed back to his office. Within the hour a woman walked in the door declaring that she was his executive assistant. He seemed to become immediately attracted to her, but he soon got work back on his mind.

Ladies' Hostel I

Although I was poor in studies what I lacked in education I always made up through physical activities and enthusiasm. But during recession that may not work out as I found out to my disgust. I lost my well paying job in the sports good manufacturing concern and soon despair replaced disgust as I lost out on more 'qualified' candidates for job interviews. Now this job was for a security person in a hostel of a ladies' college. It was a job for which I definitely should have an advantage through my 6 ft plus physique that included broad shoulders, a six pack stomach and muscular limbs.

Meeting Kara

My Saturday started out like a normal Saturday. Doing the weekly things around the house....laundry, yard work, tidying up. I was hoping to have a quiet afternoon of watching some college football. I was not going to go hang out with my buddies at Buffalo Wild Wings this Saturday nor was planning on having anyone over. I was needing a break from the bar scene and the women that I meet in the bar. It was just going to be 'my' time. That was, until, my TV decided to break down during the late games that afternoon. Luckily, none of the games were of too big of interest for me but I was looking forward to the prime time game that night. Now my plans had to change.

Kara gets Pregnant

It was a good thing my husband liked tanlines. I loved to sunbathe in the nude, but I could hardly take off my bikini in front of our neighbours' son. As I basked in the sun Nicky turned the lawnmower around, and I stole a glance of his tight behind. I noticed his body was beginning to develop, and admired his athletic build. He was quite tall for his age. With ease he turned towards me again, and his front came into view. As my eyes were drawn to the nice bulge in his pants, I felt my breasts swell, and a pleasant heat shot through my nipples as they stiffened under my top. " get a grip, Kara!" I thought blushing " He's the boy next door for goodness sake!"What was the matter with me?

The Angel's Gown

There was absolutely nothing good on television that night as Gary flipped through the channels. He felt just as worthless as his infamous cable provider after having been laid off of work for the second time that year. He felt even more worthless for he was sure his wife of five years was cheating on him. She has continually been coming home later and later from the office, and while she claimed it has just been a busy month which called for late hours at work, but he knew better. He had heard the whispers on the phone and watched her outfits to work become more and more revealing.

A raw sex experience

This story happened some years back. I was working as freelance network developer in a Southern Indian City. It was through one of my friends, I reached that City, 200 kilometers away from my home town. Soon I got lot of job offers there and I became comfortable there professionally. Foreseeing chances to have professional advantages, I deeded to stay in that city for long as a freelancer.

Mom got hers now Sis turn

Been using mom for a while and one day it just dawned on me sis should get a good gangbang,why should mom have all the fun,I called a few of my friends,actually 5 of them and me total of 6 anyway they dated sis one time or another,and was dumped by her,they were all in,and talk about timming sis had called and wanted to come out for the weekend,great I set my bedroom up,tieing 4 ties to each bedpost and tucking them out of site,had 1 of the guys pick up the other 4 and park his car out of site.

HAving fun with Moms Ass

Like I,ve said been fucking mom for a while,solo friends gangbangs etc,love using and abusing her and she accepts it,anywayone afternoon wanted to something wild and crazy with her,called one of my friends over that fucked her with me and told him wanted to get crazy with her,then it dawned on me mom has a great ass lets see what we can shove up there,oicked up a bunch of things,called her come over now!!!

19 Years Old

Was it really almost 20 yrs ago? Doesn't seem like it? I can remember. Nineteen years old and still a virgin. Now that's something you don't want to get around to the rest of your shipmates. But hey, I was a little drunk and looking for sympathy when the subject of "last piece" came up. I was only temporarily assigned to the ship and wasn't really part of the group. They let me tag along sometimes and that's why I was there when the subject came up. So I told them I was a virgin. Got LOTS of sympathy. I'm just glad it was a small bar. I didn't have a lot of laughter to run through getting out of the place. It was about three weeks later when Bill came up to me on a Saturday night and asked if...