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Get Sauced at Wings!

Kalasandra slowed her big boat of a car as she approached the sign and neon lights indicating she had reach her destination. Wings Bar and Restaurant was just ahead on her right-hand side. She took a deep breath and put on her turn signal. Ed said to be there at 10:30 P.M., she was about 10 minutes early so she pulled around to the rear of the parking lot. Parking near the lone light pole, but not so close that she sat in the spot light or that there where many other cars near hers. She needed these few minutes to herself before going in. She turned on the interior lights so she could give her hair and makeup one last critical look.

Jasmine's Insatiable Mother

Jasmine was eating her breakfast in the kitchen when she heard the bathroom door closing. It was a little strange because her mother used to wake up an hour later than that. Ever since her father left them, six years ago, for the eyes of a twenty years old blonde, her mother was the only one to assume full responsibility of all household expenses as none of the relatives offered to lend a helping hand. There were a mortgage loan and various credit cards which ought to be paid up urgently. Her mother was bound to work overtime, for as long as she could remember, in an account office which was run by two older luscious ladies, Matthea and Rosa.

Jane's story

I turned 19 a few months back and am doing temp jobs between school and university. My new job started a few weeks back and it was a real eye opener for me. I was going to work in a publishing house and I wondered what it would entail. I had just entered the main door when I bumped into a boy I knew from school, he was very fit and it was clear now that he wanted to take me as much as I wanted him We quickly found an empty room and I removed my dress and thongs, I was already wet so I skip foreplay and fucked him hard we both came and fixed up our next meeting, lunch in fact.

Amanda's story

Amanda a dear friend of mine dropped around for lunch she is very fit and her twin brother is even fitter. They have just turned 18 but still share a bedroom; given that I know that they both sleep in the nude, I have often wondered how they could both keep their hands off each other. Amanda was in a very excited mood and given the fact she was wearing a very short skirt and no knickers it was easy for me to see that she was very wet. She would like to tell her story in her own words. Last night when mike and I were getting ready for bed I noticed that he had been caned, five nice cuts with a sixth laded across them.

Nancy flips the spatula (Part 3)

Jill finished herself off. Nancy stood up. She said "Jill you followed me" Jill said yes, I am sorry, but after our rendezvous I left and while driving home, I just could not stop thinking about how I wished I had gotten your phone number, so then I decided to turn around and come back to the store to ask you if you would like to keep in touch, well just as I pulled into the parking lot I noticed you getting in your car and, well I followed you and here I am. I'm sorry Nancy I don't mean to scare you.

Penelope's Kiss

Summer vacation with Uncle Gus was a flavor, a spice that seasoned my sense of time and place. A woman taught me this, a tall, dark-haired gal who took me on a tour around the Mediterranean one night in her kitchen. Some say vacation is a dimension of leisure, a filter through which our lives look softer, shinier, more brilliant; but Veronica Watson convinced me that all those appearances can be translated into taste and swallowed. Easier than being transported in a plane or aboard a ship, with customs, passports and all that. "Believe your stomach boy, more than your eyes," she would say with a sultry Southern draw. Damn if she didn't blindfold me and prove the point every time.

A Dream Fulfilled

It was a warm night so she opened the window a little and went to bed nude and laid on top of the sheets. She lived out in the country and this was nothing new to her. A few hours later a young migrant worker was walking thru the country when he saw a house in the distance. Hoping to find someone awake and ask for work and food he continued up to the house. There was only a porch light on outside as he approached and no sign of light from inside but he had noticed a barn out back so he figured he could least get some sleep and be gone before anyone noticed. Walking round back he noticed a night coming through a window and carefully walked up to see if he could see anyone.

Diary's Secret

Rose couldn't believe after 2 days she was still finding evidence of the party her daughter Jen through for her cheer team. Just 6 screaming and giggling teen girls made her house look like a natural disaster in one weekend. As Rose was cleaning the popcorn out from under the couch cushions she found Jen's diary. Tossing it on the coffee table she started vacuuming out the couch and put the cushions back. When she was done she went to grab the diary and take it to Jen's room. Leaning over to pick it up it fell open and she read just 4 words that made her freeze. "She tasted so sweet". Knowing how wrong it was to continue reading she quickly closed it and took it to her teen's room.

Young Widow CH05

After our quick - and separate - showers, we dressed hurriedly and emerged from our rooms just about on time. No-one could guess that I had just woken Tom with a sensuous blowjob. But I had slept in his bed after a great evening of sex. So far it was looking like a nice business trip. We were working with different groups at this company, so we weren't together all morning. I was just finishing lunch in the company cafeteria when Tom came in to eat. We found a chance to talk alone, but tried not to act like lovers. "You certainly are looking radiant," he told me. "You just think that because you've had great sex," I said, teasing. "That is certainly true," he answered.

Young Widow CH02

My date with Doug was not the first sexual experience I had since my husband had passed away. The first with another another person, yes, but you know, there are other ways. I had become a widow at age 28 after a 10 year marriage. Two months after that I was still in a cloudy haze, not sure of anything. People had been so very wonderful to me, but after a few weeks everyone seems to think it is time to move on. "Accept what happened and move on," they say. But it doesn't work that way. Not with a spouse, especially. I didn't understand that either, until it happened to me.