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Honoring an Adult Auction

I just heard of an adult auction on a private social network, I've always wondered what it would be like being a third person with another open minded couple. Its been 6 years since the passing of my wife and I have had no luck with a new relationship, so I thought what to hell, I'm game and curious. My email address showed a response that needed my acceptance right away, as not to lose out on the opportunity. Opening the email I felt like a teen again, excited but nervous at the same time.

Selena Day out

Selena waited until Monday before she emailed Ray. She was trying to adjust to the new feelings and sensations she had experienced the previous friday night with him. She had gained from the experience. Now she could tell when her friends were bragging online of sexual exploits, she was certain they had never had. She emailed Monday. After dinner she went to her room and sent him the email she had been crafting. "Ray thank you for being such a wonderful gentle man. wondering if you ever want to see me again?"Selena waited for a reply. His reply came about ten o clock just before she was getting into bed. Darling Selena. Of course i want to see you again. You are so beautiful.

Selena learns about sex

Selena felt a wave flood over her as she typed. She had wrote and rewrote her post. She still wasn?t sure about what she was doing, or why really. Except that all her friends seem to have found great sexual experiences. It was all they ever seemed to talk about. the three times she had sex were some of the worst experiences of her life. The one guy that she had gone home with from the bar was drunker than she thought. He had stunk, went limp very fast and he never did get hard again. The next guy was brutal and rough she was happy just to manage to escape from him. Maybe thats why she was so timid and shy with Wayne. she really liked him but she could tell she had disappointed him.

i love to be a SLAVE of FEMALE Master

Hello every one iam Roshan,from India. While i was studying in school i used to sit near a guy named prem.i used to have interest in older ladies. I used to watch the cleavage of our class teacher krishna veni and head mistress jeyalakshmi. Krishna was 52 years old and jeya was 55 years old.. They both were very fat. Krishna had a smooth white body with a very big belly and giant boobs.. She didnt have wrinkles in her body.. I wud rate her 40-38-40. Jeya had lots of wrinkles.she was also white. But i loved her belly which was full of fat and which used to form in different shapes while she teaches.but she didnt have as big boobs like krishna..but had very big ass. I would rate her 38-36-42.

Alissa: Part 2

Even though I was enjoying the service my tool was receiving, I did not want for it to continue. But, I didn't know how to get my daughter to stop. I looked straight at her, but she wouldn't look up at me. She just casually ate her spaghetti like nothing else was going on. I looked to my left and to my right, and both my wife and son also continued eating, unaware of what was happening under our dinner table. I decided to try pushing her foot away, so I carefully slid my left hand under the table and used my right hand to continue eating.

Alissa: Part 1

Alissa is my daughter. Well, technically, she is my step-daughter. But, her mother and I have been together since Alissa was about three years old, so I consider her to be of my own blood. We had a great relationship which just added to the illusion of us truly being related. I was fair with all my children. My wife, Yasmin, is the total opposite when it comes to disciplining the kids. She has her favorite, which is always the baby of the family. We now have five children, including Alissa, and with each new baby came a new favorite.

An Indecent Proposition (Part 5)

For over three months I had availed myself of Amy's eager mouth and pussy. For a girl who hadn't been dating and didn't really want a relationship, she was a very enthusiastic lover. It's true, apart from our night in Derbyshire, we hadn't eaten out, gone for walks or had a drink in the pub. Our relationship was ninety nine percent sexual. I would have said one hundred, but she served me in the refectory of a local nature reserve and I had given her lifts home. Since our meeting, Amy had past her test and now drove a second hand car, which precluded my services in that direction. Sometimes she would drive, on the occasion that I fancied a blow job in a quiet spot in the country.

An Indecent Proposition (Part 4)

My lusty male urges had not only been satisfied but indulged to the maximum, after entering into my no strings arrangement with Amy. In a week or so, I had ended an almost year long sexual fast in spectacular fashion. I had fucked her three times at my home and once in the bucolic Rutland countryside. It was apparent that Amy did not hold sex with a very high priority in her life, but enjoyed the attention I was giving her. She confessed that she masturbated quite a lot but didn't feel any the worse off for not dating.

An Indecent Proposition (Part 3)

The first Saturday in August was short sleeve weather without being hot. So, I was a little surprised and more than delighted when Amy came out of her house dressed as she was. Our first time the previous Monday night had been incredible with me busting my nut twice, down her throat. My two grand had been money well spent and I was glad I hadn't been stingy. She had clearly considered it a generous sum. More than that, my young sex kitten had more or less given me carte blanche to call her up when I felt like it.

my time with Dany (part 1)

Me and Dany go way back, we met when we were in Kindergarden and have remained close for who know's how long, this year was when I really started to get interested in her, I noticed she had developed more, her chest jutting out, her butt getting bigger, she was skinny, but in an attractive way, kept fit from her years in track, her raven black hair reaching to the middle of her back, and her skin dark and tan from the time out in the sun.