Going Clubbing

I really hate to go clubbing, so I often decline the invitation to do so. It was my friend's birthday, though, so I had to go this time. I was so bored, so I sat at the bar all night long. Until I encountered the most gorgeous woman I'd seen that night. I noticed how sexy she looked as she moved her hips around as if to be riding an imaginary dick. She was a mature lady, one could tell by the rest of the group she was with, but still had a great body. But, I never got a good look at her face. Eventhough I don't like to go clubbing I still enjoy dancing. My fantasy had always been to be with an older woman, so I went behind this terrific body and started dancing with her.

All Alone

I don't know why it happened or how, but I'm happy that it did. I drove home from work, the entire time waiting for someone to call me to invite me out somewhere. Unfortunately, no one did and I ended up staying home on a Friday night. When I first got there I chatted with Mom for a while and then went to my room. I was extremely horny and lay in bed slowly stroking myself and texting some girls to see if I could arrange a get together, but no one was available. I gave up and started stroking faster as I gave into the temptation of jacking off.

Blackmailing sexy MILF Shelley Simms 2

Now on Wednesday, I put the plan into motion Shelley expected me to show up to fuck. If Shelley was right, she would be fertile and could end up pregnant. Shelley could explain away a baby from me, being white after all. But Tyrone was black and if he knocked her up, there'd be no way out of it. This had my cock hard, the possibility of Mrs. Simms being breed by her sons and mine black friend Tyrone. I got a hold of three HD cameras, I could get the action from three angles. I couldn't wait to see Shelley the 38-year-old mom given up her married pussy to the young black Tyrone. This would be the biggest cock of Shelley's life.

The Time I Fucked My Cousin

I grew up on a 5,000 acre ranch in California. My dad worked on the ranch which had around 200 families. It was 1963.My mom stopped by my aunt's house on the way home from the hospital after visiting my dad who had recently suffered his second a stroke. It was the long Memorial Day weekend. I happened to be there visiting my cousins, four boys then three girls. I was a normal young buck teen and Norma, the oldest girl, was a couple of years younger. I had the use of a 1949 Ford coupe.As she got ready to leave she asked if Norma, the oldest girl cousin, could stay with us to keep my mom company until my dad got out of the hospital in a couple of days. My aunt told her she could and they decid...

My summer

This is my first time writing, i'm sorry if it's bad, i'm open to suggestions. I started getting funny feeling when I turned [redacted], I new what they were, naturally I was curious, and I started playing with myself, but when I turned [redacted] I often found myself thinking of my mom when I did. This is my fantasy, none of this is true. I got home from school early this particular day, and little did I know tonight would change my life. I walked in the house "MOM I'M HOME" I got no answer, so I dropped my bag by the door and went up the stairs two at a time. Mom's door was closed but her music was on and it was so unlike her to nap so early.

Affair With My Daughter's White Boyfriend

I've always had great relationship with my daughter; she's my confidant and my best friend. She always was, since she could talk. My husband died tragically several years ago. This brought Sally and I even closer together, and I thanked God for the strength we gave each other. Sally was only 14 when her father died, so I was alone to guide her through her adolescence. Sally is beautiful and personable, and has always been a popular girl. It could have been difficult for her as colored girl growing up in a mainly white middle-class neighborhood like ours, but thanks to her personality and good looks, she's never had a problem finding friends.

What to do about Mom (The Racist Pig),Her Punishment Started Part 1

As I wrote in my blog moms punishment began,for being a racist pig.Those of African/American decent sorry for the wording about to follow,as I stated moms a racist pig cause my girlfriend and I to breakup,Always bad mouthing black people, and making derogatory remarks,thier no good all druggies females would end upsome ones whore or bitch or workinking the street.

Dee's Transformation

It had been another long day at work and Dee still had to go home and cook dinner for the family. Dee had now been married for 10 years to her second husband and though she was happy the predictable routine was making her feel restless with wonderment of what she may be missing. Her first husband had been controlling and abusive which left her with 2 children and a self loathing. After 5 years of struggle as a single divorced mother when she met Paul and fell in love. Paul helped her see how good of a woman she was and that she had nothing to do with the disrespect she got from her ex. Soon she felt love for herself too and after a year they were married in a small ceremony.

HAving fun with Moms Ass

Like I,ve said been fucking mom for a while,solo friends gangbangs etc,love using and abusing her and she accepts it,anywayone afternoon wanted to something wild and crazy with her,called one of my friends over that fucked her with me and told him wanted to get crazy with her,then it dawned on me mom has a great ass lets see what we can shove up there,oicked up a bunch of things,called her come over now!!!

Making Mom my Sex Slave,and intrducing her to gangbanging,part 2 introducing mom to female bisexuality

As you read and know mom is my sex slave,I fuck when I want and where,given a gangbang with a few friends,gave her others but will write about that later,now that I had guys fuck her I wanted to try something different,she is anti gay bi tv tg and cd,which bothers me I am not gay or bi but friends that are a little of everything I mentioned, sooo, I figured it was time to introduce her to bi life and I just the female for it.