Volunteering For Project For High Mark

Alice Brewster was a quiet shy first year university student. She was fair skinned, freckles, wore glasses, had red hair down midway to her back. She was a straight-laced business student who always wore formal attire -a collared shirt, a brown blazer, a formal brown skirt to her knees, opaque black stockings and black shoes. Alice often went to extra help sessions with her profs and took interest in getting extra help in understanding Human Sexuality with one black prof, Dr.Heinzman. Alice was introverted, very naive, very inexperienced and did not know what to make of all the illustrated pages of sex and sexual practices in her textbook. Dr.

Start of My SEX Journey

HiThis is Raaj(name changed due to some security purposes)Age:25(right now) in my 22(I have started my sex journey)Height : 6.1 Color : Fair Hair : Curling BlackBody type : Fit atheleticBefore Going to the story please excuse me if I made anySpell mistakes because iam not an distintion student. Now I will start the storyIn my 22(age) iam in ending stage of my graduation in my small town by the name nellore in andhra pradesh. That day morning I have got a call from banglore .That Call brought me a bad news one of my relative uncle in banglore Has died due to heart attack.I never expected iam going to Have some special in my life.

Cindy Fucks her Prof

Cindy and I met in high school and experimented with sex. From time to time we would break up and each of us pursued our own independent sexual adventures. She was more successful than I was in adding a wide range of experiences to her scrapbook. We married and for a few years tried to remain monogamous. There are more than a few stories about what a failure that was. Still we wanted to stay together enjoyed each other as sexual partners and little adventures made us realize that we needed more, Cindy needed more. We began thinking about swinging. Then, Cindy had a dirty old man prof in a psych class assign her to do a paper on swinging, since she was the only married woman in the class.

Serah's Slave - 2

One day she said she was coming home with me. Once inside she ordered me to prepare some hot chocolate for both of us. I was about to say that I didn't like chocolate very much when I remembered what I was supposed to do. By the time it was ready she had freshened up and came back in her underwear. "I forgot to bring any change. Give me one of your shirts" I dutifully took one from the closet. She then proceeded to calmly slowly remove her underwear, hook it onto the back of the chairs and put on my shirt half the buttons of which she left undone. I gulped a couple of times during the process and averted my gaze but it slowly came back to her.

Serahs Slave - 1

She was the shortest girl in the class. She was average looking. She generally sat in the back bench. She was careful not to be in the limelight. But I knew she was trouble from the beginning. She had a beautiful figure and she knew it. I noticed that she deliberately showed a lot of cleavage during class hours. My slightly bewildered guess that she did it only to male teachers was proved correct when some of the male colleagues commented on it. But none of the ladies had that experience with her. I deliberately ignored her. Others either took her to task for it or enjoyed the view.

College Lust

Sara was so happy with her freshman year of college. Her new friends and the escape from all the high school drama were refreshing even though some of the college drama was no better. The real thing that kept her smiling though was her advanced physics class. It wasn't what she was learning as much as the one teaching the class. Prof James was just amazing. Tall and broad shoulders with a voice that made her melt every time he spoke. Several times she noticed how wet her panties were after his class and just smiled to herself at how turned on she had become.