Straight Male

The Palace of Wisdom

" The Palace of Wisdom"John Morrison's nude body lay on the shower room floor. Last man standing matches were the worst as far what they take out of you and this one tonight had been particular brutal. All he really cared right now was getting the bumps and bruises enough under control so he could make it back to the hotel suite. With all four shower jets pointed his way and the temperature up almost scalding , it was starting to loosen him up. His mind was drifting when he could hear female voices in the background . " just going to grab a quick shower and I'll meet you back at the Hotel" yelled Melina Perez as she stepped into the shower room wrapped only in a large towel.

The Dog and I

I woke one morning with the urge for a good pounding, as I did a lot of mornings before. My pussy always seemed to want attention, so I grabbed my vibrator, wanting a quick climax before getting myself ready for work. I played with my clit as I reached for my toy, always having it near me for this reason. My vagina was already dipping wet, as I slid the vibrator inside of my opening. It felt so good, it never failed to amaze me, yet today I was hornier than I had been in weeks. It slid so easily in my hole, I pumped myself until I climaxed. Shaking as I tried to lie still on the bed letting the waves of pleasure race though my body. I felt my dog rocky at the end of my bed waiting for his br...

Creamy Trails

It was late July when Maximus first caught his dirty slut of a girl friend cheating on him with her best friend Sidney. The memories of that night still haunted him. When he came home that Sunday Night only to hear what he thought was kissing in his living room, he peered through a gap though the door that was slightly left ajar, then he saw the love of his life Carrie fully naked suckling on Sidneys Tight Vagina, Eating her like a Juicy steak whilst fingering her dribbly wet ass. This was too much for Maximus he wanted Carrie and Sidney all to himself, He didnt want to share their wet pussies with anyone, Not even between the two Best friends.

Believing Her Bullshit

Guys, you think you have had more sexual partners than your lady, certainly no fewer. If you have a seven inch cock or bigger, you are sure she has had none bigger. If you have six inches or less, you truly believe that size doen't matter. You've heard the stories that start with: "I've never done that before." or: "I've only done that once before." Or, "No, we never did, we were just good friends." Come on, be honest, you know it's bullshit You believe this because this is exactly what she has told you. That's what Cindy told me.

The Game

My day started off like all the others, cleaning and doing laundry. My boredom was really starting to drive me insane. I had today off work, while my boyfriend was gone. Nothing to do, not even any hot action between our sheets. My pussy ached with the normal need for attention. I could always use my jack rabbit like I did for just these occasions, but I wanted a real dick. I could already feel the hot, thick, smooth cock as it slid inside my tight opening. But, I knew that would have to wait. I only had a few hours to go, so I decided to play some solitary. A couple of hours went by and I heard my boyfriend's car pull in the driveway. My pussy screamed for him to take it.

Watching my wife impregnated by another man

It had always been my fantasy to see my wife fucked by another man, but I never thought it would ever happen, as until now I thought my wife was a one man woman, how wrong can a person be.It was a Friday night, Friday being the night my wife and I go our separate ways, she goes out with her friends and me with mine. I always go out with three ex work colleagues we have a laugh, chat up a few women, it never goes any further than this and always the worse for wear at the end of the evening, we go our separate ways, but this evening was different.One of my mates Jim, who usually takes a taxi home, was having trouble getting one. My other mates live some distance away and in the opposite direct...

My brother and I

I had woken up to find my mother and step father gone to work; this was always a normal thing at my house. It was always just me and my brother at home. We never really got along, until one day. My mom had just got in from work, carrying a beautiful kitten. I was in awe at the sight of it. My brother and I really loved animals, it was the one thing we had in common above all. We would spend time together playing with the new pet. My mom decided to take a weekend trip with her new husband. Leaving me and my older brother at home alone once again. I knew nothing could go right of this, because now he had started a new habit, placing the kitten on my back while I was trying to sleep.

Snotty Student Gets Put In Her Place

Dr. Smith was a Human Sexuality Professor at a local University in New England. He was growing ever increasingly annoyed with a redheaded stuck up student who was 20 year old named Anne. Anne was very fair she had very pale skin, green eyes, redhair, big breasts that pressed against her turtle neck sweater. She had a gymnast body with shapely legs and wore skirts, stockings and black shoes. She was very prim and proper and from a very wealthy family. Dr. Smith was continually bothered by Anne's pestering and criticism of her grades on tests and assignments. She criticised a bit too much one day. Little did Anne know, but Dr.

The view....

"Wanna take a ride with me in about an hour?" the message said. She looked at the clock and realized it would work.."sure..where?" "Don't ask...very casual." he said. She just figured he was being goofy again and went to change. "Very casual" huh? Well, that calls for her worn out jean shorts that are a bit big now and stitched in places. They feel amazing against her skin and it's as if she's naked. Panties are always optional. With a change of her shirt, a pair of sandals and a quick brush of her hair, she heard him coming up the drive. Grabbing her purse and her keys, a smile comes over her. Time for some fun!


A man had not seen her without clothes on for over 20 years. It was her hang up. The doctor had told her it would never be the same. The damage the first one had done using the broom handle was extensive. The scar wasn't so terrible anymore but the flat belly she once had would always be elusive. Too many surgeries. That's what they told her anyway. She never saw herself the same and tried to hide herself from anyone who looked too closely. It was early and she donned her usual work clothes. She was sure to not draw attention to herself while outside working. A hat, baggy clothes and a fuck off attitude had kept her safe.