First Date

Chapter 2: Mr. Bill and me

As I slowly opened my eyes and became aware of my surroundings I realized I was no longer on the couch with Bill. When I fall asleep, I go almost comatose, especially if I've had some red wine, and there is almost nothing that will wake me. At times it is rather scary that I sleep that way.

Mr. Bill and me

I had been chatting electronically with an admirer named Mr. Bill or as his IG name was, Nastyokie69. I met him online on IG several years ago and we became Kik buddies. His photos of his beautiful 8 inch cock always made me so wet and made it impossible for me to keep my hands from venturing in all my sexual spots, especially my drenched little cunt! His nasty photos on IG and his audio and video files that he sent me thru Kik always made me hot and excited. Now, I was finally going to really meet him and that wonderful cock of his! But, before I start this story, a little background on me. I am a sexually charged borderline nymphomaniac.

Male bonding

Jake stirred his coffee, the spoon going around and around, no longer diluting the two sugars he had put in it several minutes ago. He sat at the kitchen table, alone and lost in his thoughts, his head cradled in his right hand, elbow supporting him from the table. He was thinking, remembering the events of the past weekend, what a weekend it had been. Every so often, the company would organize a management-bonding event, designed to make the middle managers of the organization a more cohesive team. The events ranged from paint balling to orienteering and everything in between. Mostly, they were a laugh and a pretty good piss up away from the office and drudgery of their working lives.

Selena Day out

Selena waited until Monday before she emailed Ray. She was trying to adjust to the new feelings and sensations she had experienced the previous friday night with him. She had gained from the experience. Now she could tell when her friends were bragging online of sexual exploits, she was certain they had never had. She emailed Monday. After dinner she went to her room and sent him the email she had been crafting. "Ray thank you for being such a wonderful gentle man. wondering if you ever want to see me again?"Selena waited for a reply. His reply came about ten o clock just before she was getting into bed. Darling Selena. Of course i want to see you again. You are so beautiful.

Selena learns about sex

Selena felt a wave flood over her as she typed. She had wrote and rewrote her post. She still wasn?t sure about what she was doing, or why really. Except that all her friends seem to have found great sexual experiences. It was all they ever seemed to talk about. the three times she had sex were some of the worst experiences of her life. The one guy that she had gone home with from the bar was drunker than she thought. He had stunk, went limp very fast and he never did get hard again. The next guy was brutal and rough she was happy just to manage to escape from him. Maybe thats why she was so timid and shy with Wayne. she really liked him but she could tell she had disappointed him.

One Night Stand

I went out Friday night, I was bored and wanted to see if I could score. So I went into the dance club and tried four or five times to get up with one girl or another, nothing.

Sexual Awakening

Dean, a nineteen year old guy that I'd been talking to increasingly often, arrived at my house around 7pm like he said he would, and I got a little uneasily into his old silver car as he held the door open for me. By the time I got to Dean's I was even more nervous for no particular reason, but I was relieved the drive had gone smoothly (at least in my opinion) and that we had managed to keep the conversation going... Or at least I waffled on enough for the both of us. I followed him on weak legs into the back garden where a large shed had been converted into his bedroom.

Fucking Cowboy

After six straight days of rain I awoke to the warm, radiant sun seductively kissing my face. As I rose out of bed I put my hand over my eyes to shield myself from its intense, but welcoming glare. It had been two weeks since I walked in and caught Brad face down in another woman's crotch and I was way overdue for a good fuck and for that I needed a willing participant. Unfortunately, that would have to wait because I could not afford another day off this month. I lazily headed for the shower and stopped to peer at myself in the full-length mirror outside the bathroom.

Gay in a Small Town

I'd known I was gay since high school, but until I met Charlie, I'd never done a gay thing in my life. Living in a small Mid-west town, where everyone goes to the same church, everyone has Sunday dinner, and everyone knows everyone else's business, exploring one's sexuality can be problematical, to say the least. I was twenty-five, almost six foot, with blue eyes, brown hair, and the kind of tan you can only get from spending long days on a tractor. I had my own place in town, but I still worked on my parents' farm, so I was lean and strong, the kind of guy any girl would want, as my mother constantly pointed out.

Halloween Treat

Allie, Kate and Daniel were getting ready for the Halloween party. Kate and Daniel were dressing as Hansel and Gretel. Allie put on her plaid skirt, white button up blouse, and pulled on her long white knee socks. As they walked out Allie slipped on some penny loafers she had picked up from Goodwill. While driving to the party, Allie sat in the back seat. She felt like the spare tire of the group. Although her and Kate secretly had a thing going, Kate had made it clear that she was in love with Daniel and didn't want him to know. So as they kissed and giggled with each other in the front seat Allie just stared off into space. Since coming to college she had opened up sexually.