My Fiance's Friend

Cassie was blow-drying her hair, getting ready to go to a birthday party with her fiancé, Pete. Her long blonde hair was tossed by the action of the blow dryer. She stared into the mirror at her body wrapped in a towel. At twenty-five she was quite a hottie. Her blonde hair hung down to her mid-back, her eyes were a sparkling green, her tits were a perky b cup with pink nipples that were notorious for getting hard and wickedly long. She knew even if she wore a padded bra that if she got excited her nipples would still poke out and be noticeable. Since her teen years she had known that was a sure way to get male attention. And she loved male attention.

Windy day

The tall and slender brown haired beauty walked gracefully down the street as the wind gentle lifted her hair almost caring it in the wind. The sun shone down which was warming her shoulder even though she had a jacket. It was nice to feel the warmth not only upon her face and shoulders but warming her whole body as she walked with the constant clicking of her heels. Most people were busily scrambling down the side walk each on their way to their own journeys and destinations. As she walked the leaves moved around her almost as if they were dancing just for her. The black squirrels were scurrying up and down the trees chasing each other around for the biggest trophy.

Night Visiter

The warm night air kissed my skin as I made my way towards his house. The half-moon's light kept becoming covered by the thick clouds, a promise of rain and I could feel it in the air. It was odd to be out at this time, when I had locked my car it had been 2:15 am. I shivered as the dew from the grass brushed across my ankles. As I glanced up I could finally see the outline of the house, of his house. I felt myself becoming even more wet as I thought about what was to come. I silently made my to the corner and then ran my hands down the side of the house, I felt the first window, touched the second, and finally my fingers came to the third.