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Tails of Horror Return Of The Dark Kingdom

The dark witch and The Huntsmen. An old witch was waking up and slow made her way down to see the sun set when she sat on her front porch. She saw a vile full of a green liquid  and a note on a red piece of paper. She smiled and drank a third of the vile she look at her old self in the mirror and watch her self turn back into a 38 year old women. Caster her daughter spoke. Caster: wow this stuff is amazing. She said after taking the rest of the bottle turn back into a 19 year old girl. Her mother look at her with shock then she read the note. Miss Everdeen: we have work to do. Across the ocean in the us was a run down witch and sorcery academy. The old head master Mr.

Trouble at hogsmeeds Dark Deeds

As Lilith return to her class room she sat down at her desk. The secret door in the middle of the room open and Jill came in still nude. She walk over and went threw a stack of papers need grade and pull one. She wrote on it and summons an owl to take it to the student. Lilith: what are u doing. Jill: I have a plan she smirk. We need to talk. An hour latter Lara came walking in.  A tall blonde elf. She long pointed ears and a body that would make any super model worry . She a nice set of medium breast c size the were a little saggy. And a ass that made Jill horny for her. Her were a dark glowing green the was put anyone she wanted under her spell.

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Hello friends and I am Jay 21 years old and was studying in Bangalore, India. This incident happened when I was 19. During that time my mom's college best friend came to meet my mom. Also as her husband had gone abroad she was feeling very lonely so she came here as a break. My mom was really happy hearing this and she was preparing herself to meet her friend, her name was Nirmala and she said her friend will be staying with us for a weekAnd since we had only two room's ground floor which was occupied by my parents and another room by my grand mom and she said Nirmala aunty will sleep in my room which was in the top floor to which I refused in the beginning.

How my wife turned into an expert pussy sucker

This is the true story of Juhi, my wife. I met her at one of my girlfriend's house. During one of sucking session in groups, we sucked each other; we both liked and enjoyed a lot. As we had the same passion for sucking, I proposed her and got married. Of late, I asked her to write the story of her and here it goes in her own words:I'm a 21 year old quite sexy babe and from recently I have found myself getting a problem that developed when I got my first menses period. I started getting very horny just a couple of days before my period and the older I got, the hornier I was getting.

Lesbian Breeding nights at hogwarts

Breeding at Hogwarts The first night It was Monday a Hogwarts when the dark art teacher walks in to the head master office. Yes Professor Mark what can I do said the head master. Mark spoke my wife was hurt in a car crash need to take a week off. Mean while Hermione was at summer school taking a few class to make up for a lost school year. When she sat in the dark arts class a substitute teacher walk in with a large hand bag. Only a few girls were in class she notices.

Sex With Her is What I Do for Fun

I know that girls mature faster than boys but when it came to sex I started way to early as early as [redacted] grade and for those of you that don't know your normally [redacted] in the [redacted] grade but I was [redacted] . I don't quite remember how it all started but at some point my bestfriend and I started experimenting with sex. By the time we were [redacted] she and I had alot of fun. Now my friend is older than me by two years because she stayed back but we were BFF's none the less. I was always a short girl and I often wore my hair in two pig tails, I had a small pie face and a ass that just stood out on me even at young age, and I loved it.

Indian Princess comes to america

Ismira left the hotel quickly, not wanting her parents to see her dressed the way she was. she felt excitement, knowing she was breaking the rules, but she didn't care. tonight she would have actual fun.she hailed a cab and got in, she knew the cab driver was looking at her through the mirror, she didn't blame him. she was dressed like a slut, her long black hair was straight with nothing tying it down, her small see-through dress barely went halfway down her thigh, you could clearly see her bra through the see-through material of the dress and the G-string she wore clearly showed through the tight clothing "can you please take me to the nearest club?" she asked the cab driver.

Girls Play Tent at Nude Camp

The girls around the block put their request with my stepdaughter to attend the "nudist colony" for the weekend. We joined about 7 years ago and it has been the best investment any incestuous family could make...We have a few BDSM friends at the camp site who occupy the basement in the main clubhouse. Usually they have a few sex slaves but when they have unsuspecting first timers who need constant attention, our friends put on quite a show for the camp site. This is my 3rd marriage in 10 years.

The Girl in 4D

Abby had just moved into this apartment building about six months ago, and was just about settled in. It was a pretty quiet building, no noisy neighbors, no late night parties. Most of the people who lived there were young single professional types like her. The one great thing about her apartment was her downstairs neighbor. Gwen was maybe five or six years older than Abby, and a total slut. She was a beautiful brunette with a tight body. She loved to dress provocatively showing off lots of legs and cleavage.

close friend turn into lover pt2

Part two of close friends turn into lovers. Please read the first one to understand part two. Enjoy this story and I hope you get pleasure, and wetness from reading. Mia makes a stronger drink for her and Jenny. Jenny comes back into the house and calls Mia's name. "Miaaaaaaaaaa where are you"?. "In the kitchen Jenny, come join me you sexy bitch". Jenny walks into the kitchen still naked. Jenny notices Mia still has own her box shorts and a blue t-shirt. Mia hands Jenny one of the drinks she finished making for the both of them. "Mmmmm this is really good Mia" said Jenny as she sits down. "Thanks let's toast to having a remarkable night" said Mia. "Yes to a remarkable night as well".