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Tales From Alyrrawood - Ch. 3

Well in part 1 John and my wife were teasing me that I may be Bi as I liked MFM sex a lot. I just liked to make sure my partner was satisfied. Since I wasn't that well-endowed I would add a little extra to our love making. Yet here they were teasing me to suck John's cock. Well that evening ended and my wife and I talked. She told me it was turning her on and keeping her wet thinking of me with a dick in my mouth making it hard for her pussy.She understood that at the present time John was out of the picture. But she asked me to think about it. I told her I would. Well we had increased our toy collection since but hadn't had another human in bed with us again. John and I were still friends.

Girls Play Tent at Nude Camp

The girls around the block put their request with my stepdaughter to attend the "nudist colony" for the weekend. We joined about 7 years ago and it has been the best investment any incestuous family could make...We have a few BDSM friends at the camp site who occupy the basement in the main clubhouse. Usually they have a few sex slaves but when they have unsuspecting first timers who need constant attention, our friends put on quite a show for the camp site. This is my 3rd marriage in 10 years.

The Girl in 4D

Abby had just moved into this apartment building about six months ago, and was just about settled in. It was a pretty quiet building, no noisy neighbors, no late night parties. Most of the people who lived there were young single professional types like her. The one great thing about her apartment was her downstairs neighbor. Gwen was maybe five or six years older than Abby, and a total slut. She was a beautiful brunette with a tight body. She loved to dress provocatively showing off lots of legs and cleavage.


"Dangit" Melissa thought to herself. "I walked out without my fucking phone." It was one of those Monday mornings for Melissa. She was going to have to drive all the way back home to get her phone. It was a little after ten-thirty so at least the rush hour traffic will have died down. Melissa is a forty-four year old, recently divorced mother of a twenty year old daughter who is home from college for the summer. Melissa imagined that Katie would probably sleep until noon, so she'd just slip in, grab her phone and not disturb her.

It's Just Business

Steve and Karen were sales reps for an industrial equipment manufacturer. This weekend they were going out of town to make a sales presentation, and late Friday afternoon Steve received a phone call from the hotel they had booked rooms at. Apparently the hotel had overbooked and now insteadof having two rooms available for Karen and himself, there was only one room available, but it did have two beds. Steve put the hotel employee on hold and called Karen. She didn't have any problem sharing a room if he didn't, and there was no sense in going through the hassle of finding another hotel this late, so Steve let the hotel know they would take the room.

The sex starved Librarian

I meet her on a classified ads section of the internet three months ago. Our communications had evolved to a hot sexy teasing of each other, we often found ourselves excusing ourselves to take a cold shower, but each time it would end up the same, cold showers and at times self gratification. Leaves were falling outside and the weather was talking of a large nor-eastern approaching by the weekend. Agreeing to meet for drinks, after work Friday night, we were both nervous but looking forward to seeing each other in person and seeing what was our next step. We meet in the parking lot of a local pub, greeting each other with a hug before walking in.

Our New Toy

I've tried many new toys in the past with my wife because of my size.., or lack there of. I love her very much and it frustrate's me, and her I'm sure.., so I constantly try to figure out how to make myself bigger with and without toys. I've failed for years until one day, early this year I saw something that gave me a great idea. But would it work for both of us? Would it be easy to use for me and feel fantastic to her? This is the story of our new toy. The kids were asleep and we were watching tv. I had told her earlier in the day that I had something for her. She knew I had something sexual for her but had no idea what it was or when I'd show it to her.

In which we find true love

My Monday evening commute home from work was purposely interrupted. I wanted to be ready for my lover and had plans to help things along. A brief stop in a small shop in Greek Street, the irony was not lost on me, right next to Shaftesbury Avenue, resulted in the purchase of the very thing I wanted. It was at that moment, as I left the shop with my carefully wrapped goods safely tucked into my case that the reality struck me. After so much time, we were going to, at last, get around to it. D day was fast approaching with a particular finality to it that was almost palpable.

My Timid Wife and our new friend

Well this happened a while back but I still get hard thinking about that time. My Wife Jane and Me George Were pretty straight about sex till I went into that Adult Store. Well I finally got up the nerve and bought a dildo a black one 9" long 6" thick.Mines 7" and 5 thick. As my Jane's first lover was black. She did not know this at the time But my cock was hard the whole ride home.With the fantasy of being there when a black man fucks her. She was pretty sexy with C Breasts and an ass that could kill. So the first time I was ready to use the dildo on her. I hid it under my pillow.


It looks like a rape, but read on and discover that it isn't. The following story is based on the imagination of a reader who has given permission for the use of her ideas. For the sake of privacy, her name will not be published and does not bare any resemblance to the characters portrayed herein. The beginning is entirely her story, with only editorial alterations, background, in fills and the conclusion on my part. As with all of the works posted by me, under my name, it is protected by international copyright and may not be copied, published or posted under any other name without express permission of the author.