Going Clubbing

I really hate to go clubbing, so I often decline the invitation to do so. It was my friend's birthday, though, so I had to go this time. I was so bored, so I sat at the bar all night long. Until I encountered the most gorgeous woman I'd seen that night. I noticed how sexy she looked as she moved her hips around as if to be riding an imaginary dick. She was a mature lady, one could tell by the rest of the group she was with, but still had a great body. But, I never got a good look at her face. Eventhough I don't like to go clubbing I still enjoy dancing. My fantasy had always been to be with an older woman, so I went behind this terrific body and started dancing with her.

All Alone

I don't know why it happened or how, but I'm happy that it did. I drove home from work, the entire time waiting for someone to call me to invite me out somewhere. Unfortunately, no one did and I ended up staying home on a Friday night. When I first got there I chatted with Mom for a while and then went to my room. I was extremely horny and lay in bed slowly stroking myself and texting some girls to see if I could arrange a get together, but no one was available. I gave up and started stroking faster as I gave into the temptation of jacking off.

06 Incest Beach

We slipped on our bathing suits -- I was so hard, and it was obvious."Don't worry," said Tina, noticing. "You'll be taken care of. I assure you."She and Jerry walked hand-in-hand out to the path, and I followed. The sun was settling on the horizon, sinking into the water. The colors in the sky as the sun set were amazing - reds and purples. We wandered down the path, some other couples and singles ahead of us, and behind us.It was a bit of a walk, we passed several of the resort beaches, where I had already been. Finally, we came toward the end of the path; it was narrower, with leafy plants curved over it. There was a sign which said, "Welcome to Lost Beach" and two large, muscular guys...

05 Incest Beach - Mom & son's bisexual fantasies come to life

I woke up from my nap to find my mom caressing my chest and fondling my cock and balls.I was very content...content to be pretending that my mom was my (older) girlfriend, content that she was OK with this, the sun was shining, the waves were hitting the beach below, strangers invited themselves to have sex with us...content? Damn I was thrilled.Tina walked in through the sliding glass doors, wearing a bright, blue bikini top and a matching floral print wrap-around skirt."I hate to disturb you two," said Tina, "but Patti would like to see you, Brenda." Mom sat up -- her comfort with her nakedness was actually a turn on.

04 Incest Beach

"And I remembered what Tina had said, "Doesn't your mother suck cock like a slut?"'My mother'....uh oh..."I was stunned, my heart racing as much from my orgasm as from being found out - but how had she found out? How could I explain this away? I didn't have a chance to - Tina moved down in front of the couch, and wrapped my mom in her arms.Mom was still semi-curled up on the couch, her head in my lap, not looking at me. Jerry's hands were caressing and probing her ass, and between her thighs.Tina said, "Brenda, do you want to be fucked?""Yes," mom said, not quiet, but not wantonly, either."Jerry has a nice cock," Tina said, "and you're going to love it. Do you want to make Jerry's cock hard ...

03 Incest Beach

Dinner that night was uneventful. The food was fantastic, the service was exemplary, but it was just a relaxing meal. We met a lot of people. A few made a very nice impression on me, very funny and attractive folks. I met some women from what I found out was the 'singles villa' who offered to take me sailing.We had an after-dinner drink on a veranda, watching the sunset. It was postcard perfect.I looked for Mari but didn't see here, and when mom said she was tired from the long day of travel, I said I was too, and we head back to our villa.The path was lit, but not brightly. It was still very dark. Mom stumbled just a bit and I reached out and offered her my hand, and she took it.

02 Incest Beach - Son catches mom masturbating and joins in

The flight to St. Thomas took us through Puerto Rico, and then onto a sea-plane for the trip to St. Thomas. It was exciting, very "Indiana Jones." It took off from the piers, near where the big cruise ships are docked.As we passed by in the cab from the airport to the sea-plane, mom said, "That's what I'd like someday, kiddo. A long cruise on one of those. Do you know they have all-you-can eat buffets all day long, and an all-chocolate buffet at midnight? Stewards to pamper you...""OK," I said, "next year for your birthday, you can have a cruise." Mom slapped me playfully on the arm.The sea-plane landed in the marina in St. Thomas. We could see several very long yachts, and many sailboats, a...

01 Incest Beach

Three weeks prior to being dumped by my girlfriend, Cindy, I had purchased anon-refundable package for two at the Lost Beach resort on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. I was really looking forward to going on this trip with her - she was a "big boned" girl with lots of soft curves, and she really got me hot, but she was somewhat hesitant in the bedroom. I noticed that she loved to sunbathe, and showed quite a bit of skin when she did - not so shy then. I hoped that the warm, Caribbean sun would bring her out of her shell a little bit. That is, I had hoped that spending most of the day on the beach nearly naked, in a string bikini, would make her warmed up at night. Or in the morning.