Tails of Horror Return Of The Dark Kingdom

The dark witch and The Huntsmen. An old witch was waking up and slow made her way down to see the sun set when she sat on her front porch. She saw a vile full of a green liquid  and a note on a red piece of paper. She smiled and drank a third of the vile she look at her old self in the mirror and watch her self turn back into a 38 year old women. Caster her daughter spoke. Caster: wow this stuff is amazing. She said after taking the rest of the bottle turn back into a 19 year old girl. Her mother look at her with shock then she read the note. Miss Everdeen: we have work to do. Across the ocean in the us was a run down witch and sorcery academy. The old head master Mr.

Start of My SEX Journey

HiThis is Raaj(name changed due to some security purposes)Age:25(right now) in my 22(I have started my sex journey)Height : 6.1 Color : Fair Hair : Curling BlackBody type : Fit atheleticBefore Going to the story please excuse me if I made anySpell mistakes because iam not an distintion student. Now I will start the storyIn my 22(age) iam in ending stage of my graduation in my small town by the name nellore in andhra pradesh. That day morning I have got a call from banglore .That Call brought me a bad news one of my relative uncle in banglore Has died due to heart attack.I never expected iam going to Have some special in my life.

On the Road Again

Another day in the Bastille was winding down and Jonah was counting the seconds . He had been at this for right around eight months and while he had made a big name for himself on the local circuit, it was clear to him and most of the trainers at the gym that Jonah "The Jett" Boyer was ready to make the next leap . The problem was the head of the school was the only opinion that counted . Rene Marnier, AKA Rene Masterson was a relic of the squared circle , Winning numerous titles all over the globe and being the envy every man and the desire of every woman with his matinee idol looks .

Snatch Point

There was a festival in town and everybody had left the tennis club early except for Tara Diaz. She wanted to keep practicing on the ball shooter and Dave Newman, the handsome club pro said he would keep the courts open until she'd finished. As she smashed ball after ball Dave watched her from behind the fence. She knew he found her attractive and although he could have his choice of the women who played there he always seemed to pay more attention to her. Sometimes Tara could almost feel his eyes undressing her and as she glanced over towards the fence she figured that was what he was doing right then. She was certainly easy to look at.