Straight Male

Ms. Obese

I am of a size that makes me unattractive to most males. Mr.Gorgeous was occupying the chair next to me at the cinema and like me obviously alone. He looked like he was born naturally healthy and active with a metabolic rate that ensured that he always kept slim and trim. Add to it some serious work in the gym so that slim and trim had become hard and muscular. With six feet of planes and angles he should be a bit contemptuous of those who could not control their weight and fat. He should have his pick of females and I am sure generally chose the svelte and sexy rather than the rounded and homely.

The Drive ... the destination

After the hot drive home and the grand entrance into the back yard we finally make it inside. Clothes half on and half off I grab some cans out of the fridge and make my way to the lounge room to crank the music up. He goes to the bathroom and comes back with his jeans back on and a t-shirt. I have made an attempt of sorts to get some sort of clothing on, making sure that it is something with easy access to both my tits and my pussy, after all we both know that the night is still so very young. I look at the clock's only 8.30. We sit on the couch, but not right next to each other. We leave a gap like we usually do.

The Drive ...

I went to pick him up from his place that night. It was a warm summer night, perfect for a nice cruisey drive. I always enjoyed the drive, the anticipation of the night before me always made me extremely horny. I would have a can or two of bourbon while I was driving just to calm my nerves and get me into the party spirit. I would also take a joint with me so we could share it when we were almost at my place. He got in the car, gave me a quick kiss hello and then we were off. He wasn't anything to rave about, average looks, average height but he made me sot fucking horny it wasn't funny! He had already had a few drinks so he was nice and happy and relaxed. I wasn't quiet there yet.

She's Tempting

Everyone knew what time she entered the building but never knew what time she left. The scent she wore was soft but very alluring. Mocha skin tone with long dark brown hair, hazel eyes and a smile that would light up a room. People couldn't help but greet her every time she came into the building. She only wore platform shoes to work and had a mean walk. She was the only female at the office who wore platform heels. The outfits that she always wore short & tight. Guys in the office turned their heads when she walked passed looking at her small waist, long lean sexy legs, and ass that had guys lost for words. The bra she wore barely held her large melon breast.

The Time I Fucked My Cousin

I grew up on a 5,000 acre ranch in California. My dad worked on the ranch which had around 200 families. It was 1963.My mom stopped by my aunt's house on the way home from the hospital after visiting my dad who had recently suffered his second a stroke. It was the long Memorial Day weekend. I happened to be there visiting my cousins, four boys then three girls. I was a normal young buck teen and Norma, the oldest girl, was a couple of years younger. I had the use of a 1949 Ford coupe.As she got ready to leave she asked if Norma, the oldest girl cousin, could stay with us to keep my mom company until my dad got out of the hospital in a couple of days. My aunt told her she could and they decid...

Slave: Chapter two

The remainder of the voyage passed by timelessly. It might have been the six weeks it actually was, or six months or years or just a few minutes. Someone marked the days at sea on the base of the mast where it was founded in a complicated joint to the keel board. Victoria didn't bother to look or count the groups of four vertical lines with a diagonal slash across for each completed set. Her passage of time on the voyage was taken up, either sitting alone and silently at the far end of the hold that held just over half of the original cargo, or being violated by her captor who had chosen her body for his own pleasure.

Slave: Chapter one

It was during the darkest hours, those before the dawn that they stole up from the river. Silently encircling the village and stopping on the outside of the boma. The dogs, the villager's normal clarions, died noiselessly after eating the poisoned meat, thrown over the thorn bush barrier, designed to keep the Hyenas and marauding leopards away from the livestock of goats and the few cattle they kept.The heat of the hot sun had leached out of the dung bricks that formed the bases of the huts, to be replaced by the chill of the night. They slept on rough cots, covered in skins or blankets given by the missionaries, oblivious of their impending fate.The signal, a short yip, woke Aneesha.

Abigail: Part 1

Foreword. It is a sad fact of life that many of our teenage children come off the tracks. There are many hypotheses that try to explain how it is, our society cannot cater for the younger generation, how it fails them at a fundamental level and leaves them to learn and fend for themselves. We teach our children the usual things, History, Geography, to read and write, numerical skills, but we seem to have forgotten how to teach them social graces and how to behave.

Moving Day

The house next door had been vacant for months since the Reynolds moved out. I was standing by the window as the moving van pulled up. It was early and I had just gotten out of the shower, wearing jeans and a tight t-shirt. I watched a Prius pull in behind the van. Some tall skinny guy got out of the van and this hot babe got out of the car. She must have been around 24 years old. She had blonde hair down to her mid back, tits that were an easy c cup just bursting out of her tight little halter, and an ass to die for, round and perky with no jiggle as she moved, this ass just seemed to firmly hold its shape. DAMN. The guy who got out of the van was a couple years older than this babe.

Our first mfm threesum

My girlfriend was  out on the tiles with a few of her girlfriends, but we planned to meet up later at my house.  Before she went out i watched her dress herself. She had a short summer top on with two fine shoulder straps on. Under the top was a semi see through bra but she didnt really need it because her tits where pert and firm. Below the top she had her favourite jean mini skirt on showing off her silky smooth legs. I could feel my cock stiffen as i observed her in this state whilst she applied her make up. I slipped up behind her kissed her neck lifted her skirt and slipped my hand inside her lace knickers stroking her sexy mound of pubes with my finger tips.