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The Magic Girls 4 - Midnight Snack

Cindy continually found herself tossing in turning in her bed, rolling her sheets blankets about as she lie half covered by them. In her pink tank top and her tiny spaghetti string panties, she lie their sweating and unable to keep her eyes closed. Her sexy curves and bare skin glistened as the powerful moonlight poured in the window. Her perfect ass cheeks seemed to glow as their round curves bounced the white light off of her skin. Uncomfortable with the night air, Cindy tossed onto her back. She found herself staring up at the ceiling in her massive bed, her sweaty cleavage spilling out of her tiny pink tank-top.

The Magic Girls 3 - Veronica's Secret

Cindy was having a very difficult time accepting who she was and where her life was going. Cindy sat on her bed in the late morning with her legs folded over. She just sat there and tried to grasp the last few months of her life. Her friend Hannah had paid her a quarter million dollars just to quit her job and stay at home, among other things. So for the past month, that's what Cindy had done; stayed at home. She had little to no contact with the outside world, and had not seen Hannah since her last amazing day of work. It was over these months that Hannah had even helped Cindy perfect her body to that of a super model or a porn star.

The Magic Girls 2 - Day Dreaming

It was almost ten at night when Cindy stepped into her apartment, tired from the day's work. She had been running around all day since eight in the morning, and wanted nothing more than to just go to bed and sleep a long gloriously sleep. She didn't even bother to turn the lights on her apartment or check anything at all. She merely stepped into her bedroom, dropped her purse and suit jacket onto the floor. Sleeping had slowly become Cindy's favorite thing to do over the course of the last month, and Cindy wasted little time in getting into bed. She stripped down to her tiny blue panties and slowly pulled on an old T-shirt over her C-cup breasts.

The Magic Girls 1 - Revelations

Cindy lived alone in an apartment in the middle of the city. She had moved there with her former boyfriend after she left college, and almost forgot all about her crazy party-girl dorm life. Cindy was notorious for being outgoing, sleeping around, and staggering back to her room drunk. It was that dorm room that she had shared with Hannah. Now Hannah wasn't the hottest girl or much of a party girl. Cindy always caught her simply reading or sleeping, if she ever saw Hannah at all. For a while, Cindy felt as though she lived in that dorm room alone due to Hannah's constant absence. Cindy always assumed that Hannah was out with some boyfriend she never met.

The Relaxation Part 2

It wasn't that Kismet was addicted to shopping for sex toys. That wasn't it at all. She was just one of those people you could easily suggest things to. You hand her a certain toy and give her the highlights on what it could do and 9 times out of 10 she'd be walking out of the shop with bag in hand, mind filled with ideas of what was to come. The Internet just provided a whole new way for Kismet to research and shop whenever she was in the mood for an addition to the collection she kept in a small chest under her bed. These sites had product specifications, pictures and - most importantly - customer reviews. Those were her downfall.

Fun in the Sun

Her breathing was fast and deep as she took the last few steps up the well-worn path - partly from exertion, partly because she had been filled with nervous energy from the moment he had given her the instructions over IM earlier. Put your Ben Wa balls in and go for a walk on the cliffs. Do you have a favorite walk? Can you imagine how turned on you'll be after walking there with them inside you? It'll be torture. You'll be desperate to cum. I will take my toys with me, find a quiet spot on the beach and make yourself cum.

Thinking of You

She had been anticipating this all day. The little game that she and her lover were playing long-distance was maddening in some ways. All during the conference today she had found her mind wandering back to the envelope with the piece of paper that she had opened this morning "Masturbate to orgasm." It was an easy command to follow but the fact that she was being "dared" to do it made it seem like an order, which was exciting in itself. Her lover had thoughtfully provided some aids, a vibrator, lube and vibrating nipple clamps and now, after letting him know that she was ready, she had hung up the phone and prepared to fulfill the dare.

Submissive Heights

My sexual awakening really began when I finally gave in and revealed to my husband my desire to be submissive. No, not the master/slave scenarios that seem to be so predominant and to my mind borders on abuse. No, not the spank me until I cry and can't sit down for a week activities that would label me a masochist. No, I don't want to be violently raped, even by my own husband in the name of sexual freedom. What I was looking for was to be able to surrender completely to my husband and allow him to have his way with me, over and over again.

Fucking Machine Letters: Sandra

My girlfriend is always willing to try new things when it comes to our bedroom activities and while she is normally not inclined to suggest an idea she is more than happy to entertain my wishes and fantasies. I'm sure that part of the reason for her enthusiasm is that my fantasies are almost exclusively about giving her bigger, better and more frequent orgasms. What more could a girl ask for? She has found herself tied down, spread-eagled, blindfolded and gagged, shuddering through climax after climax as I ravaged her glistening pussy with my cock.

Just Another Day

Kala took a deep breath and let out a huge sigh. It was quiet, FINALLY for the first time since the holiday weekend began on Friday. Kala didn't normally look forward to Tuesday mornings, or any morning for that matter, being a night owl her whole life. But today everyone went back to their daily routines of work and school and Kala was able to go back to her routine. And her peace and quiet. The house reflected the fact that the weekend was spent entertaining family and friends with BBQ's and a birthday party. Knowing that she couldn't put it off, Kala finished her coffee, pulled her long auburn tresses up into a haphazard pony tail, and set to work on the laundry and house cleaning.