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Two's company...

...Three's a crowd, but four is... well read on and make your own mind up. But, please don't ask me what I think, I'm still coming down and can't think straight yet. Erotica; Probably the best exhibition or show in London of the year. Usually held around the middle of November, when it is cold and miserable out, but the heat in the Grand Hall; Olympia, near Earls Court, South West London, goes off the scale. I had managed to get two of the hottest tickets in town. You have to get them early, otherwise you will be disappointed. We got there early and waited by the main entrance doors until the place opened.

Yummy Mummy

Jenni is a neighbour of mine. We live in a small estate of bungalows, grouped in a horseshoe at the end of the road. Jenni passed by my place every morning, taking Jessica, or Jessy, as she preferred to be called, to school. Jessica would be bouncing around, constantly chatting and being a normal happy little girl. She would always wave and call out, Hi! I liked Jessy, but my eyes would always be watching Jenni's ass in jeans as she walked on by and thinking how good it would be to have my cock slide between those beautiful cheeks. Most of the neighbours were working and left their houses for the better part of the day while they slaved in offices.

fobidden lust

Her name was alice and she was nervously approaching the hotel door.. inside she knew he was waiting for her luscious body.. she looked herself over once more taken every glance that she could through the fogged up window. he was in the living room of the hotel waiting for her to open the door. she slowly opened the door and there he stood all 5'7 of him and no hair his body was covered in tattoos and she knew she wanted him bad.. her eyes looked him over and over taking in every single inch within her memory. his body was built like a brickhouse and he was very attractive and very tempting. she went over to him and gave him a quick brush hug to not let him know what she was hiding.

The Store Brought Cuckold

For a very long time I have had fantasies of being cuckolded by my wife. The whole idea of her deriving sexual pleasure from someone else's cock was driving me wild. I toyed with the idea of convincing her to take some new lovers so that she would experience the joy of having a bigger and better cock stuffed inside her. I believed however that this would be a futile endeavour because she was not the type of woman who would agree to this sort of thing. She needed the soft loving relationship that we had developed over the years and would probably not be able to relax and feel comfortable enough to enjoy the experience.

The Dog and I

I woke one morning with the urge for a good pounding, as I did a lot of mornings before. My pussy always seemed to want attention, so I grabbed my vibrator, wanting a quick climax before getting myself ready for work. I played with my clit as I reached for my toy, always having it near me for this reason. My vagina was already dipping wet, as I slid the vibrator inside of my opening. It felt so good, it never failed to amaze me, yet today I was hornier than I had been in weeks. It slid so easily in my hole, I pumped myself until I climaxed. Shaking as I tried to lie still on the bed letting the waves of pleasure race though my body. I felt my dog rocky at the end of my bed waiting for his br...

Creamy Trails

It was late July when Maximus first caught his dirty slut of a girl friend cheating on him with her best friend Sidney. The memories of that night still haunted him. When he came home that Sunday Night only to hear what he thought was kissing in his living room, he peered through a gap though the door that was slightly left ajar, then he saw the love of his life Carrie fully naked suckling on Sidneys Tight Vagina, Eating her like a Juicy steak whilst fingering her dribbly wet ass. This was too much for Maximus he wanted Carrie and Sidney all to himself, He didnt want to share their wet pussies with anyone, Not even between the two Best friends.

Disney Vacation

This past week, my family and I went to Disney world for vacation. When we arrived at our hotel, I soon realized there were lots of girls staying there and they were barely wearing anything while at the pool. Even when getting on the buses to go to the parks, they wore short skirts and tight shorts. Up til leaving for the trip, I had already been horny. This definitely was not helping the horny situation. You see...My wife and I have been together for 20 years and sex is not one of my wife's priorities. I would spend the day in Disney, staring at tits, ass, legs, and lips. I would take my shower in the late evenings when the family layed down to go to sleep.

Eric and Lori

It had all been over so soon, Eric was making out with Donna in his bedroom when he pulled out a dildo. He'd found it in his sister's room the day before and really wanted to try it out on Donna. She was surprised, so much so that she walked out on him, it wasn't that Eric hadn't been to Donna's nether regions before, it was just that she had never seen a dildo before and wasn't comfortable with it. Eric's plan for the weekend had been ruined. His parents were gone and this was the weekend he would have fucked Donna's brains out, but it didn't look like that would happen now... Later that night Eric was on the couch watching some stupid shit on TV, trying to get Donna out of his head.


The high school I went to was divided almost 50 / 50 along racial lines. That is, about half the students were white, and about half were "Indo-Canadian", either Hindu or Sikh. This might seem a bit odd to any Americans reading this story, but I assure you that it's true in at least a couple of places on Canada's west coast, where immigration from India has been rapid in recent years. I wouldn't even mention it, except that when I started hanging out with Rina, I immediately took a bit of heat from our respective racial communities. My friends really gave me a hard time about hanging around with a "packie" girl. I didn't let it bother me too much, because I had a huge crush on Rina.

Three On One

My supervisor had warned me about the old military line, "What goes on TDY, stays TDY." He said it was something people hid behind to justify affairs and other things frowned upon by the military. Since I had only been in for a year and this was my first ever deployment, he wanted me to stay out of trouble. "Stay away from married women!" was his last warning as he booted me out the door of his office so I could get to the transport flying us out. I listened to him, but some of the married women had other thoughts in mind... ***By the time we landed overseas, I could already see several of the married women had removed their wedding rings and were flirting with the young airmen.