Blackmailing sexy MILF Shelley Simms 2

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Park patrol

Far from the battle fields of the desert in Iraq , I had made it back from hell only to find out that there is a hell of a different kind waiting for me . My young bride had gotten a better offer and hit the road for greener pastures. The war had left me with a permanent limp and so my budding career in law enforcement had been stopped cold before it even started. So here I sit , campus cop at some ag tech college in the middle of some cornfield in Ohio. My nights once clearing streets in Bagdad where now spent breaking up noisy frat parties and coeds screwing in some of the most peculiar paces. But it was a paycheck and along with my disability I was able to live okay.

My Life as a Prostitute (the beginning...)

For a long time now I wanted to open up and share my past life. I don't have many friends, nor family, and as time goes by I feel this urge to tell my story. I am not ashamed of my past. I know I am a prostitute and was used in ways no wife or girlfriend would ever imagine existed, nor would they ever think that men could degrade women in such ways! But I want to go forward with my life, to open a new chapter and go on. I was a very young teen when I had my first man. I was living with an aunt at the time, since my parents were divorced and did not have much time for me. I could practically do as I pleased with my aunt; she did not care what I did as long as I didn't bring her any problems.