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the evil kingdom the golden king

AHAHAA AHAHA FUCKKKKK a beautiful curly hair blonde cries out she the new queen off the golden kingdom her cries of joy fill the room the golden king is laying their grabbing her huge tits two elf guards are standing guard at the foot of the bed the golden queen is again trying to get pregnant and success she glows a golden light erupts from her as she cry out myyy loooooorrrrdddd aahaAHAHAHA she roll to his left side and kisses the golden king their my lord are new child.

evil kingdom demon night

female guards and June head to the near by moutons the dragon was wait when they arrived well u came back goood he says June says aswe agree it's a deal the dragon says come and get me when ur ready she leaves the first guard 1 come into the cave well ur big she looking at him to big I'm not fuck u like that silly girl che change shape I can take any form I chose the trun him self in a big muscle bound black guy well that better she says take he clothes off the others come in and deos they same he lays down on his...

evil kingdom 2

BACK AT THE RIUNN CASTLE PRINCESS is have a meeting a new queen is their with her twins and step daughters now how to increase our power dark night walks in I know how the female generals turn to her their an black dragon the last of his race he young and has no mate he agreed to help us but we need to bare his offspring and as u see I have a bun in my oven I need a few of our warriors to go to him tonight he wants 4 now 6 when the papers are done and three a mouth till the war is over or he is killed that his deal fine princess say I send a few and princess looks up at her.

the evil kingdum


dragon boy the hot tub

It's been a few weeks sent his last score he already feed for the years to come now his eggs are hatch and are sent away or killed by the knights is still feels safe in his location no sign of trouble yet he been hie low to hide his scent and it work but his sister as all readt change her host body and is in hiding he in the tub when may the girl next store cum in hi john she wearing a black bikini she clims in and goes over to him she kiss him ass he feels her ass just as they start making out his mom walks in and say glad ur making friends...

dragon boy the witches

The night began he at the were house sorry about ur mom he take the pills I made for he said to bitch 1 she she felt like she was never going to be sad again wow there wonderful good he said here some money he handed her a brown lunch bag if was full of cash now ur paid for awhile go enjoy ur time off be back in to week and bring ur sister to u know the drill ok she leaves his true sister calls hi bro lisen peacefully tonight I found 2 more brings ur total to 6 I now u like a lot when ur fucking just 6 tonight ok hey a few of the want some tattoos u can help them right yes john say alright she have fun love and kiss by john

Cindy meets her net friends

The net is a 10 lane information superhighway. To the right, 9 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic towards: "Sex and porn." To the left, one lane with only a couple of cars on it says: "Education and scientific research." Cindy and I were mostly in the traffic jam on the right. On the net, we found more couples and singles in minutes to meet for sexual encounters, than we could in a year in clubs and bars. You could have three or four party circuits going on at the same time. One for couples only, another a free for all of singles and couples with few or no rules.

Cindy goes nude

When life with someone like Cindy is as sexually charged as can be, a little public nudity is not exactly unexpected. A lot of folks think that public nudity, even with a bunch of "good friends" leads to sexual contact. First a little innocent touching, then a little less than innocent touching until sooner or later it explodes into a full fuckand suckfest. It did for us. It started at a friend's pool party. The pool was quite private, hedges and fences hid most chances a neighbor or passerby would have of seeing a bare butt or more. Although I would suspect any reasonable neighbor would not have let all that fun going on without taking a peak, I would have.

Ride 'Em Cowgirl

Sam and I had been living in Wyoming for over ten years now and I getting more lonely than I had expected. You would think it would be fun being surrounded by men, but that isn't the case. Our sheep ranch was large and much of the time was spent alone. I missed having another woman to talk with. Ever since our cook, Kim, got pregnant and left I've not only been burdened with more work, but I'm isolated again, wishing I could at least see more of my husband. Today, I got tired of it and put an ad on our website:Wanted: Experienced ranch cookLooking for a female cook that is a self-starter.

Monogamy in Peril

In the two years before we married, we both played around. She, a lot more than I. I was OK with it and even learned to let her stories of sexual adventures turn me on. But now in our marriage we meant to be monogamous, and for the first few years we were. But, Cindy was very cute, sexy, in her late 20s, and really loved cock. She had tits and a clit surrounded by thick plush pussy lips that just wanted to be played with. I must admit that I could be a bit adventurous myself, not bad looking, and I loved pussy and loved a set of lips on my cock as well. We both felt the call of adventure and hung around a crowd that was sexually charged.