After Amanda got home she stripped down to her panties and laid down in bed. She began to rub her hands up and her ample tits and then slid her hand down to her crotch and reveled in how wet she was. She then pulled aside the gusset and slid two fingers into her still dripping pussy. As she thought about the experience she just had at work she instinctively removed them, brought them to her mouth and reveled in the taste of her own juices mixed with her bosses cum. Susan walked into the office and said "well guys, looks like we're going to be here late tonight. Bob called and said that the office move was pushed up so we have to pack things up".

Sex Story: Chapter 1

It was a typical british summer I thought as I woke up to the pitter patter of rain hitting the window beside me. It was a small apartment but it had a fashionable look. The floors and roof were decorated with cream tiles whilst the floor had been fitted with a wooden decking. I clambered onto it and suddenly winced as the flesh of my feet touched the freezing surface. I slipped on some socks and just about managed to fit my 6 foot 3 inch frame into the bathroom. I stood there and noticed a red mark on my otherwise muscular body. Each of my abs fell tight and I ran my fingers in between them like many girls had done so before.

The Lifeguard

I felt the cool water envelope my body as I dove into the pool. The water felt so good after the workout I had just completed at the gym. It was my routine, every morning at six, workout, swim, shower, and then head to my class. Such was the schedule of this college girl. I went under the water and just enjoyed the weightless feeling I always loved. Two, then three, and soon I had made twenty laps. I heard the whistle and glanced up at the life guard. I always enjoyed looking at him; he had such a sexy body. He was around six foot with dark hair and gorgeous brown eyes that could make a girl dream about him.

She's Tempting

Everyone knew what time she entered the building but never knew what time she left. The scent she wore was soft but very alluring. Mocha skin tone with long dark brown hair, hazel eyes and a smile that would light up a room. People couldn't help but greet her every time she came into the building. She only wore platform shoes to work and had a mean walk. She was the only female at the office who wore platform heels. The outfits that she always wore short & tight. Guys in the office turned their heads when she walked passed looking at her small waist, long lean sexy legs, and ass that had guys lost for words. The bra she wore barely held her large melon breast.

The office

Before you read this, it isn't a stroke story as such. A story with sex in it yes, but not a quick fire wham bam. I thought it best to let you know. The players:Stella was a bitch, pure and simple, a statement of irrefutable fact. Somehow, in her twelve years working at the small Accountancy practice, she had charmed, or perhaps bullied the senior partner into making her the Office Manager. She was the archetype of the Office Manageress. Quite tall, at around six foot, as slender as a rake handle, with hair pulled savagely back into a bun at the back of her head that you would swear was pulling her face out of shape and taking out the wrinkles.

My First Babysitting Job

I was babysitting my young cousins one night at my Father's cousin's house. I babysat for them occasionally and was excited about making some of my own money. The kids were in bed and I was bored and tired, watching T.V.. Michael, the Dad came home and said he was just there to change clothes and then go out again to meet his wife. He came into the living room where I was sitting and asked me a few questions about my day. He asked me to play a quick game of backgammon and I thought that was nice of him. Michael was the husband of my father's cousin. He always seemed really nice. We played a game and talked.

My sexy maid Kavitha

I am Jay,45 yrs, employed in a Public Sector organization occupying a middle level post. My wife Roma, affectionately called Roma, is very fair, wears specks, tall, slim with an average size boobs and very tight round shaped ass. She hasdelivered a boy child some 7 months back and had come back to my house just a month back. I have started my sexual activities with her and have been enjoying her company as well as the new born boy. All of a sudden her father fell ill,and she had to go to my in-laws' place. I felt lonely again in my house. We have one servant maid who has been working for us for the last 1 1/2 years. She is Kavitha, black in color with lovely figure.

My First Threesome Experience

It was quite hot during summer season. Saturday afternoon hard work, go downstairs watch a little TV and cool off from the heat, strip down take a shower, go upstairs and get dressed. Ever since the family moved out, this has been Saturday at my house. Why would this Saturday be different? Everything went as usual, except while watching the game I fell asleep. When I woke, I stripped and took my shower. Ten minutes later I'm walking up the stairs and notice that my wife, Rita, left the front door open. I can't get to our room without passing that door but the porch is partially covered so there isn't a clear view from the street. I sucked it up and took the step.


Alice Johnson was what you would call normal, boringly normal. She was 28 years olds and her life had been mostly uneventful except for a few odd situations. She had never married, really never had a significant relationship. She felt lonely at times particularly after her mother died last year but was mostly satisfied with things. She'd worked for the past 4 years at Peter Johnson's accounting firm as a bookkeeper. She enjoyed her work and the salary was enough to keep her comfortable. She also had a nice benefit package since the firm was rather successful. "Hello, Mr. Johnson," Alice said as she entered the office. "Hi, Alice. How are you?" Mr. Johnson replied.

Convenience Store Lovers

I had just closed and locked the doors to the convenience store where I worked. It was midnight and Jason and I were anxious to take off but we knew that we needed to restock the cooler first. The cooler was a large walk-in type with 8 full size doors. So Jason and I walked into the cooler and started opening the boxes of beer and putting the bottles on the shelves. Jason said how much he could use a beer. Laughingly I suggested that he open a beer and take a swig. He asked me if I wanted one and I said no but I would share one with him. He took a couple of swallows and handed it to me and I did the same.