Gay Male

Male bonding

Jake stirred his coffee, the spoon going around and around, no longer diluting the two sugars he had put in it several minutes ago. He sat at the kitchen table, alone and lost in his thoughts, his head cradled in his right hand, elbow supporting him from the table. He was thinking, remembering the events of the past weekend, what a weekend it had been. Every so often, the company would organize a management-bonding event, designed to make the middle managers of the organization a more cohesive team. The events ranged from paint balling to orienteering and everything in between. Mostly, they were a laugh and a pretty good piss up away from the office and drudgery of their working lives.

A Longtime Wish and Dream.

I have longed to find a man that would have sex with me for years now. I have thought about being with a man for a long time and every time I think of sex thoughts of a man making love to me and filling me with his manhood flood my mind. I have had sex with women many times but it leaves me lacking and needing more. I have only had sex with a man once before and that one time was just a blow job. After I finished giving him all my loving I was hungrier than ever for the touch of a man. To be used and loved and filled with another man's cock. I love the taste of cum and sucking cock is a huge turn on for me. I almost cum in my pants when I think about it.

Tales From Alyrrawood - Ch. 3

Well in part 1 John and my wife were teasing me that I may be Bi as I liked MFM sex a lot. I just liked to make sure my partner was satisfied. Since I wasn't that well-endowed I would add a little extra to our love making. Yet here they were teasing me to suck John's cock. Well that evening ended and my wife and I talked. She told me it was turning her on and keeping her wet thinking of me with a dick in my mouth making it hard for her pussy.She understood that at the present time John was out of the picture. But she asked me to think about it. I told her I would. Well we had increased our toy collection since but hadn't had another human in bed with us again. John and I were still friends.

Tales From Alyrrawood - Ch. 2

Dru was panting, his body aching, as Tiny pushed him down on the bed, the tall, dark-skinned human leaning over him and mouthing his cock through the thin cotton of his briefs, the hot, wet material rubbing against his sensitive flesh and making him squirm. Hooking his fingers into the waistband of Dru's underwear, Tiny slid them off and tossed them aside, licking his lips as he stared down at the young mage's hard cock, slender and pale compared to Tiny's dark monster. Dru gasped, arching his back as Tiny swallowed him to the base in one slurp, sucking hard as he bobbed his head, each stroke of his lips and tongue drawing a breathless whimper from Dru's lips.

Tales From Alyrrawood - Ch. 1

Dru hurried through the fog, the tall grass catching at his shoes and trying to trip him, but he could see the lights of the old manor through the mist--a dozen spots of golden light glowing in the darkness, and he could hear the deep, bass beat of the music, like the heartbeat of the house itself. Climbing the creaky front steps, he entered through the open front doors, shrugging out of his long, black overcoat as he glanced around the foyer. There was a pile of coats against the wall, so he checked his pockets to make sure there wasn't anything worth staling, and then tossed his down.

Ain't that a Bitch

It was two o'clock in the morning. Jim took a gulp of coffee as he sat patiently in his car in the deserted park. He put his drink down in the cup holder, and looked at his watch thinking, "where the fuck is this kid?" Jim looked around nervously to make sure no one saw him. He'd be in a shit load of trouble if he got caught. Right then a beat up old Ford Taurus pulled into a space on the other side of the parking lot, and the driver shut off the engine. The old clunker's high beam's flashed twice, Jim knew that was the signal. He waited for the driver to get out so he could look him over.

How to Fuck Your Dragon

Most people think that dragons are cold-blooded, analytical creatures with no imagination, no passion, but I know one man who would disagree with that. I met him on a long, lonely train ride, and over a few glasses of mulled wine, he told me his tale. Is it true? I'll let you decide. For the sake of protecting his identity, I'll call this man John. John was a professor of dragonology at a university, but had taken a semester off to study serpentine dragons in their natural habitat. Long and snake-like with short, stocky legs, serpentine dragons live in dry, arid places within flying distance of a lake, river, or ocean, since their primary prey is fish.

Wet Dreams

I know there has to be something wrong with this apartment. No one rents out a huge loft like this for one-tenth of the market value unless it's haunted or something. But since I haven't found a steady job yet, I don't really have a lot of options. This is all that I can afford. I search the place thoroughly, but I can't find anything obviously wrong with it -- no rats, no roaches, no bloodstains, and the plumbing and electricity both work. I go to bed feeling extremely lucky. When I wake up, though, it's a different story. My asshole is sore, like I've been ridden hard, but I broke up with my boyfriend months ago and haven't been laid since.

Gay in a Small Town

I'd known I was gay since high school, but until I met Charlie, I'd never done a gay thing in my life. Living in a small Mid-west town, where everyone goes to the same church, everyone has Sunday dinner, and everyone knows everyone else's business, exploring one's sexuality can be problematical, to say the least. I was twenty-five, almost six foot, with blue eyes, brown hair, and the kind of tan you can only get from spending long days on a tractor. I had my own place in town, but I still worked on my parents' farm, so I was lean and strong, the kind of guy any girl would want, as my mother constantly pointed out.

Failed but fun threesome

Every year my wife and I organise a night out with friends to a random town or city. This year it was to be Manchester. The usual group is made up of twelve to fifteen people, on this occasion it was to be twelve due to other commitments. This group was made up of four couples and four singles two female two male. We all travelled their in our cars and met in the hotel bar after sorting our rooms and baggage. We discussed our food and transportation plans to get into the city centre, then went up to our rooms. My heart started to race as we approached our hotel room as we always have wild sex in every new place we stay.