Straight Male

Betting Kara

This is the third story in the Kara series....following 'Meeting Kara' and 'Hot Tub Kara' I have been seeing Kara for several weeks now. I am a 41 year old male and Kara is a 19 year old college student I had met while buying a TV. I don't want to say that it has been an all sexual relationship, but we have enjoyed each other sexually. I also believe that we have connected on an emotional level. We have enjoyed each other's company, both believing each other is fun to be around.

the bet

The day was hot Jill was in the pool look out in the Nabors yard watching a young hot teen male named brad play foot ball with his friends she look over at Tina who the new hot guy she says that's brad he so not ur type. Why that she says. He real church fanatic if u what I mean he try's to convert even girl into a nun. Hey marry a young hot black girl says I have an I deal u should ask him out with that Tina and Marry were laughing Kim join them a hot tall black hair girl who tits and big and fake sounds like Jill has a crush. Ok Jill says I get him to fuck me tonight want to make a bet. Fine all the girls says but not just u all of us.

The 20th Hole

Knock - knock - knock. The brass knocker on Steve Matthews' front door made its particular sound of metal through oak to announce a visitor. Steve ambled toward the front door, dressed in nylon jogging shorts and an old t-shirt, typical for him on a Saturday morning following an early round of golf. As he crossed into the entry, he thought, 'I wonder who could be here at this hour? Probably a kid soliciting for the Band or PeeWee football.'As he opened the door, his eyes were directed downward toward the face of the child he expected to see.

My First Time

This is the story of my first sexual experience, it's true. Although things didn't work out for a permanent relationship, I will always remember my first lover. She has lots of friends, some perhaps reading this group, and I'd hate to embarrass her. For this reason, her name has been changed and geographic details have been obscured. The conversations are, of course, synthesized (I wasn't taking notes at the time) but are as I remember them. I've included plenty of graphic detail to get you stiff or wet, but the pedophiles might as well go on to the next posting because *this* story is about losing my virginity at age 30. I don't know why, exactly, I waited so long.

Our First Swing

Before I start you have to understand that neither my husband nor I had any intention or even conversation about swinging before this vacation. We've been married now for 10 years and have two kids. As most couples with kids and jobs after a family vacation there wasn't much time or money left over for just a couples retreat this year so we hadn't planned on any good, one on one time for us. Our neighbors of 5 years Peter and Tina were in the same situation as we were with two kids and a somewhat limited budget. Peter, Tina, Manny and I has gotten pretty close over the years, with kids same age and living next door we had enjoyed each other's company for barbeques, dinners out, movies etc.

First Time In The South - 2

Soon after the 'slave inspection' I returned to my chamber - George had very sensibly suggested that I should take some rest after my journey. He told me that he'd have me woken in time for dinner. Though tired I had difficulty resting immediately: the afternoon's adventure replayed in my mind and I confess I was obliged to bring myself to relief before sleep could be thought of. I awoke to a soft female voice gently urging 'Massa, Massa, please wake up suh... is you awake?' I looked up at the girl standing at the foot of my bed. Outfitted in a blue maid's dress she was another young beauty, lighter skinned than Naomi with a rounded yet slender form.

First Mate

It was so unfair; my first long space voyage as First Mate after my promotion and I had to draw Captain Walters as commanding officer. Ethyl Walters, the tough-as-nails commanding officer of the "Venture." had a reputation as being demanding. As the first woman ever to captain a Federation frigate, she had a lot to prove. But she had been proving it for the last fifteen years by making the lives of the men who served with her miserable. To make matters worse, Captain Walters turned out to be a very good-looking woman. Although she was ten or fifteen years older than I was, she had a firm, youthful body and once we were underway, she didn't mind showing it.

Her First Gang Bang

A new wife makes a bet, and everyone expects her to honor it, including her husband."Touchdown!! East Tech scores again! The extra point makes it 35-3 over North Ivy U as the first half comes to a close"The crowd in Sheila and Tom's living room started looking for bright spots, but things looked miserable for the home team."They can do it, Wilson can put points on the board in a hurry.... The calls just haven't been going our way, that'll even out.... A couple of those scores were just plain lucky!"Melissa, Sheila's younger sister, was visiting for the weekend. Melissa had her new husband with her, and since they had both recently graduated from ET, they were eating this up.

Her First Gang Bang

A couple of young ladies are asked to pay the price for transportation. Becky was scared, and shocked, and very pissed off. "What's the answer? Your friend looks like she's already decided."Yea, Ramona was a stupid slut. She was staggering back to the van with one guy when another met them and simply escorted her back to the bushes. Becky doubted her friend had figured out she was going to be pulling a train before it was all over. And if these guys had their way, so would she. "Willie, you can't be serious.

Her First Gang Bang

A married woman parties with her new co-workers. Is she hearing things, or is her husband directing the action? "Are you sure you don't mind?" Billy could tell Cindy was anxious for his approval, but really wanted to go out and celebrate with her new coworkers. She had just started back to work three weeks ago, and was enjoying the opportunity to have 'grown up' conversations that didn't consist of 'guess what the kids did lately'. "Sweetheart. Go." Billy replied, "Just be sure to get a pretty new outfit with the bonus." Cindy was diligently building a 'go to work' wardrobe, and Billy was willing to give her just about any excuse to add to it.