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My First Experience Part 4

My Cock entered in to her. Then she started moving up and down and started acting like a Grinder running. I kissed on her mouth and pressing her jumping breasts so hard. My cock was splitting her pussy in two parts and she was moving like she wanted to break my Dick. "Ssssh. huh! Humma! Amaaaaaaaaee haaaaaaa. It is good. Hold on to that Jay" She was mumbling. I was holding her body with my legs. Her body was shivering and shaking. I found that she was going to cum. I cooperated with her to get her orgasm. She was in climax and her body started leaking Sex juices and at the same time I gunned my cum in her.

My First Experience Part 3

She closed her eyes tight, tasting my hot prick as she ran her tongue across the bottom of it. "Uughh Aunt! Suck It" I urged, my dick pulsing in my own Aunt's mouth, I gripped the back of her head tighter as she eagerly sucked my cock, bobbing her head back and forth in a fast rhythm. She wasn't thinking about anything else but sucking my cock, she gripped my cock shaft tighter, working it faster. It was too much for me, I looked down watching my Aunt suck on my hard meat, I could feel her wet saliva all over the shaft, and I was meeting her bobbing head with my own small thrusts, rocking my hips back and forth. "Aunt I'm going to cum!!" I moaned, I felt my cum-sac welling up with my spunk.

My First Experience Part 2

While I was fixing the hook, I felt and touched the entire bra, concentrating on the inside of the cups. Aunty had an early dinner ready for me. She was in her night gown, her hair in a towel. Her eyes were her best features, next to her tits, at least to me... Jay, did you fix my bra? Can you bring it here?" Shit, she wanted it back. No problem, I could play with another bra when she left. I could see her from the back, sitting at her dresser as I walked down the hall to my room for the bra. It looked like she had on panties and in skirt over them. She was naked from the waist up, facing the mirror, doing her nails. Wonderful. I got it and walked into her room.

My true untold dirty secrets

I'm hot n sexy since from my childhood. Whenever I got the chance, I never missed and made the best use of it. I had many encounters and a few of them are here. This is the first time I am narrating my true secrets, but it feels all good to me to be getting out of it before you all. First Time in 9th Grade!! The story starts when I was 18 years old and was only in the 9th grade at the time. At the beginning of the year I met a girl and we became instant friends. As the year went on we flirted back and forth tell finally I guess she could not take it anymore. One day she just kept on looking at me. After school that day she found me. She grabbed my hand and said "let's go to my house".

Bless me Father, for I have sinned

"Bless me Father, for I have sinned....." Awakening. The priest had heard the door shut quietly and settled into a comfortable position, ready to hear the usual liturgy of minor transgressions that would be forgiven with his scale of "Hail Mary's" by way of absolution. Twenty minutes later, and having received an education in the emergence of one of his parishioners from drudge to the exalted woman she now was.


D'Oh! Jon sat on the park bench, lost in a world that included only the limits of his peripheral vision. His thoughts centred on nothing, just enjoyment of the warm summer sun that beat down to gently brown off the grass in Hyde Park. His bottle of mineral water became tepid, giving off a vapour, filling the plastic container so that it bulged slightly. Egg mayonnaise sandwiches fried in their wrapper destined not to be eaten, at least, not by Jon. Perhaps an enterprising crow or homeless person might liberate them from the trashcan sometime later. He looked up, casually observing the other frequenters enjoying the Mediterranean like warmth that had enveloped London recently.

First experience

First experience. I thought I would share our experience with you. Please let me know what you think. Our introduction to bestiality came about purely accidentally. As these things often happen, until it occurred, I had never given a thought to including an animal in sex play, but when it presented its self, the result was to be life changing. We had been married for some time. Two children were the result of some inept sexual excursions with my wife. We had only really discovered the pleasure of each other's bodies once the kids were born and we decided that two was enough.

Game over

Game over. Chris paced the carpet. Driven by the temptation to go back a watch his wife and her lover, but he didn't, knowing that he was most definitely excluded from the action of their bedroom, hearing the squeals of delight, the sighs and sounds of sex coming from the room only a few feet and a couple of doors away from him was pure torment. The television played to its self, unobserved and disregarded as his minds eye played out the visions of what he knew was going on in there. Jacqui's body writhing in its supple way, sweat glistening on her skin as her lover bringing forth another wracking climax from the tongue teasing her swollen clit would be receiving.


We left the relative shade of the peristyle garden with its white marble fountain depicting Venus, a ewer hoisted on her shoulder. The trickling figure stood in the centre of a shallow square pool, surrounded by smooth flag stones and then by a grassed border skirting up to a colonnaded cloister that hemmed the garden in, providing a screen to the outside world. I took her small hand in mine to lead her away from the site of our tryst, to the coolness of the house I had had built in a Roman style. She hesitated as if frightened by the sudden change of light. A gently guiding hand at the small of her back motivated her forward step into the cloister.

Hotel gangbang

The knock on the hotel door seemed innocuous enough, neither of the occupants of the room had any reason to suspect that it could be anything other than room service. Bill and Anne had travel overnight, catching the red eye from Fort Lauderdale to arrive at London Heathrow early in the morning. They had slept for an hour or two, trying to adjust to the six hour delay from continent to continent. Their two weeks doing Europe started in earnest, tomorrow, with a scheduled bus ride around the 'Old Town' of London, taking in Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral and the new to the programme, Princess Diane's Garden in Hyde Park.