Alissa: Part 2

Even though I was enjoying the service my tool was receiving, I did not want for it to continue. But, I didn't know how to get my daughter to stop. I looked straight at her, but she wouldn't look up at me. She just casually ate her spaghetti like nothing else was going on. I looked to my left and to my right, and both my wife and son also continued eating, unaware of what was happening under our dinner table. I decided to try pushing her foot away, so I carefully slid my left hand under the table and used my right hand to continue eating.

Alissa: Part 1

Alissa is my daughter. Well, technically, she is my step-daughter. But, her mother and I have been together since Alissa was about three years old, so I consider her to be of my own blood. We had a great relationship which just added to the illusion of us truly being related. I was fair with all my children. My wife, Yasmin, is the total opposite when it comes to disciplining the kids. She has her favorite, which is always the baby of the family. We now have five children, including Alissa, and with each new baby came a new favorite.

Girls Play Tent at Nude Camp

The girls around the block put their request with my stepdaughter to attend the "nudist colony" for the weekend. We joined about 7 years ago and it has been the best investment any incestuous family could make...We have a few BDSM friends at the camp site who occupy the basement in the main clubhouse. Usually they have a few sex slaves but when they have unsuspecting first timers who need constant attention, our friends put on quite a show for the camp site. This is my 3rd marriage in 10 years.

A Trip to See Dad

Emma had not really seen her dad since her parents got divorced. It was a bad situation. Her mother accused her dad of awful things and then managed to prevent her dad from seeing Emma. For her part, Emma never really understood what had happened. All she knew was that her dad paid child support and nothing else. It had been hard growing up without a dad, girls, especially teen girls, need a daddy in their lives. Sure, her mother had boyfriends who tried being nice, but it was never the same. Now, with her first year in college almost done, she decided to visit her dad for spring break.

My Birthday

This was going to be such a great night. Mom and dad were taking me and my boyfriend, Jason, out to dinner for my birthday. Dad said we could go to that super great Italian place called Iliano's, totally expensive. Mom told me to wear something nice cause it was a fancy place so I was going to wear my new blue spaghetti strap dress, I thought it was cool wearing something with spaghetti straps to an Italian place. I was showering, washing my long blonde hair with the new shampoo I got for my birthday. The water was so hot running over my shoulders and tits and back down over my pussy. As I lathered my hair one of my hands cuped my tit.

Hello Daddy

Sienna grew up without her father in the picture. Instead of resenting him for it, she ached to meet the man that created her. Throughout her teenage life, she kept tabs on him as best she could and would often walk by his apartment complex in an attempt to catch a glimpse of him. Now, never knowing what it was like to have a father-daughter relationship, Sienna was unsure how best to capture his attention. The only interactions she'd had with adult men were the ones that leered at her and undressed her with their eyes. Sienna took to wearing revealing clothing that flaunted her 5'2", hour glass frame. She kept her dark hair long, wavy and pumped up with sexy volume.

Jeff's Daughter The final Chapter

Part IVHeather got on her knees in front of the group as the first man on the end started to speak into the camera. "Hey Jeff, my names Mark and if everything has gone as planned you've been fucking my daughter Caitlyn today. I'm sure you've enjoyed her, and now I'm going to enjoy fucking your daughter. We're all going to enjoy fucking your daughter."The camera pans down to show Heather bobbing up and down on marks cock. "Hey buddy." I said to Jeff. "Have a seat on the couch and enjoy the show, Jessica's ass isn't going any where.""Huh? What?" Jeff said in a dazed slur. "The Couch, Caitlyn got us a couple more beers." I said. "Yea..the couch.

Kathy's first Orgasm

Daughter can't get satisfaction, so turns to her father for help. My afternoon client had called to let me know that he was sick and would not be able to make our meeting. Disappointed, I went home early to catch up on a little paper work on the old home computer. I climbed the stairs and was walking past my oldest daughters room when a soft noise caught my interest. The door was slightly ajar so I peeked in. There on her bed were my daughter and her boyfriend Steve. They were both nude, and she was on her back with her knees spread wide to allow him to kneel between them. He was rolling a condom onto his very stiff cock.

Jeffs's Daughter Part 3

Part IIIThe first images pop up on the screen as Caitlyn climbs on Jeff's cock. "Ohhh fuck!" he groaned as his tool slides easily into the sexy brunette. "Mmmm, I love it." Caitlyn moans as her pink tunnel is filled. "There she is Jeff. She's got a lot of potential to be as big a whore as Caitlyn and Jessica here" I proclaim. Referring to the women on the screen on her hands and knees with her head in a mans crotch, her ass and pussy exposed. "Nice looking pussy." He said, getting a getting a hand on the vernacular. "Isn't it." I said. "I spent almost an hour licking and finger fucking her.""Oh, that's you?" Jeff asked. "Yep, these first few photos I took.

A Present for Daddy

Her body throbbed. She stopped the car in the driveway and shut everything off. A tiny whimper popped from her smeared lips and she sank into the seat for a moment. Her pussy pulsed inside her soggy panties. She squeezed her thighs together, thinking about the hard cock that rammed into her hungry hole only a few minutes before, pumping a gusher of hot come into her cunt. Finally swinging her high heels to the concrete, she locked the car and crossed to the stoop and paused.