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That night....

I wore my hair up that night. It is my favorite. The smallest breeze would caress my neck and my nipples immediately respond. My secret erotic spot. Soft curls tickle my skin. A new lotion has my tanned skin glimmering and it's scent is soft and romantic. It's going to be an interesting evening. Even if only I sense it. We have all been friends for a long time. New people come and go but there is a core group that has remained. I hadn't gotten to know some who where mingling around the yard yet but the atmosphere was certainly conducive to making new friends. Was it just her? He's here. I can feel him. As I continue talking with friends, my eyes begin to wander. Searching for that face.

A Kinky Game

The car pulled over onto the makeshift gravel car-park that lead to a public footpath into the the woodlands that was a popular spot for a lunchtime walk. Lucy and Tim got out of the car and hand in hand followed the footpath into the wooded area. There seemed to be quite a few people around and Tim politely nodded and smiled as a couple riding their bicycles slowly passed by. The footpath wasn't very long and soon they reached the other side of the woodland. The trail opened on to a larger car-park and recreational area. A small ice-cream and coffee shop was open. Lucy found an outside table while Tim went to get some refreshments and joined Lucy. They just sat there people watching and tak...

Alice in Waterland

I slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom, desperate for a pee. As I stood naked in front of the bowl idly watching a the golden stream hit the water, Angela crept up behind me, reached round and took hold of my cock, directing the stream around the bowl and giggling. This and the soft warmth of her breasts against my back started giving me an erection and soon the stream was going all over the place as my cock pointed skywards.

Alice Submits

Alice worked for the department store for several years. Recently she witnessed several changes. The corporate executives brought in new managers to increase sales. Mr. Jake Benton was assigned to the store where Alice worked. When Mr. Benton spoke to the group where Alice worked he stressed that there would be lay-offs and poor performance would be grounds for termination. Alice remembered how large Jake Benton looked. He was black, over six feet tall and appeared extremely muscular. He dressed very sharp and his deep voice intimidated Alice. At first Alice was worried about her job.

The Taking of Ali

Mike sat on the sofa in Ali's apartment. He looked at the clock. 5:45. Good. She would be home soon. In anticipation, Mike undressed. His 9-inch cock was already beginning to harden. Soon, he heard her car in the parking lot. Ali put her key in the lock and opened the door, step ping inside. She closed the door behind her and entered the living room. She saw a pile of clothing on the floor. It looked like man's clothes. After a moment of confusion, Ali's jaw dropped as she realized "Someone's in my house!"Ali turned for the door, but Mike stood before her. Ali couldn't believe the site of him. He towered over her, his shoulders broad and chest full and wide.

Alexandra's New Practice

Dr. Alexandra Prince looked up from the pages of pink and yellow forms, intensely frustrated. She was not frustrated by any inability to make sense of the complex lab report, for she was a good, indeed, a brilliant doctor. Rather, Alexandra was frustrated on a much more basic level, as a woman. John, the young hunk she had living with her, the man who had been keeping her gears oiled regularly for the last year or so, had been called out of town. Consequently, Alexandra had been making do with her vibrator for several days. It wasn't the same! She needed a real prick in her bad and she felt it.

Syndee Gets Serviced

Laren was the guy who worked for a service company and came to service our business. We have always flirted and had some fun but nothing really happened till one day he cornered me at work and kissed me. I wanted to so it was easy to put myself in that situation. We began to see each other and have even more fun. Later I told my husband that he was servicing me on the side. Not that he minded, but I know he likes to see me being fucked by other guys. I wanted to tell him of the first time we got together so I told about him about how Laren had called and wanted to come over a couple of times this week. I told him how I agreed today and met him wearing a see-thru shirt, a thong and jeans.

Jeff's Daughter The final Chapter

Part IVHeather got on her knees in front of the group as the first man on the end started to speak into the camera. "Hey Jeff, my names Mark and if everything has gone as planned you've been fucking my daughter Caitlyn today. I'm sure you've enjoyed her, and now I'm going to enjoy fucking your daughter. We're all going to enjoy fucking your daughter."The camera pans down to show Heather bobbing up and down on marks cock. "Hey buddy." I said to Jeff. "Have a seat on the couch and enjoy the show, Jessica's ass isn't going any where.""Huh? What?" Jeff said in a dazed slur. "The Couch, Caitlyn got us a couple more beers." I said. "Yea..the couch.

Seductive Domination

I saw you watching me in the library, so I quickly moved to another aisle and opened a large book in front of my face, but when I checked to see where you were, you were gone, had disappeared. I returned my attention to reading and browsing, thinking nothing more of it than, "Just my imagination."I moved to the back of the room to peruse the magazine rack and suddenly you were here, standing right here in front of me! You tear the magazine from my grip, toss it onto a shelf, bend me backwards, and kiss me hard. Even in my panic, I realize that I am letting you part my lips, letting you slowly, seductively, wrap your tongue around mine; seeking, deepening, demanding, and drawing me out.

Sis Please,s Tasha then both of us and gets gangbang by some big black cock

It was a friday night and things were set for sis to please tasha me and then get gangbang from some big black cock,tash had shown up early she looked hot in her tight jeans and tight blouse wanted to fuck her then but I felt it might cheapen the thrill of sis pleasing her,so we waited for sis to show,she came about an hour later,and told her to strip naked and get into bed she was going to please tash then me she begged plese no told no either get undress or we,ll do it for you she did,tash got nake and got into bed told sis start pleasing her,she said please no,I smacked her ass,told her we,ll spank you,and see if you change your mind I want first