Sex in the movie

They were watching a porno movie in the cinema. As the movie was not bad, but not that good, they decided -well, in fact, she decided it all- to mimic the behavior of those who fucked in the scenes of the movie. Michael was so horny that his dick did not answer to the sex call. It was so strange. Two ladies waiting to get porno excited by a man who could take them home safely. But with their breasts touched and her panties wet with desire. So Claudia and Michelle were watching the beginning of the movie as Michael gasped thinking the rest, the orgasmic pleasure it would be to have Claudia's little sister enjoying a big cock in her mouth. Claudia was perpetrating this date for too long.

Fantasy time, me!

Following Mine and Kevins exploits with the fantasy world, and a stud named Gary, i felt it was about time i tried abd lived one of my fantasy's that knowone but me ever knew about, i wasn't sure which one, i just knew, it was time, Kevin didn't need to know everything, besides this one was for me, that'll make it 1-1! Right!? The following days after my husbands bi-sexual threesome, with myself and the internet stud, Gary, i had been given an opportunity to go to scotland for a learning weekend from work. Hurrying at the chance, a little get away is always good, i jumped the first train, after say bye to my hubby. Upon the train, a 15 hour slow train journey had begun.

Fantasy time, me and Kev.

After several years of thinking, the time had come for my husband and i, to fulfil our wildest fantasy's, only, he wouldn't know too much about most of them, who am i to tell, march, and the frosty mornings still among us, yet spring, firstly let me tell you some bits about ourselves. My husband, a 33 y/o, handsome, builder by trade, and very good with his hands! Named Kevin, myself, 34 y/o, sassy, told im very attractive, and awsome with my tongue. We had often spoken of our fantasy's, but husband was more honest and sordid than me, i kept them simple, almost romantic, secretly yearning for other, unmentionable, to him at least, things.

Girls Play Tent at Nude Camp

The girls around the block put their request with my stepdaughter to attend the "nudist colony" for the weekend. We joined about 7 years ago and it has been the best investment any incestuous family could make...We have a few BDSM friends at the camp site who occupy the basement in the main clubhouse. Usually they have a few sex slaves but when they have unsuspecting first timers who need constant attention, our friends put on quite a show for the camp site. This is my 3rd marriage in 10 years.

The sex starved Librarian

I meet her on a classified ads section of the internet three months ago. Our communications had evolved to a hot sexy teasing of each other, we often found ourselves excusing ourselves to take a cold shower, but each time it would end up the same, cold showers and at times self gratification. Leaves were falling outside and the weather was talking of a large nor-eastern approaching by the weekend. Agreeing to meet for drinks, after work Friday night, we were both nervous but looking forward to seeing each other in person and seeing what was our next step. We meet in the parking lot of a local pub, greeting each other with a hug before walking in.

sissy summer

One summer me and my girlfriend Cara were going to go her lake house for a week I was siked I packed up and was ready to go so we drive to her lake house I rush inside to use the restroom because I had to go bad after ward I saw the to needed to be f checked under the sink only to find some silk panties and a box of tampons suddenly the urge hit me to put on the panties they felt amazing then the idea hit me to put a tampon in my buthole i wrapped one and slowly push it in to my ass it was almost enough to make me cum my erect penis pushing on the silk pannel of the panties and the string hanging out of my bum then suddenly my girlfriend...

In which we find true love (part 2)

Saturday. Diamond was removed first thing in the morning. The feeling of emptiness surprises me and becomes more acute as the day wore on. Even though I had only had it in for five days, it had become almost part of me and something I had become completely used to. I had wondered if leaving it out might allow my sphincter to return to its normal tightness and take me right back to the point before I had bought it. I needn't have worried. Although my ass was water tight, entry with my fingers was absolutely no problem. I was satisfied that getting his cock inside of me would be no problem. That realisation suddenly had me nervous.

Pussy spy

She was very pretty. A very pretty girl, with pretty eyes. But Michelle Wisks had these beautiful rounded breasts I was so in love with, until the day she caught me spying on her. And then, she punished me and saciated me with her "friends". I was in the gym. When our classes ended, I spied when the girls where changing clothes. "I bet Brigitte has masturbated a lot this week, her pussy is horny and reddish", but I had no time for this, since Michelle, with her red haired pussy, was fingering herself nicely and sweating, accompanied by three other girls. These girls were very pretty too, but I was concentrating on her cunt.

Cindy learns to like a cock in her Ass

I have blogged and storied at length about Cindy, her love of cock, sucking cock, fucking cock, (cocks actually, plural, lots of cocks), her pussy, her love of cum and her love of taking on many guys and the lifestyle we created which allowed her to do that and got me a wholesome share of pussy too. But anal has at best been a little rarely mentioned side dish. For me, not at all, never done anal, not even with Cindy. Just not my thing, I love pussy, a vagina, a cunt, a set of lips wrapped around my cock.

Abigail part three

The gift The leather mask he wore seemed to be seamless. The only breaks in the smooth black leather were slits for his eyes and holes to breathe through, no mouth. She could hear the whisper of his accelerated breathing as he bent over her prostrate, naked body. Abigail noticed the definition of his musculature as his skintight suit rippled with his movement. His biceps accentuated by the refraction of light as it bounced of the shiny material. Somewhat abstractly, in a corner of her mind, she thought he had to be extremely hot, trapped in the encompassing embrace of his costume.