My family is full of freaks

My cousin and i had the typical relationship. We never really hugged each other or said i love you to one another. One day we were at my grandmothers house. Her grandmother and my grandmother are sisters. We would always go to the basement and watch tv because it was a old house and there was nothing much to do. At that age we were both sexually curious. I had tried masturbation as every teen boy has. My cousin and i were rough housing and wrestling on the ground and i accidentally grabbed a hold of her breast. She was shocked and so was i. I didnt know what to say but i released it quickly. At that time i was ridiculously horny. So i tried grabbing it again.

Alissa: Part 2

Even though I was enjoying the service my tool was receiving, I did not want for it to continue. But, I didn't know how to get my daughter to stop. I looked straight at her, but she wouldn't look up at me. She just casually ate her spaghetti like nothing else was going on. I looked to my left and to my right, and both my wife and son also continued eating, unaware of what was happening under our dinner table. I decided to try pushing her foot away, so I carefully slid my left hand under the table and used my right hand to continue eating.

My Son Visits From College

Dave was feverishly finishing up a project presentation in his home office while his wife was upstairs cleaning their son's room and making his bed. They had gotten the call from Alan last night that he and his girlfriend were coming home from college for a weekend visit. Alan was a good kid, he got moderately good grades, played on the college lacrosse team, and usually called home regularly. These calls always had the same format - talk to his mother for a while, say "hi" to his father, then ask his dad for money. For Dave, the format was the same too, he would ask about Alan's grades, ask about lacrosse, go to the bank the next day to deposit a pile of money into his son's account.

My Birthday

This was going to be such a great night. Mom and dad were taking me and my boyfriend, Jason, out to dinner for my birthday. Dad said we could go to that super great Italian place called Iliano's, totally expensive. Mom told me to wear something nice cause it was a fancy place so I was going to wear my new blue spaghetti strap dress, I thought it was cool wearing something with spaghetti straps to an Italian place. I was showering, washing my long blonde hair with the new shampoo I got for my birthday. The water was so hot running over my shoulders and tits and back down over my pussy. As I lathered my hair one of my hands cuped my tit.

My summer

This is my first time writing, i'm sorry if it's bad, i'm open to suggestions. I started getting funny feeling when I turned [redacted], I new what they were, naturally I was curious, and I started playing with myself, but when I turned [redacted] I often found myself thinking of my mom when I did. This is my fantasy, none of this is true. I got home from school early this particular day, and little did I know tonight would change my life. I walked in the house "MOM I'M HOME" I got no answer, so I dropped my bag by the door and went up the stairs two at a time. Mom's door was closed but her music was on and it was so unlike her to nap so early.

Jeff's Daughter The final Chapter

Part IVHeather got on her knees in front of the group as the first man on the end started to speak into the camera. "Hey Jeff, my names Mark and if everything has gone as planned you've been fucking my daughter Caitlyn today. I'm sure you've enjoyed her, and now I'm going to enjoy fucking your daughter. We're all going to enjoy fucking your daughter."The camera pans down to show Heather bobbing up and down on marks cock. "Hey buddy." I said to Jeff. "Have a seat on the couch and enjoy the show, Jessica's ass isn't going any where.""Huh? What?" Jeff said in a dazed slur. "The Couch, Caitlyn got us a couple more beers." I said. "Yea..the couch.

Eric and Lori

It had all been over so soon, Eric was making out with Donna in his bedroom when he pulled out a dildo. He'd found it in his sister's room the day before and really wanted to try it out on Donna. She was surprised, so much so that she walked out on him, it wasn't that Eric hadn't been to Donna's nether regions before, it was just that she had never seen a dildo before and wasn't comfortable with it. Eric's plan for the weekend had been ruined. His parents were gone and this was the weekend he would have fucked Donna's brains out, but it didn't look like that would happen now... Later that night Eric was on the couch watching some stupid shit on TV, trying to get Donna out of his head.

My real fun which I will never forget

I am sending another story about my encounter with Sunita my cousin's wife. She is about 30 and with a bulky body with a figure of 38 35 40. Looking at her no one can think of having sex with her. It happens that my cousin and his wife Sunita came to our house as my cousin had to go on a business trip to another place for about 20 days and for the 20 days Sunita would stay with us. Since my mother was out of town I welcome them and told my cousin that he can leave Sunita in our house. That night we three (my cousin, his wife Sunita and me) enjoyed our diner and in the next morning at around 6am my cousin leave for his business trip. We both went to our own room and sleep up to 9am.

A hot experience never before

Initial years of our marriage were rather dry with both being illiterate in terms of sex life. We just did it for the sake of doing it. She was also totally unexposed to sex. I had to show and teach her everything. I am sure, many of our fellow Indian's go through the same situation. Slowly, I started to feel more and hornier, but my wife was not achieving that state of sexiness. I found out that likewise she is very hot but keeps herself covered and quiet. I decided to train her fully to make her just like any foreign lady, which I liked very much. It took years of trial and error and efforts and today the results are mind-blowing. I am narrating most of the things here. I need your feedbac...

the bet

The day was hot Jill was in the pool look out in the Nabors yard watching a young hot teen male named brad play foot ball with his friends she look over at Tina who the new hot guy she says that's brad he so not ur type. Why that she says. He real church fanatic if u what I mean he try's to convert even girl into a nun. Hey marry a young hot black girl says I have an I deal u should ask him out with that Tina and Marry were laughing Kim join them a hot tall black hair girl who tits and big and fake sounds like Jill has a crush. Ok Jill says I get him to fuck me tonight want to make a bet. Fine all the girls says but not just u all of us.