My First Time

I just liked to make sure my partner was satisfied. Since I wasn't that well-endowed I would add a little extra to our love making. Yet here they were teasing me to suck John's cock. Well that evening ended and my wife and I talked. She told me it was turning her on and keeping her wet thinking of me with a dick in my mouth making it hard for her pussy. She understood that at the present time John was out of the picture. But she asked me to think about it. I told her I would. Well we had increased our toy collection since but hadn't had another human in bed with us again. John and I were still friends but he understood I was not comfortable going that far with him. My wife would only watch B...

My friend's Wife

I have a wide variety of friends. Some, real nice, sweet, kind, conservative in dress and manner. Others less so. Some just recently met, others go back a ways. Sometimes these friendships intersect unexpectedly. There was a couple, Mike and Sue, really nice. She worked at the same bank, not in the same area, so we rarely saw each other. But we would arrive and park a few blocks from the office, so we met, and occasionally walked together. She was sweet, bubly, full of happiness, maybe about 15 years younger than I.She was just what I needed to boost my spirits when facing another day of meetings, reports and grousy confrontations. In Sue's job, she was the planner for company picnics, etc.

Alissa: Part 1

Alissa is my daughter. Well, technically, she is my step-daughter. But, her mother and I have been together since Alissa was about three years old, so I consider her to be of my own blood. We had a great relationship which just added to the illusion of us truly being related. I was fair with all my children. My wife, Yasmin, is the total opposite when it comes to disciplining the kids. She has her favorite, which is always the baby of the family. We now have five children, including Alissa, and with each new baby came a new favorite.

Blackmailing sexy MILF Shelley Simms

My name is Dave, I'm 18, 6'1 and muscular. When I was in high school, I became friends with this kid Jason Simms. We hung out playing games at my house the typical things high school friends do. One weekend Jason invited me over to his house to sleep over. I've never been to the Simms household before. I met Jason's dad John outside in their garage. He was pretty cool guy hanging around some guys fixing a truck and drinking beer.

Stranger From The Net Fucking My Wife Hard

Having tried several MFM threesomes and a touch of fem on fem we decided to find some horny hung rampant male to claim all my wife's holes as his own. We trawled the net looking for mr right and finally found one, a soldier called Mark from Yorkshire. We chatted on line for a few weeks and exchanged photos of various body parts before we decided to meet, one Saturday night. We decided to defuzz and remove all pubic hair before he came over at nine pm that same evening. We had plans of dp, spit roast and lots of other stuff all involving two cocks and various objects then disaster struck. I had an allergic reaction to the veet and burnt my cock.

In Car Teaser, gets set up! (true story) "part 2 of 3"

John turned round as he walked away, Looking forward to meeting you again "he said" louise replied, It will be in your wet dreams tonight!. He laughed and said "Yes Probably" & thanks again. Louise waved bye bye! we drove away. "OH MY GOD, Where the fuck! did you find him?", she said"I laughed" A dogging site! "I replied". DOGGING? "she said" (with a confused look on her face). I explained what i was told about dogging from a friend at work. She said, So you joined a dogging site? "laughing""I said" YEAH, When you told me the other night you didn't know how you would react if one of those lads had grabbed your top to get your tits out i wanted to make it reality for you.

In Car Teaser, gets set up! (true sex story) "part 1"

I came home from work about 6.30pm, I unlocked the door and walked in to find Louise had just got out of the shower and was walking up the stairs with a towel round her.She asked me how my day was then went on to ask if we were going out for a meal as she didn't fancy cooking.I agreed and told her i would get a quick shower first!. I went into the bedroom after my shower to get dressed.she was already dressed ready to go out but had a very sexy black mini v neck dress with stockings and knee boots on the bed. I asked her why they were out and she said shes going to put them on after our meal so we can go asking for directions and get a couple of pics while were out too.

Sleep over with friends

Me and my wife were out in town with friends. It was absolutely chucking it down. At the end of the night my friend suggested we walk to his place for a few more drinks then taxi from there. He only lived two minutes from town so we agreed. Even in the short trip to his we got soaked to the bones. He got us towels and poured us a vodka. We had a few more drinks and watched the music channel. It was 3.25 am now so we told my friends we better get off. I got up to put my jacket on when my friend suggested we stay over. We didn't really want to taxi home in wet clothes so we decided to stay. My friends girl brought us a dressing gown each so we nipped to the bathroom and changed.

Failed but fun threesome

Every year my wife and I organise a night out with friends to a random town or city. This year it was to be Manchester. The usual group is made up of twelve to fifteen people, on this occasion it was to be twelve due to other commitments. This group was made up of four couples and four singles two female two male. We all travelled their in our cars and met in the hotel bar after sorting our rooms and baggage. We discussed our food and transportation plans to get into the city centre, then went up to our rooms. My heart started to race as we approached our hotel room as we always have wild sex in every new place we stay.

Dirty Diana

"I decided that night to never again hide her. I had release her and hope he would not judge me or run from me. I had to force him to accept this piece, this intricate part of me I buried deep inside and played the homely wife. Never again after tonight." - Dirty Dana"Help! Somebody help me!" Michael's breathing was deep and full of the unknown. His breathing was laced with fear. He struggled against the restraints that were secured around his wrist and ankles bounding him to what seemed to be a chair. The blind fold was tight around his eyes; he could only see the extremely dim lighting of what seemed to be the fireplace.