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Trouble at hogsmeeds Dark Deeds

As Lilith return to her class room she sat down at her desk. The secret door in the middle of the room open and Jill came in still nude. She walk over and went threw a stack of papers need grade and pull one. She wrote on it and summons an owl to take it to the student. Lilith: what are u doing. Jill: I have a plan she smirk. We need to talk. An hour latter Lara came walking in.  A tall blonde elf. She long pointed ears and a body that would make any super model worry . She a nice set of medium breast c size the were a little saggy. And a ass that made Jill horny for her. Her were a dark glowing green the was put anyone she wanted under her spell.

It's her b-day

So I threw my bestfriend a birthday party at my house. Atleast 10 people hand arrived to celebrate my bestfriend's party. She kept asking me for a strong drink. I opened the refigerator and took the bottle of volka out. I poured the alcohol into a shot glass and sliced her a lemon to have. She took the shot and sucked on the lemon. 20 minutes later she asked for another shot. I already poured 3 shots, so I just handed her the next one for her to have. About an hr into the the party dinner was ready to be eaten. I could tell she started feeling nice from the two shots she had down. She started talking really sexual. She had everyone cracking up at the table from acting so crazy.

i love to be a SLAVE of FEMALE Master

Hello every one iam Roshan,from India. While i was studying in school i used to sit near a guy named prem.i used to have interest in older ladies. I used to watch the cleavage of our class teacher krishna veni and head mistress jeyalakshmi. Krishna was 52 years old and jeya was 55 years old.. They both were very fat. Krishna had a smooth white body with a very big belly and giant boobs.. She didnt have wrinkles in her body.. I wud rate her 40-38-40. Jeya had lots of wrinkles.she was also white. But i loved her belly which was full of fat and which used to form in different shapes while she teaches.but she didnt have as big boobs like krishna..but had very big ass. I would rate her 38-36-42.

Girls Play Tent at Nude Camp

The girls around the block put their request with my stepdaughter to attend the "nudist colony" for the weekend. We joined about 7 years ago and it has been the best investment any incestuous family could make...We have a few BDSM friends at the camp site who occupy the basement in the main clubhouse. Usually they have a few sex slaves but when they have unsuspecting first timers who need constant attention, our friends put on quite a show for the camp site. This is my 3rd marriage in 10 years.

close friend turn into lover pt2

Part two of close friends turn into lovers. Please read the first one to understand part two. Enjoy this story and I hope you get pleasure, and wetness from reading. Mia makes a stronger drink for her and Jenny. Jenny comes back into the house and calls Mia's name. "Miaaaaaaaaaa where are you"?. "In the kitchen Jenny, come join me you sexy bitch". Jenny walks into the kitchen still naked. Jenny notices Mia still has own her box shorts and a blue t-shirt. Mia hands Jenny one of the drinks she finished making for the both of them. "Mmmmm this is really good Mia" said Jenny as she sits down. "Thanks let's toast to having a remarkable night" said Mia. "Yes to a remarkable night as well".

sissy summer

One summer me and my girlfriend Cara were going to go her lake house for a week I was siked I packed up and was ready to go so we drive to her lake house I rush inside to use the restroom because I had to go bad after ward I saw the to needed to be f checked under the sink only to find some silk panties and a box of tampons suddenly the urge hit me to put on the panties they felt amazing then the idea hit me to put a tampon in my buthole i wrapped one and slowly push it in to my ass it was almost enough to make me cum my erect penis pushing on the silk pannel of the panties and the string hanging out of my bum then suddenly my girlfriend...

Shes tempting Part 2

Everyone knew what time she entered the building but never knew what time she left. The first thing people heard was the sound of her heels clicking on the floor. She walked with confidence with her head held high. Next was seeing her caramel skin tone, hazel eyes, long dark brown hair and the curvy shape of her body. Her lipstick color always matched her outfits. She was very attractive, in her late twenties, and single. "Good morning" she would say with a smile to people who were near her. The perfume she wore was soft but, very strong. The females in the office would see the men close their eyes, deeply inhaling the scent of her perfume and then exhale.

How I made to orgasms to my horny teacher

It happened a long time ago. I was a freshman in the university. I had my first ever row of exams I was really freaked out to take. I had only a few days to prepare for my exams and I hadn't had anything in my empty head. I didn't study any of the English and I had to do that exam in order to pass to the next semester. Professor told me to come and see her on January, 3rd. I had no time to prepare for the exam because there was too much partying and I was still a bit hangover. I had no desire to prepare myself but I still had to go and at least show up. And so I came to university without knowing what the hell to come up with in order to pass the exams.

Alice in Waterland

I slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom, desperate for a pee. As I stood naked in front of the bowl idly watching a the golden stream hit the water, Angela crept up behind me, reached round and took hold of my cock, directing the stream around the bowl and giggling. This and the soft warmth of her breasts against my back started giving me an erection and soon the stream was going all over the place as my cock pointed skywards.

Adventures of Andrea and Sandra

Andrea, called Andy, drove on the highway through the woods with Sandra, or Sandy how she called her. It was a beautiful and warm day in the mid of august. She had something special in her mind for her, so far Sandy already knew. Andrea was a beautiful woman in her 26th year. She had long dark brown hair, which today she had tied together in two ponytails on the sides with cute pink ribbons. "With this hairstyle she looks insanely cute - like a teenager," Sandra thought looking at her. "I would like to love her now here in the car. But I have to be patient. In these things she's strict. What a pity." Indeed Andrea looked younger than Sandra today, though she was 7 years older than Sandra.