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18 year old schoolgirls trespass on property owned by kinky dominatrix

Sarah and Liz were two 18 year old schoolgirls all decked out in their green blazers, green skirts, green leotards, white collared shirts, green socks, and black shoes. Liz was medium skin toned, medium tits with sharp pointing nipples, brown hair, brown eyes and a slender build. Sarah was a redhead with big tits, fair freckled skin, athletic body from gymnastics and blue eyes.They were both rich one a daughter of a lawyer and the other a daughter of a prison warden. They were coming home one September day late from school due to working on a project. The Catholic School was strict and the two young ladies were well disciplined. They were walking on a nature trail to go home when Liz had an ...

Girl gets put in her place

When I first stared high school, a girl named Denise was always going out of her way to completely ruin my day, she would just always find a way to humiliate me or hurt me, even going so far as to locking me inside a small closet for the entire weekend.a few years later I decided to get even with her, me and her always had to do inventory at the School Store on Saturdays (for getting in trouble), in a back room that the teacher left us for hours to just count pencils.

The Janitor Chapter four Conclusion

Gwen spent the next day at home. Although her head had cleared, her ass was still quite sore. She called into the Doctor for an appointment to get checked out. Her feeling that she had been violated was becoming more than just a vague suspicion. She thought that perhaps she had been raped, but by whom and with no evidence to prove it and no clue about who her attacker might be, could do little about it. There was little point in telling the police. When the doctor asked her if she had had anal sex recently, the suspicion turned into anger as the certainty that she had been raped became obvious. Suddenly, her erstwhile safe haven of her home did not feel as safe as it had.

The Janitor Chapter three

DS Oliver sat at his desk, a second cup of coffee going cold in a Styrofoam cup, a skin forming on the surface. He cleared a space, lent back in the chair and put his crossed feet up, his hands clasped behind his head, eyes half closed as he thought about the case.He had read the diary from cover to cover. He was disgusted at the putrid mind of the Janitor and his complete lack of regard for the women in his block. He thought that the rest of the residents had had a lucky escape by not being attractive to the little worm.Only, he wasn't so little was he? Certainly, he was above average height with a power to weight ratio that would be more than enough to subdue most women.

The Janitor, Chapter two

It hadn't been a typical Monday at work. A fire alarm had seen the entire university outside, standing in the rain while the fire brigade searched the building in vain for the cause. She and her colleagues got soaked in the drizzle and knew they had the rest of the day to get through in damp clothing. It didn't help her mood in the least.The drizzle didn't let up thorough the day. Her clothes were sticking to her, clinging and uncomfortable, when she arrived home. The door was still closing as she began to strip sodden layers off, leaving a trail of wet clothes in her wake. The shower ran nice and hot. Steam filled the bathroom and in crazy rivulets, ran down the glass of the cubicle.

You want it really

As I walked out my house, I lifted my hood and headed into the night, anyone who would have seen me from behind the curtains or in a car would think of me as being sinister and suspicious and they would be correct as I headed towards the town. It was a Friday night and I was looking for a drunk girl to have sex with, I wasn't in the mood for foreplay or pulling. I just wanted sex. As I got to the fringe of the town and headed through the park, I saw a girl stumbling towards the taxi office on the other side of the park. She was wearing an incredibly short dress and I licked my lips as I approached her.

The Janitor, Chapter one.

Gwen picked up the mail from the mat, closed the front door behind with her foot and flicked the switch, turning on the main light. She dropped her coat over the back of the hall chair, next to the phone and stepped into the living room, kicking off her shoes and wriggling her toes in the pile of the carpet as she went. It had been a long day, stressful and she was inordinately pleased to be at home in her warm apartment at last. The mail was dropped on the settee, ready to be gone through in a short while.She wandered into the kitchen, opened the fridge and poured herself a cold glass of chardonnay from the opened bottle that was covered beads of condensation over the green glass...

Monday mornings.

It was a dull Monday morning as always, me and my sister were getting ready to go to school, we're twins, both 18, she has a slim body with the perfect long bronzed legs, long wavy golden blonde hair that always falls perfectly in front of her eyes, and a dainty size of 5ft 5, me on he other hand, a tall 6ft, short spikey blonde hair, and a well earned 6 pack, I walked past Natasha's room, I noticed she had the door open a little, she must of thought that she was alone because when our parents were in she would always keep the door closed.

Blackmailing sexy MILF Shelley Simms 2

Now on Wednesday, I put the plan into motion Shelley expected me to show up to fuck. If Shelley was right, she would be fertile and could end up pregnant. Shelley could explain away a baby from me, being white after all. But Tyrone was black and if he knocked her up, there'd be no way out of it. This had my cock hard, the possibility of Mrs. Simms being breed by her sons and mine black friend Tyrone. I got a hold of three HD cameras, I could get the action from three angles. I couldn't wait to see Shelley the 38-year-old mom given up her married pussy to the young black Tyrone. This would be the biggest cock of Shelley's life.

Blackmailing sexy MILF Shelley Simms

My name is Dave, I'm 18, 6'1 and muscular. When I was in high school, I became friends with this kid Jason Simms. We hung out playing games at my house the typical things high school friends do. One weekend Jason invited me over to his house to sleep over. I've never been to the Simms household before. I met Jason's dad John outside in their garage. He was pretty cool guy hanging around some guys fixing a truck and drinking beer.