Dominant Male

Chapter 2: Mr. Bill and me

As I slowly opened my eyes and became aware of my surroundings I realized I was no longer on the couch with Bill. When I fall asleep, I go almost comatose, especially if I've had some red wine, and there is almost nothing that will wake me. At times it is rather scary that I sleep that way.

18 year old schoolgirls trespass on property owned by kinky dominatrix

Sarah and Liz were two 18 year old schoolgirls all decked out in their green blazers, green skirts, green leotards, white collared shirts, green socks, and black shoes. Liz was medium skin toned, medium tits with sharp pointing nipples, brown hair, brown eyes and a slender build. Sarah was a redhead with big tits, fair freckled skin, athletic body from gymnastics and blue eyes.They were both rich one a daughter of a lawyer and the other a daughter of a prison warden. They were coming home one September day late from school due to working on a project. The Catholic School was strict and the two young ladies were well disciplined. They were walking on a nature trail to go home when Liz had an ...

In Car Teaser, gets set up! (true story) "part 2 of 3"

John turned round as he walked away, Looking forward to meeting you again "he said" louise replied, It will be in your wet dreams tonight!. He laughed and said "Yes Probably" & thanks again. Louise waved bye bye! we drove away. "OH MY GOD, Where the fuck! did you find him?", she said"I laughed" A dogging site! "I replied". DOGGING? "she said" (with a confused look on her face). I explained what i was told about dogging from a friend at work. She said, So you joined a dogging site? "laughing""I said" YEAH, When you told me the other night you didn't know how you would react if one of those lads had grabbed your top to get your tits out i wanted to make it reality for you.

In Car Teaser, gets set up! (true sex story) "part 1"

I came home from work about 6.30pm, I unlocked the door and walked in to find Louise had just got out of the shower and was walking up the stairs with a towel round her.She asked me how my day was then went on to ask if we were going out for a meal as she didn't fancy cooking.I agreed and told her i would get a quick shower first!. I went into the bedroom after my shower to get dressed.she was already dressed ready to go out but had a very sexy black mini v neck dress with stockings and knee boots on the bed. I asked her why they were out and she said shes going to put them on after our meal so we can go asking for directions and get a couple of pics while were out too.

The Sex Is So Much Better When He's Mad At Me

I love rough, angry make up sex. The kind of sex that leaves you dirty, sweaty, sore, and breathless. And if I'm being completely honest with you, I admit that sometimes I'll initiate an argument on purpose, just so we can make up afterwards, but last night I didn't have to do that. No, last night I felt the tension as soon as he walked through the door. I was sitting in my office at my computer, paying some bills and sipping on a cup of hot tea. I had my Facebook open and my chat was on. I had been talking to a guy that my husband doesn't particularly care for (and, in his defense, for good reason). This guy that I was talking to (we'll call him Army Guy), he wants to fuck me.

The Lifeguard

I felt the cool water envelope my body as I dove into the pool. The water felt so good after the workout I had just completed at the gym. It was my routine, every morning at six, workout, swim, shower, and then head to my class. Such was the schedule of this college girl. I went under the water and just enjoyed the weightless feeling I always loved. Two, then three, and soon I had made twenty laps. I heard the whistle and glanced up at the life guard. I always enjoyed looking at him; he had such a sexy body. He was around six foot with dark hair and gorgeous brown eyes that could make a girl dream about him.

Abigail, part two

The Club. Their invitations arrived in a pink envelope in Monday morning's post. Neither of them had really expected their application to be successful, but now that it was and had become a reality, their excitement was tinged with some trepidation.


It looks like a rape, but read on and discover that it isn't. The following story is based on the imagination of a reader who has given permission for the use of her ideas. For the sake of privacy, her name will not be published and does not bare any resemblance to the characters portrayed herein. The beginning is entirely her story, with only editorial alterations, background, in fills and the conclusion on my part. As with all of the works posted by me, under my name, it is protected by international copyright and may not be copied, published or posted under any other name without express permission of the author.

Perfect slave

The perfect SlaveDenise really was the perfect slave. The level of submission and compliance was far beyond that of any I had experienced before and I have been training slaves for a long time. The golden rule is establishing a safe word at the very beginning. It can be anything that wouldn't be used in the context of sex so a word like "apricot" is good. Denise had never used her word even though I had taken her to extremes of torment. Never once had she complained when my whip slashed at her skin, raising deep red welts across her tits and buttocks. Using a speculum on her hadn't fazed her at all.

Seductive Domination

I saw you watching me in the library, so I quickly moved to another aisle and opened a large book in front of my face, but when I checked to see where you were, you were gone, had disappeared. I returned my attention to reading and browsing, thinking nothing more of it than, "Just my imagination."I moved to the back of the room to peruse the magazine rack and suddenly you were here, standing right here in front of me! You tear the magazine from my grip, toss it onto a shelf, bend me backwards, and kiss me hard. Even in my panic, I realize that I am letting you part my lips, letting you slowly, seductively, wrap your tongue around mine; seeking, deepening, demanding, and drawing me out.